Friday, May 21, 2010

We Need To Seek Out God Again:Video of St. Luke Lutheran Church

If we stayed close to God as a nation progressive would have never come into this country. We need to seek out God. We need to study His word.


  1. Joe if you ever feel the need to debate a Pastor about religion or if you have unanswered questions about religion Pastor Steve is a great man to ask. He knows what he is talking about and you would get along with him. He loves his job and talking to people about Jesus.

  2. I don't doubt that i would. i found some of my many teachers at both elementary and high school to be decent thoughtful people. Some i found rigid conformists trapped in dogma and forcing antiquated beliefs on those they taught.

    I know many people from St. Luke, many probably still attend there today.

  3. What makes something an antiquated to you? Aren't all beliefs in god antiquated? Sounds to me like you have made a new religion. One you can easily follow and you have justified it by calling them old.

  4. well, refusing to allow jeans because they were what the rebels in the 60s and 70s wore, and not allowing facial hair seem pretty antiquated to me, even way back then.

    A couple of the theology teachers even preferred that Girls wear dresses instead of slacks. That type of shit.

  5. Ok so you had a problem with the ideas of the people in the Church but not the Church. That makes sence. In the 80's I had long hair and earings you name it and I know what you are talking about. But those people are everywhere. We have people show up to our Church looking to the 9's and some look homeless. We are an eclectic Church for sure. I would like to see more diversity but we are coming along on that since the area is becoming more divers. Now if you were to see the president of America would you dress up or look like a slob? God is bigger then the president so if I would dress up to see Obama it's a give me that I would respect God by dressing my best to see Him. But that is personal to me. We all have our own ways of reverance.


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