Friday, May 21, 2010

Arizona Threatens To Cut Power To L.A. Unless Boycotts Are Lifted

Arizona threatens to cut power to L.A. unless boycotts are lifted An Arizona utility commissioner said on Wednesday that he is willing to cut off Los Angeles’ power if the city moves forward with its economic boycott of the Grand Canyon State. The L.A. City Council overwhelmingly approved a measure to suspend a variety of business contracts with Arizona due to the state’s controversial new immigration laws.  L.A. one of the most liberal cities in the nation is pulling it's weight around a little bit. Even though an overwhelming majority of Americans both Democrat and Republican agree with the Arizona law they are going to attack Arizona with this boycott. All is far in war and love. But the next time L.A. wants to bully another state because they disagree with that states laws they will look closer at the ramifications. Now Arizona is threatening L.A. with cutting off their power. Come on now did they really think they could hit Arizona and not expect to be hit back?  It's going to be a hot summer without any air conditioning in So Cal. And how will their economy do without any electricity? And no one can forget about the L.A. riots. The citizens most likely will retaliate by burning down their own homes,cars and businesses to teach Arizona a lesson. And don't forget to boycott those states that are boycotting Arizona. L.A. needs to go out and buy some candles and generators if they want to see at night. Maybe they can turn it into a reality show. I'd love to watch it. They could call it L.A. Gone Amish. The problem is knowing liberals it would look like the movie 2012 rather then Little House On The Prairie. The left wing wacko states and cities better start think about what they are doing when they play the boycott game. And they better read the bill because it is a lot more conservative then the Federal law is. This law doesn't do what the left keep saying it does. They have to have probable cause. The Feds don't even need that much. Good luck L.A. because you are going to need it when Arizona putt's you back into the dark ages. And don't forget L.A. you started it.


  1. hey, no comment on Rand Pauls stance on racial discrimination? Thats more newsworthy than this week old bit.

    The TEA PARTY candidate doesn't feel that the US government should have made racial discrimination by private business illegal. And the TEA PARTY backed him. That makes them as bigoted as he is.

  2. Joe he cleared that up already. I thought you didn't watch Maddow or the other talking heads? Google Rands responce and don't be so closed minded all the time. You are always a day late and a $1 short Joe. Sorry to see you stepped in it again. Better luck next time brother.

  3. 8:15 - Laura: "Would you have voted for the Civil Rights Act?"

    Paul: "Yes, because I think the preponderance of the evidence was that we had some abhorrent things going on in our society--segregation, the Jim Crow laws...I think the south had failed and that the federal government did have a role in ending discrimination in all of these practices."'

    Also, was this a gotcha question by Rachel Maddow?
    Here Joe this is will clear up the lefts confussion. She did play the gotchya question right though. Have fun quizing yourself on this.

  4. ROFLMAO ... Joe gets caught licking the left-winger regressive's boots again! BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHA

    Wow, a guy who wants people to decide what they think for themselves is a bigot? But the guy who says it's a good thing that Obama can turn negro-talk on and off at will, and that he's not such a darkie, so that Hypocrats will be able to vote for him, isn't a bigot?!!? B..B...B...BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ROFLMAO, WHATEVER!!!

  5. Turn off la's power.

  6. LAs Power Was Turned Off Decades Ago By Liberals! Now Its A Cradle To Grave Entitlement City For Some As Are Most Liberal Run Big Citys. Not Only Is It Safe Haven For Illegals BUT Hey Tax Payers From Across Nation Get To Pay For It.

    Progressives/Liberals See Potential VOTERS Period, They Could Give A Crap About Their Welfare Or Nations Or WHOS Paying For It!

    Time For Cup Of Tea! Thinking Spending Few Days In Arizona For Some Sun And Golf. Its That Economy Thingy That Regime Is Still Adjusting Their Lazer Vision On.

  7. Let the civil war begin.

  8. Anonymous Your Brain Seems To Be Like A House With The Lights On And No Body Home! Remember A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste So Try Harder To Cut Down On The Waste.

  9. chris, as if you could catch me doing anything. always two days late and bringing nothing to the party.

    I didn't see the Maddow bit. Don't need to. i went to the source. thats the amazing thing about using google like i do and that you criticise, is that i, unlike you don't have to rely on the talking heads. I go and find the material in and of itself.

    i did read the transcripts and the Courier Journals mention of the statement.

    And ohhh, now he's backtracking. what a flipflopper. Fucking bigot trying to look like he's not.

    Way to go righties way to defend a bigot. Thats why i call the TEA PARTY racist because they back racists. BWAHAHAHA...

  10. Al, look who is talking. Have you figured out what the Boston Tea Party was about yet, or are you still going with revionist history.

    its funny as hell to see you attack someone elses intelligence and knowledge.

  11. JOEc What The Hell Is "REVIONIST" BAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Thanks For The Laugh!

    Its Funny As Hell To See You Attack Someone Elses Intelligence and Knowledge!


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