Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Full Video Of Shirley Sherrod USDA

This is the full video of Shirley Sherrod NAACP speech. I have to say the context does make a difference and it makes me wonder why the Obama admin and the USDA made this women quit without the full context.  I want you to also listen to Andrew Breitbarts reasoning behind how he got the edited video. Now there are many on the left like blame Brietbart and Fox news but they didn't fire her or edit the video.  They covered the news that they had.


  1. See Joe it's over here. Are you still smearing Chris like this post isn't here? The followers of this blog need to see the smears Joe is doing of Chris on an old post. Chris must be doing something right to get Joe in such an uproar. He is a real mental case when he gets unhinged.

  2. Thanks Anon. Joe is just another liberal gutter snipe. But we are learning more about the mental illness they call liberal. Oops I mean progressive. Crap they changed the name again to populus. See i told you it was a mental illness.


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