Thursday, June 17, 2010

$20 Billion From BP What A Deal

While the Obama admin is patting themselves on the back for getting the $20 billion of BP's money in an escrow account. BP is patting themselves on the back for getting out of this so cheep. A conservative estimate is that is will cost over $60 billion if they stopped the oil leak now. We are coming up on 60 days and BP has already spent $1.7 billion. Now all that money goes to a political organization to give our money to who they deem as needy. Let's see how poorly and politically they give this money away. Let's see what unions get this and how this will cost we the people. $20 billion is a lot of money and control over that money is a lot of power. And we all know how this admin wastes money like their is no tomorrow. I pray I'm wrong but the odds are if this admin can screw it up they will. What do you think about this?

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  1. Did Not Beleive Regime Had The Power To Make BP Come Up With The 20 Billion Constitutionally But BP Must Thin So. BP Certainlly Is On the Hook For All Expenceses Now And Fore Ever Regarding The Spill. Also Understand Theres A 100 Million Dollar Fund BP Will Pay For Citizens Who Lose Jobs Because Of The Halt To Drilling. I Just Have Problem With Regime Once Again Getting Government Involved In Areas They Are Not Suppose To Be. BP Will No Doubt Be Once Again Hit By Government For More Billions Down The Road. Laws/Constitution Appear To Have Been By Passed And My Concern Is If Government Can Do This Now What Will They Do Later.

    Courts Should Have Been The Middle man In This Mess NOT Government. This Sounds Like Another Commission Thingy For This Regime and Whom Controls The Commision and The Billions At Stake. Please NO Politican!


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