Friday, June 18, 2010

Levin: Obama Is Criminally Liable

I think Levin is saying what we all think. Obama has turned out to be worse then any conservative has ever thought he would be. Even the left think he is turning out to be horrendous. It's time to gloat in public about the Democratic Parties fall. Tell everyone you meet that Obama and the Democrats are putting us deeper in the hole. You will be surprised how many more people will agree with you now. And now is the time to let people know that the Republican party has changed and is listening to the people. The Republican party was held to the fire and came out stronger because of it. If you look at the reborn conservative Republican party it looks a lot like the Democratic Party did during JFK times.


  1. Of course Obama is an abject failure. What did we expect? He's a Chicago street hustler and shakedown artist. He's never accomplished anything other than his successful 2008 Changle scam that convinced Hopeable people to vote for him.

    This is what a person way over his head looks like, America.

    Really, the Americans who voted for this man are criminally negligent...

  2. You said it Silverfiddle. The left are becoming more violent as their hope is lost. When the stock market gives up and plumits that's when we will see hope lost. We are on the verg of a double dip recession and a world economic meltdown thanks to the liberals around the world.

  3. Hopefully this November will bring some real change.

    Obama has done such an awful job, it looks like even liberal Michigan may throw the liberal bums out:

    I'm praying for you guys. Liberalism has collapsed your great state, but elect the right people and it can still be saved.

  4. Regime Went Hard Left After Campaigning a More Moderate Tone And If Voters Had Just Looked At Nobamas Past His Ideaology Of The Future Was There. Still Say Waking Up Voters To Look At Canadates Ideaology And Past Will Be His "Legacy".

    Michigan Voters Voted For Granholm Twice And That Was After Terrible First Term Where She Was Right "We Were Blown Away".

    Levin Brothers Should Both Be Sent Packing Along With Stabenow But Michigan Voters Listen To Unions And Groups Who Support Them And Like Sheep Make The Same Mistake. There Legacy Is Like Watching The Movie "Ground Hog Day".

    Hows That Hope And Change Been Working Here With Regime,Levin Brothers and Stabenow? With Out CHANGE In This State There Is No HOPE!

  5. Thanks Silverfiddle. We need the prayers.I agree Al.

  6. It's too bad it took an oil spill to get THEM to wake up... Pretty sad!

  7. I'm not a big fan of the Republican party, but anything would be better than what we have.

  8. I was a fan of the Republican party back when they were conservative(Reagan). I like the Libertarian party the most but that wont happen and the Democrats have become a Socialist organization so they are out of the question.


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