Thursday, June 17, 2010

Seattle Ploice Confrontation

You have seen the video now lets see how this video gets spun by the media and the community organizers.


  1. The cop is off on this one. He stopped her because she is black. I had a friend that lived there and he said the cops only stop the blacks for jaywalking. If he would have done that in the Clem he would have been hanging from a tree. The cops think they can do whatever they want and they can't. He needs to go to jail for hitting that 17 year old young lady.

  2. IF Lady Was Under Arrest Then Shes Resisting. The Remotest Attempt Is Resisting. Officer Who Was Also Pushed And Grabbed By More Than One Suspect. If You Push Or Shove Police Officer And That Escalates The Issue Shame On Ya! Officers Have Same Rights As Do Citizens. There Also Was Large Crowd And Officer Must Have Had To Be Concerned With That Aspect Also. All Those Law Abiding Citizens With Cameras And Phones. Did ONE Come To Aide Of Officer. Now Thats More Telling About Officers Job Than Anything Else And A Sad Example Of Citizens Apathy!


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