Thursday, May 6, 2010

3 die in Athens riot over cutbacks, debt crisis and UNIONS

Liberal/Union Protesters chant anti government slogans outside the Greek Parliament Athens, Wednesday, May 5, 2010. Protesters tried to storm Greece's parliament and hurled paving stones at police, who responded with tear gas Wednesday as tens of thousands of outraged Greeks took to the streets to protest harsh new spending cuts aimed at saving their country from bankruptcy. The banner reads: "The 'haves' should pay for the crisis - Thieves, crooks, despoilers". This is alarming. We need to know that the Democrats are taking us on the same path that Europe is on. If Greece fails we are into them for 17.1% of their debt. Greece and Europe could take us down economically because they made bad financial decisions and they gave the unions everything they ever wanted. Now those unions are willing to destroy the tax payers property in order to get what they want.  Doesn't it sound like SEIU all grown up? It is! 


  1. okay chicken little i'll bite. Why is this the unions fault?

  2. Unsubstainable Defict,High Taxes,Government Health Insurence and High Unemployment. Article is About Greece But What Other Country Is In That Same Leaky Boat! Greece and Other European Nations In Same Boat Do Give Great Insight Into OUR Nations Plight.

    I Beleive 95% of Incumbents Should Be Voted Off The Boat Come November and Lets See If New 535 Elite Can Stop The Leaks Before Were Greece ll!

  3. Take a look at who is rioting and why they are rioting Joe. Look at all the union signs at the protests. This has been going on for months now. The government unions want what they want and they are willing to kill to get it. And Joe so far everything we on the right have predicted would happen it has. You on the left can't get it right to save your lives. Just look at where the left called the violence and danger vs. the right and look who is doing it. You on the left are knee deep in filthy people. Not all of the left is that way but many are. Too many by the looks at all the left wing terrorism going on right now.

  4. wow, i don't remember you and your psychic friends network here claiming arizona would pass a law and hispanics would go apeshit over it. Nor can i recall much discussion over greece and its unions till now.

    i'm glad that you claimed to have called it becasue i need a palm reader to tell me whats going to happen in my life.

  5. Joe The Law The Illegals Are Protesting Mirrors Federal Law. Either Way Their Illegal and Breaking The Law. Politicans From All Parties Made This Issue Due To Years Of Neglect Into A Cluster F--K!

    The 12 Million Or So Illegals Here Will At Some Point Be Brought Into Our Nation Through Means That Other Immigrants Waiting Maybe Years To Enter Legally Will Not Be Afforded!

    Before ANY Amnesty Bill Of Any Kind is Passed and More Than Likely Not Debated The Borders MUST Be Secured BY Military For OUR Security and Attempting To Slow Down Drugs Coming Through This Area. NO Amnesty Bill Until The Border Security is Secured Period!

    The Next Step Should Be To Mirror Mexicos Immigrant Laws and Make Them The Law Of OUR Nation. Whats Good Enough For Our Neighbor Should At The VERY Least Be Good Enough For OUR Citizens!

  6. Talk about over-generalization. Hispanics haven't gone "ape-shit" over the AZ law; liberal fools and illegal immigrants have. And they've gone "ape-shit" the typical liberal way, which is rioting and violence. Anyone can predict that when a liberal protest takes place violence will occur. Don't have to be psychic.

    And now it's happening in Greece. Unions are striking because of austerity measures, and true to form the liberals are rioting and killing. Classic liberal behavior.

  7. Joe this Greece thing has been in the news for months. I have been telling you to get out of the rabbit hole Joe and you should. Joe you need to start paying attention to your surroundings. Joe I do love all the liberal talking points of "this law is trying to make it a crime to be an illegal immogrant". Tho9se are some great talking points from the left that haven't gotten one thing right yet. How do ya like your change and hope?

  8. Greece Is a Great Example Of What Happens When The Entitlement Cupboard Goes Bare. Same Could Happen Here With The Economy and Our Mammoth Debt That Is Unsubstainable. Massive Taxes For ALL Has To Happen Or We Will Be Greece Nation Will Be At A Crossroad Soon And The Outcome Is Quite Simple If We Do Not Substain Entitlements Many Citizens Who Have Through Government Programs Become Dependant On Them Will Go Into The Streets.

    Note Watch Videos From Athens Could At Future Time Be OUR Streets. This Is Not Meant To Be Fear Mongering But Just A Fact Of What Could Happen.


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