Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why Are Government Schools Advertising For Students?

 I'm not sure if this happens in every state in the union but here in Michigan public schools spend our money to advertise for students. They do it because by gaining as many students as possible they are lobbying parents to send their kids to those schools so the school can get as much money as they can from the state and federal government. Is this how we should be spending our hard earned money?  Does this serve the kids or the unions? And when the government makes cuts they start with the teachers,police or fire when there is more then enough stupid things they could cut. It's high time money deemed for education only get used for educating our kids. I'd like to know your thoughts on our educational system and what we need to do to fix it. In Michigan we have given the teachers unions everything they wanted so that they keep educating our kids. They will strike if they don't get what they want. They ask for more money and promise that it will increase our test scores and our children's education. More money has actually made things worse. We keep increasing teachers pay and retirements and we keep getting worse and worse scores. Just like the war on drugs we need to look at the effectiveness of our educational system and the best ways to make changes that will work. I'd like to see a privatization in the educational system. I send my kids to a Lutheran school. The cost is about half as much as it cost us to teach in government schools. This year they got 100% on the MEAP tests. Lets just say that not one government school came close to those scores no matter how awesome the school.


  1. Chris, every school is operating from a budget shortfall, so they are advertising fopr students. This isn't about just the students and just the unions. Have you seen some of the monster schools that have been built the last 10 years and the debt aquirred to build those shcools. My child goes to a small pulbic school that is one of the few schools without a mortgage in the state and they still need more money.

    The cost of educating kids and creating a talented workforce is expensive and we always want to blame the teachers and the unions, but i know of plenty of teachers who spend their own money to further our kids education because the school districts are constantly shorted by the state and federal governments.

    Your politics won't solve the problem.

  2. Joe I know why they advertise. And why they use our money to advertise. Did you watch the video? Watch it.

  3. well, i could tell it was going downhill right after the opening credits, John Stossel. This dude hasn't been the same since he got the shit kicked out of him during that wrestling report 20 some years ago.

    I love the parent suggesting the school failed the kid because he can hardly read. Wow, you just figured out he can't read and is how old? You failed your kid lady, not the school.

  4. Both failed the kid but the mother tried to get him help did you see that part? And what if she couldn't read or was slow,special and couldn't help? Isn't it the job of the school to pass or fail kids? Don't we pay schools a ton of money to TEACH or kids? Why do other countries wipe us off the map on education when we pay so much more then they do? Of do you just want to talk about a match Stossel had 20 yrs ago when a KKK member Byrd is anchant history? Funny how the rules change depending on idealogy of the person. Stossel is a libertarian with many liberal and conservative views.

  5. Stossel is right on yet again. Regressives can't handle the truth so they trot out the old story where Stossel gets sucker-punched? Classic. Regressive. Strawman.

    Look at this little bit from an article on Chris Christie, NJ Governor, and then try to tell me that teachers unions, and by extension teachers themselves, aren't a big part of the problem:

    "Teachers unions are incensed, fighting Christie’s proposal that — in order to avoid cuts to education — teachers accept a one-year wage freeze and contribute 1.5 percent to the generous-by-every-standard healthcare plans they now enjoy for free. New Jersey, which has the highest unemployment in the region and highest taxes in the country, lost 121,000 jobs in the private sector in 2009 while adding 11,300 new education jobs. During the last eight years, K-12 enrollment rose just 3 percent while education jobs increased more than 16 percent. According to the Newark Star-Ledger, during the recession that has cost many residents their homes and jobs and scaled back hours and pay for the employed, teachers’ salaries rose by nearly 5 percent, double the rate of inflation."


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