Monday, June 14, 2010

Open Thread:Happy Flag Day My Friends

Today is flag day. What were our founding fathers really like? Were they godless,selfish slave owners like the left want us to believe? Is our Constitution outdated like they are trying to push? There was a great debate about this on the Flag Day rally post going on between AL,Paul and Joe. Joe I think you shoulde start with reading The Federalist Papers. That way you are just making things up lie usual. Read their own words.

The Federalist Papers Online

One of the most important works on political theory ever written. Check out this very readable online edition.

James Madison Founding Fathers postcardAlexander Hamilton Founding Fathers postcardJohn Jay Founding Fathers postcard

Other founding documents: The Declaration of Independence, The U.S. Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and other Amendments to the Constitution.


  1. Chris, i've read them and i also have the Anti-federalist papers at work right now. Its not light reading so it takes ma a while. I've also read various copies of Madison, Jefferson and others letters collected on the net.

    What seems to end up happening in this debate is things get polarized and the truth comes out in the middle. They were simply flawed men who made a brilliant decision to come together and formulate a country and the government of that country.

    In doing so they brought together ideals from both Secular and religious areas and applied them to creating a document (the consittution) that not only allowed the goverment to regulate its borders and citizens but itself.

    But in no way was the founding and the construction of said document based more on religion than secular philosophy and previous governmental writings like Magna Carta, Hammurabi's laws..etc

  2. The founding fathers are a bunch of racist right wing suckholes just like the T-baggers on this blog. The time has come to cut these T-baggers down and start a new.

  3. Hey P.Q. I Reckon "The CanT We All Get Along" Thingy Aint Going To Work With Such A Silver Throated Whatever! Tea Party Is The New Anew So Get Use To It Or Quite Frankly Get Out Of The Way!

  4. Wow a new rightwing plant....what got tired dressing up your comments as Jay-ney???

  5. So Joe is everyone that thinks like you a right wing plant? I'm trying to figure out why a right winger would call us right wingers names and how does that help the right wing? In other words what is the motive Joe?

  6. The motive is just acting crazy and trolling. Happens on all sorts of boards and posts.

    your not new to this...look at the trolls on the MD soundoff.

  7. Joe are you projecting again???

  8. The progressives hate our country and our founding fathers for creating our country. People like Joe like Marx and Stalin more then the founding fathers.


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