Friday, June 18, 2010

Muslim Fanatics Ruin British Soldiers Homecoming

This is a sad reality in the EU.


  1. Its A SHAME And Disgraceful It Happened Period. Hopefully We Aint The Next Stop.

  2. Islam is the religion of HATE and those protesters are examples of that hatred. Export those illegal aliens (muslims) to their homes of origin. Send those cowards to a battlefield and kill them legally. I've been to the Mideast as an "infidel soldier" and have seen it.

  3. It is time we stop tip toeing around Islam. This weekend is the Arab Festival in Dearborn Mich. Last year they didn't let Christians in with signs because the Muslims would kill them. I'll find the video and post it.

  4. I hate religions. Makes people do crazy stuff. That's too bad for the fellas returning. nothing like leaving one conflict for another.

    Counter protests are stupid too. If you don't like what they are doing there, go a few blocks away and cheer your arse off for the soldiers. Yelling, screaming getting into physical altercations with protesters only rewards them.

    Never Counter protest unless you have a ex-police car and they are on a bridge...


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