Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Afghanistan Is Obama's War For Lithium

I'm sure we all remember the Democrats mantra about the "war for oil".  They kept saying it even though we get almost no oil from Iraq. But in a wild turn we find out that Afghanistan is full of lithium. And I mean full. Lithium is needed for the batteries of all the electric cars the Democrats want to see on the road. Obama knew about this lithium and other metals that Afghanistan has and we need. The Russians knew about it but at that time lithium wasn't as big of a commodity as it is now in our "green economy". This should make sense to all those left wingers out there that went nuts over the Iraqi oil.  It also makes sense that Obama is ramping up the war in Afghanistan. Afghanistan needs us to build the infrastructure so that we can come in and take that new green fuel lithium. I'm sure the left wing that went crazy over Bush's "war for oil" will be out in full force over this new war for green fuel. What am I saying? Those Democratic hypocrites wont do anything about the war for lithium until a Republican or Independent is in charge.


  1. You meant to say this was Bush's WAR for Lithium and Iraq was Bush's WAR for Oil. Please remember that Obama didn't invade Afghanistan so its hard to blame him for the fact that the US president prior to him knew of the desposits and invaded.

    You might need some lithium to get this stuff straight in your head.

  2. No Joe Obama owns this war now. He is the one ramping up in Afghanistan not Bush. But Joe how could Bush be for oil and lithium? It is the left wing that need lithium for their green future. Everything that the green movement is thinking on changing to requires lithium and the other heavy metals are needed for the left wing green future. Joe why don't you use common sense for a change instead of using the fringe left talking points all the time. We get less then 2% of our oil from Iraq so how could Iraq be a war for oil? And until Obama and the Democratic Congress came into power did lithium become as needed as it is now. I take it you are bipolar Joe since you tend to project yourself on others so often.

  3. Chris, the war against Iraq had a few different reaons but among them was access to oil reserves.

    We are talking the plan to access and privatze the Iraqi Fields, not about bringing OIL to America. All of which the provisional authority attmpted to do. Look back at the bills the US government pushed the Iraqi's to consider, some of them opened the way for US Oil companies to get first shot at those mineral contracts.

    Your basing your debate on two erronous arguments, that Bush wanted cheap oil and he wanted it shipped to the US. And its the same ole losing talking poits that can be found on every single right wing site.

  4. Chris and now lets debunk your second theory....

    The mineral deposits found in Afghanistan aren't solely lithium. They are also Copper and Iron ore deposits that could rank among the top 5 of both.

    and even Bush would have realised the moeny to be made with the lithium deposits as if that was the largest and only thing they found.

  5. Joe all the minerals are needed for green energy. Joe the only way it would be worth it to invade a country and give them infrastructure is if the demand for lithium,copper and iron went up. Guess what Joe? With the help of Obama and the Democrats green energy movement the demand is going much higher. Take a look at lithium futures. Sorry Joe but your theories don't hold up to common sense. Why do you protect everything Obama and the Democrats do? Are you nothing more the a partisan shill?

  6. It looks like the democrats are worse then the republicans. I never thought Obama would be a bigger warlord then G.W. Bush. Why aren't there any more anti war protests? Or at least they aren't having as many protests now that the democrats are in charge.

  7. Chris, common sense? do you have any?

    Copper is needed for more than "Green Energy". You playing partisan shill here. Did you notice that the largest copper mine in afghanistan went into operation in 2008, before Obama took office.

    You want out of Afghanistan fine. i do too, but don't come around blaming Obama for Bush's fuckup. We are stuck there with a resurgent Taliban for a reason, one that any persion with "common sense" could see, the previous admin took its eye off the ball.

    We removed too many troops and let the taliban and Al quadda come back to life while we worried night and day over Iraq.

    Its so common sense that its destroyed many ancient and modern armies and their leaders plans.

    Don't Fight on two fronts.

    Bush made a classic mistake in planning and left Afghanistan to fester while moving on to Iraq. The admin figured Iraq would be easy and they just move back out quickly. They were wrong. Now we have two wars, neither which are over or near over.

  8. But Joe what is lithium used for? Why are you playing dumb with Chris? Why can't you see what he is saying?

  9. The wars were doing great when Bush handed them off to Obama and the Democrats. Obama is going full force into Afghanistan and he never ended the war in Iraq like he promised. But you are so full of shit Joe you can't see the truth if it hit you in the face. Are you a union member? You sound just like a typical union member to me. Think for yourself Joe and stop letting the union and the Democratic party tell you what to think.

  10. Anon, all the minerals are not needed just for Green Energy like he's saying. Why is he playing dumb by suggesting copper and iron ore mining is only for "green Energy"?

  11. Anon,
    the wars were doing great? Iraq was in good shape and still is, but Afhganistan wasn't. But i am slightly confused as to when you've heard the UAW discussing war tactics because i sure haven't.

  12. Joe are you on crack? Anon didn't say that copper is only used for green energy but that it is used for green energy. Stop playing thae idiot game Joe you are too smart for that. Is the UAW for or against the wars when Bush was in office? Now what is their stance? Oh they don't have one now that Democrats are in office. It is funny how you are all for the war now that it is the Democrats fighting it? You guys wanted us out of the war and whinning about the cost of the war in money and in life when it was Bush's war but now you say nothing.
    You are useless and you strand for nothing other then the Democratic/socialist party. Everything you Democrats stood for during Bush is no more now that Obama is in.

  13. I'm useless, look at you waving your little flags...go TEA BAGGERS...weeeeee...

    Tea Baggers are the Vuvezala's of the rightwing world.

  14. As for the UAW, it has nothing to do with this. Just some lame ass accusations that you righties lodge when you hva eno arguement.

    Funny you say i use their talking points, Mr Plagiarizer. Least i don't copy numerous stories and forget to credit them only to get caught.

  15. Joe Sounds To Me Like Tea Party Is Your Achilles Heel.

    Well Gotta Have Cup Of Tea Think Of Lifes Greater Mysteries. You Know Our Freedoms That Were Never Free,Bought And Paid For By Untold Patriots. How We Made It 234 years And Are The Greatest Nation Ever. The People Of Other Nations We Have Died For. The Other Nations We Have Fed And Clothed.

    Even With Our Short Falls And We Have Had Our Share The One Reason Most Enemies Hate Us Is ENVY And That Joe Aint Our Fault.

  16. Al, no must people don't envy us. You just feel self concious and think they are envying you.


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