Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Flag Day.

While the left wing burn the American flag we the patriotic Americans at the Tea Party hold the American flag high. The left love burning everything that America stands for.


  1. Why do they love burning the flag so much? Bruce and JoeC,have you ever burned an American flag?

  2. Becky, WTF????

    Buy into Chris's propaganda much????

  3. God, i just watched the "supposedly" smuggled video of the Isrealis shooting the American and if thats real, America needs to think about where its head is.

    Chris if its real...fuck isreal....Shooting someone on the ground!

  4. Why would you believe your eyes Joe when you can just stick your head back in the rabbit hole. Joe why didn't you get so pissed when the left wing terrorist flotilla threw Israelis overboard? Is it because you are a racist bigot pig?

  5. Chris, do you believe Americans should be shot while lying on the ground by Isreali commandos in international waters?

    As for having your head in something, could you pull it out from Isreals crotch so we could have a debate. wipe your lips oof too.

    did you see the supposedly smuggled video?

    Just so you understand, i'm upset about the potential of this video becuase it was an American that was supposedly shot while on the ground.

    If Arabs and Jews kill each other in the flotilla i am not outraged. Thats between them. When it could possibly be an American lying on the ground getting shot in the head that irks me some.

  6. Joe Looked Up On "International Solitary Movement" Web Site And Found Story About American Student Who Belonged To Movement From New York. She And Others As Article State Were Protesting MURDERs of 10 On Flotilla In "Qalandiya" When Accorrding To Article Isreal Fired Tear Gas Containers Into Crowd To Disperse Them. She Was Lying On Ground And Hit By Tear Gas Projectal And Was Taken To Jeuruslim Hospital For Treatment Of Loss Of Eye. Article Was Written By Stay At Home Dad In Philly. This Organization Seems To Be Anti Isreal In Nature And In Article It States Isreal Fired At Her On Purposeion, But I Got A Feeling Thats Subjective To Interpatation. Id Have To See More But This Movement Does Seem A Bit More That Just Anti Isreal To Me. It Is Sad Any Body Is Injured But Demonstation Does Seem To Have Become Violent In Nature And After That Bad Things Can And Often Do Happen. Just My Opinion No Ifs Intended!


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