Saturday, April 10, 2010

Palin Goes 'Nuclear' on 'Community Organizer,' Mocks 'Obama Doctrine'


NEW ORLEANS - In a high profile address before thousands of conservative activists at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference Friday, Sarah Palin attacked the Obama administration for its energy policy, mocked the media and liberals for suggesting she is inciting violence and hit back at the president's criticism of her knowledge on nuclear issues.

Mr. Obama said in an interview Friday that he was unconcerned with Palin's attacks on his decision to announce that in most cases the United States will not use nuclear weapons against a non-nuclear country.

"Last I checked, Sarah Palin's not much of an expert on nuclear issues," he said.

Palin shot back in her comments Friday, mocking the president for "the vast nuclear experience that he acquired as a community organizer." She said that his alleged experience had not helped him make progress in the issue with Iran and North Korea.

Palin was greeted with overwhelming enthusiasm by the delegates here, who entered the hall to find Alaskan caribou jerky waiting on their seats. Hundreds of flashbulbs went off when Palin came onstage, and standing ovations and chants of "Sarah, Sarah, Sarah" broke out throughout her remarks


  1. > Yesterday, the head of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO),
    > Douglas Elmendorf, said our nation's budget deficits are
    > "unsustainable' and "can't be solved through minor changes."
    > Here's the full quote:
    > "U.S. fiscal policy is unsustainable, and
    > unsustainable to an extent that it can't be
    > solved through minor changes".
    > "It's a matter of arithmetic."
    > The situation is so bad that Elmendorf also admitted that
    > the CBO is beginning to study the impact of adding an
    > entirely new tax to the federal taxing scheme: the value
    > added tax (VAT). The VAT is expected to be the favored
    > new tax of Obama's so-called Deficit Commission.
    > + + Deficit numbers staggering
    > Also, recent numbers from the Treasury on the fiscal year
    > 2010 federal budget deficit are staggering:
    > --A record $220.9 billion deficit in February alone
    > --For every dollar in taxes and other revenues
    > the federal government took in, the government
    > SPENT $3.05.
    > --Five-month deficit total: $651.6 billion, more
    > than 10 percent higher than last year's record.
    > --The five-month total is larger than any YEAR in
    > American history prior to 2009.
    > --The FY2010 budget deficit is now projected to
    > be $1.56 trillion AFTER stealing from the Social
    > Security Trust fund.
    > --The CBO projects that interest payments on the
    > debt will total $916 BILLION annually by the
    > end of the decade.
    > + + Budget battle this month
    > The big debate over Obama's deficit-laden budget will begin
    > next week. If you are concerned about government spending,
    > please consider signing the "Stop the Spending" petition:
    > Total signers to date: 39,307
    > Also, please forward this message to your friends and encourage
    > them to take action as well.

  2. This Regime Has Played Citizens To The Hilt and Juggled Numbers and If ANYBODY in ANY Income Bracket Believes This REGIMES Talking Points, God Speed Cause Hooterville Is Your Next Destination and The Tax Man Will COMETH!

    Sarah Palin May Not Be Canadate in 2012 But She Will Keep Progressives Near Melt Down Mode and That Cannot be a Bad Thing!

  3. And you wonder why we think your crazy and violent? its because you pick the most blatantly hypocritical deceitful and power hungry women in all of rightwing politics.

    Your not driving us crazy, your making decent candidates like Pawlenty do crazy stuff just to stay relevant. And he's one of yours.

  4. Joe you are just way to sexist. I bet you even have a problem with her being white too don't you? Poor Joe is losing it. Joe with all the violence from the left and so very little if any from the right wehy do you keep talking about violence? You are starting to talk like a sausage. Take you meds and a deep breath and keep telling yourself we are violent and you are an original thinker. If you don't keep saying it to yourself you might not believe it since reality says something different.hahaha

  5. Hay Joe why is the president so petty and low that he feels the need to go after Palin,Fox News,Hanitty,Beck and Limbau? I've never seen a president act this way. I've read about Wilson acting this way but no one in my lifetime. Obama is just that small of a man that he feels the need to use his Presidential pulpit to go after everyone that disagree with him. That makes for a sucky leader if you ask me and a weak man.

  6. Palin Speeks Truth And Left Gets its Panty Hose in a KNOT! I Can See Different Opinions and Idealogies But Common Sense Should Tell Most The TRUTH Will Always Be The Truth and Progressives Just Cannot Adjust To Truth Or Facts. They Get In the Way of Their Talking Heads!

    This Regime From The Begining Has Been About CHANGE. From Free Market, Private Sector Run Economy To A Socialist Type Government Run Economy and HOWS That Working Out? Citizens From All Sectors AINT Going to Let It Happen and If Citizens VOICES Are Not Heard Their VOTE Will Be. This Regime Is Moving At Hectic Pace To Get As Much of Its Ideaology Into Place BEFORE November!

    Citizens Problem Will Be Unraveling The MESS The Regime Leaves Behind. Hey Progressives How Are Those Job Creation Policies Working?

    Jobs, Strong Economy Do Not Fit Into This Regimes Ideaology!

    Gotta Run To Tea Party!

  7. Chris, I'm not sexist. Thanks for suggesting that, but its not true. Like i said before i find plenty of women in your party thoughtful and decent people. People like Lisa Murkowski, Condi Rice and even Elisabeth Dole. i don't agree with their politics but that aren't lying idiots like Palin.

    Stop lying to yourself and us about violence from your side.

    The past year we've had a anti-abortion protester shoot a doctor in CHURCH of all places.

    Then we have Richard Poplawski, stormfront poster, Hal Turner and Alex Jones listener who liked to post Glenn Beck videos (hmmm, you like to post Glen Beck videos interesting connection). What did Rich do, just shoot up a bunch of cops and kill a couple.

    Add in the people/person cutting the propane line at the brother of a representative after the local tea party official posts the address.

    The people arrested in california and washington this past week for threatening reps.

    Two black conservatives tweeted about shooting Obama.

    another conservative blogger Solomon “Solly” Forell tweeted about assasinating Obama

    your side isn't violent. Stop lying brother.

  8. Joe You Do Like To Stir The Pot BUT When Cooking It Aint The Stirring But The Ingredients and Progressives Just Dont Have The Ingredients Citizens Want! Progressive Ideaology Is Like A Fine Fine Left For Days With Out the Cork. It Turns To Vinegar and Is Just Thrown Out So Get Use To It!


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