Thursday, June 17, 2010

Is The Rochester Citizen Communist

Why would The Rochester Citizen have a nice Q&A with communist Van Jones? Bruce Fealk wrote a friendly article in The Rochester Citizen,Green Jobs Advocate, Van Jones, Fires up Progressive Conference.

Van Jones Interview at Michigan Summit

I'm sure The Rochester Citizen isn't promoting communists but Bruce Fealk is. Your Source for Local News in Rochester, Rochester Hills and Oakland Township - E-mail: Take the time and email the editor and ask them why is an interview with a communist in Landsing on this paper? It's bad enough they have radicals writing for them but to have such a friendly article and interview makes me question what this paper is all about. If I was a citizen of Rochester or Oakland I would be upset that they are letting articles like this in the paper. Will they have a friendly article about the New Black Panther Party or Nazi's? I think The Rochester Citizen didn't realize that Bruce Fealk would sneak in a communist into their paper.


  1. Good job Bruce Fealk. Van Jones is a great man. It's about time progressives have a voice in that city. You couldn't pay me to live theree.

  2. What do you mean the Rochester Citizen is not promoting communists but Fealk is? Bruce Fealk is the owner. So the Citizen IS promoting communists.

    He is in cahoots with the idiots at the Oakland Press too, since they cannot afford real journalism graduates to do their reporting. I think Fealk and Steve Frye of the OP are asshole buddies, if you know what I mean, as well as neighbors.

  3. Ick Anon that's a gross thought.

  4. From your profile, Chris, "I like to Hunt,Fish,Play with my two boys" Now that's an icky thought.

  5. Only a sick liberal could make that a sick thing. You Sodomites are all the same.


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