Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Beck: Shirley Sherrod 'Shouldn't Have Been Fired'


  1. Still no one from the left saying Beck handled it write even though the Obama admin blamed him for firing her? Where are you liberals?????? Do you only come out to bash me and the other conservatives? It sure does look like it. Maybe that is why no one listens or cares what you libs think.

  2. Beck Got It RIGHT And THEN Regime Got It!

    Still Think Alot Of This Liberal Spewing Is More To Take OUR Eyes Off The Ball.

    Economy, Jobs ,Cap And Tax And Amnisty How Is Regime Doing?

    Citizens Economy, Jobs And Cap And Tax! Illegals Amnesty, Citizens Want Secure Borders Regime Wants Secured Voters. These Are The Issues.

    We Will See Alot Of Smoke Before November And WE Will Have To Be Like A Fire Department PUT Out The Liberal Fire Period!


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