Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So What If She's Gay

Obama pick: The U.S. President introduces Ms Kagan as his Supreme Court nominee at the White House this weekInnuendo? A 1993 photo of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, provided by the University of Chicago Law School, that has provoked a gay row after the Wall Street Journal ran it on its front pageThis picture is causing some controversy with the gay rights activist from the left. For some reason softball is considered only a sport played by gay women. The problem I have is so what if she is or isn't gay? How would her sexuality have anything to do with what kind of Supreme Court judge she would be.  We should be more concerned with the fact that she is a ghost. We know very little about what her stands are. The thing that bothers me most is President Obama's comment on her having empathy and that is what he wants. What does empathy have to do with law? How would empathy be a good thing for a judge? Should she have empathy for the conservatives,the rich,small business or maybe empathy for fat people? Are we becoming a country of men not laws? Let's hear what she thinks before judging her. And lets judge her on her empathy and who she empathises with. LOL. I'm kidding, lets hope she is a judge of laws not men or ideology.


  1. Wow a classic misinformation post. she's not gay but to continue to act like its no big deal that she "supposedly" is, only serves to detract from thoughtful debate.

    I think its a great job, but you didn't come up with this did you? Someone else posted this and you cut and pasted.

  2. Joe who says she isn't gay? And why does it matter to you that she is or isn't? Joe it's all mine little buddy. The pictures I cut and pasted of course but so did the Wall Street Journal. Joe what do you think about the subject of empathy as a Supreme Court Justice? Do you agree with Obama that we need a judge with "empathy"?

  3. Kagan's record reveals four areas that should be scrutinized by the Senate.

    1. Kagan’s willingness to look at international law when deciding domestic cases.

    2. Kagan’s tendency toward anti-religious bias.

    3. Kagan’s position on federal funding for abortion, her work in the Clinton White House on abortion policy, and any legal work done on behalf of Planned Parenthood or any other organizations that advocate for legalized abortion.

    4. Kagan’s position on extending benefits to same-sex couples.

    All four of these areas present possible concerns about which way Kagan would approach cases heard before the Supreme Court.

  4. Chris, don't forget her position on gun ownership.

    Cracks me up that the only ones who care if this chick is gay are the regressives! LOL ... they were hoping that the conservatives would take the bait and when it failed they have to start another fake crisis. What a bunch of idiots! LOL Who wants to have "thoughtful debate" on the sexuality of anyone!?!? I guess Joe does! My personal belief is it's their own damn business, as long as it doesn't harm me.


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