Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sorry Shirley Sherrod

I would like to say I did misjudge Shirley Sherrod by that edited video. I also like to say that if Andrew Brietbart did the editing of this video then I will never ever listen to that man again. It seems the left wing want me and Fox News to apologize for what we did. They have place the blame of this women loosing her job more on Fox News then anyone. The problem with that is they,whoever they is,fired her before it made it to the news. Fox news said they tried to get her perspective but she refused. Now I do have a big problem with the Obama admin and her boss playing games with giving this poor women they fired her job back. Gibbs wouldn't commit to what the Obama admins decision is. The had no problem forcing her to pull over and quit "now". But they are lallygagging on giving her her job back. That is bull. I also thought about the fact that these are the people that have their hands on our country and our bombs. If they can't make a easy decision about something as small as this then I'm scared. This is the second time the Obama admin has acted "stupidly" without thinking first. And what about the NAACP? They had the full 43 min tape and they still came out against this women. There are people out there that deserve the blame. I'd like to know who edited the video,who fired Shirley Sherrod and who at the Obama admin demanded her resignation. These are pertinent facts that are left out thus far. Now the left need to learn a lesson from this. They are all over everyone without all the facts. So shame on them as well. But the brunt of the shame falls on the editor of the video,Andrew Brietbart, the USDA person that made her resign, whoever in the Obama admin that demanded she get fired and the NAACP for not reviewing the tape that was in their possession when they called her a racist. But I am also sorry for my part in all this.


  1. Nothing to apologize for Chris. Fox did NOTHING but report the story that Breitbart broke based on a video he was sent back in April.
    Did he dig deeper in to it. No. That was his mistake.

    This blogger caused this up roar by sending a video that was edited. Not Fox, not Breitbart. Breitbart is even on record as saying he didn’t want her fired.

    Don't fall in to the skewed BS of the left.

    Obama jumped the gun without getting the facts and booted her. Not Fox. Not Breitbart.

    It show the incompetence of this administration of shooting before aiming.

    The lefty media is all over this. Where in the HELL were they about the Black Panther/DOJ dropping their case?
    Where were they about covering up the Rev Wright connections.
    You just keep posting great info here, Chris.
    F*** the liberals!

  2. Chris We Do Learn From Mistakes And At Least You See The Mistake And Correct It! Regime Still Working On It.

    The Regime Threw Her Under The BUS And Are Now Trying To Get Her Out From Where They Threw Her. The Next Couple Days Will Be Very Interesting.

    This Is Now Behind Us. We Must Get Our Eyes Back On The Ball. The Real Issues Regarding This Regime Are Out There For Us To Bring To Citizens Attention. Throwing The TRUTH Under The Bus Will Also Come Back And Bite Them In The ASS!

  3. Chris, i'm not sure the NAACP had the full tape. It might have been a private tape.

    But i'm proud of you. your making strides.

    Now how bout some real news from you. not a union person smacking cameras in Cali, which matters little to any of us here, but stuff like the Jenny Gratz vs. Jack Brandenburg slugfest.

    What about his criminal record? any of you in his district?

    where do you stand on the right on right crime?

  4. How bout Ken buck who asks you to vote for him because he doesn't wear high heels? you gonna cover that?

    And wheres the coverage of the co-opting of the TEA Party. Your now a wholly owned subsidiary of the Republican party. So much for that people of all walks of life bullshit.

  5. Joe You Were Doin So Well Till You Got To The Tea Party.

    Tea Party Is All Walks Of Life And In November You Will Get All The Bull Shit You Can Handle But You Did Try And For That You Must Be Given Credit!

    Im Trying To Figure Out The Right On Right Crime Thingy!

  6. What she said and did WAS RACIST, what is wrong with you folks?

    Then said she was more or less repentent,great.

    Where is the repentence from the administration, the MSM,NAACP,Black Panthers,,,etc. about their blatent racism in calling others racist with NO PROOF WHATSOEVER??????

    With that woman SHE ADMITTED RACISM!!!!!!! In front of whom? THE NAACP! Are we not told by blacks on the left that IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR THEM TO BE RACIST????????? Yep all BULLSHIT!

    Now by asking her back is it one of two things or BOTH:

    -The 'messiah' ACTUALLY admitting a mistake (of many, many mistakes?
    -And or hiring on the basis of race which ipsofacto is blatent racism?

    p.s.; Imagine a black Bush official doing the same exact same thing,,what do you think the reaction would be????? Furthermore, do you believe that Bush would say sorry let alone rehire her?????

  7. Christopher, i take it you didn't watch the video or hear the whole story?

    Isn't her story like those of ex-junkies who go to schools and tell children the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Wasn't she telling them of her mistake and how God put the opportunity to change in her life.

    Is that a bad story? should we castigate her for being honest and describing how she overcame her predjudice? And isn't a story like that something you ( and i mean you personally) want told at a meeting of the NAACP? When she mentions young people a number of times, isn't she saying, "if i can overcome the experiences that biased me, then any of you can?"

    Or does your ideoloque beliefs reject any change of heart?

  8. Al, see if Chris covered it in his blog you'd know about the co-opting.

    How can you and any others say the Tea party isn't a part of the republican party when they now have a tea party caucus? Didn't you read about that?

    You know i keep wondering why in november if the elections bring a republican majority its an non-partisan, all walks of life thing? Its entirely partisan. Your not voting for centrist independants, your voting for primary winning republicans.

    And about right on right crime. Two conservatives bickering at each other. A take off on the white on black, black on white, white on white, black on black crimes sayings. Jack brandenburg vs. Jennifer Gratz, both conservatives.

  9. Mark, fU right back.

    Faux news is supposed to be fair and balanced and yet they didn't contact her to get her side of the story or even the NAACP. Big time fuck up.

    It was a slander piece pure and simple. It doesn't matter if some else did the editting, Breitbart should have done the reseacrh on it. And Faux shouldn't have run it without contacting her. Journalism 101.

    I would like to thank Faux for proving us liberals right about their partisanship. they ignored a standard of jounralism to try to attack the NAACP in defense of the their viewers, the TEA PARTY.

    Fox is clearly taking sides in the TEA vs. NAACP row and thats not fair or balanced.

  10. Joe, not sure what you missed about this whole thing, but Fox re-reported what they saw on BigGovernment (Breitbart). They laid the credit for the story at his feet. Even had him on.
    But before they could put this on the air, the Obama Admin fired her just to save face before it got out on Fox.
    Was it bad reporting by Breitbart for not trusting his instincts of the person who provided the tape and not digging deeper in to the story, yep.
    Was it Fox's fault for what they feel was a trust source of information. NO.

    So Joe, I take it that you're taking sides with the NAACP on their BS claims that the AZ law racially profiles... You know it doesn't. You side with the NAACP that the Tea Party Organization is racist, when it's clear to even AA that it's not.

    Case in point. Quote from Mary Frances Berry (a African-American), the former head of the US Commission on Civil Rights appointed by Cater and Bill Clinton, "Tainting the tea party movement with the charge of racism is proving to be an effective strategy for Democrats. There is no evidence that tea party adherents are any more racist than other Republicans, and indeed many other Americans. But getting them to spend their time purging their ranks and having candidates distance themselves should help Democrats win in November. Having one’s opponent rebut charges of racism is far better than discussing joblessness."
    Again, Joe. F*** the liberals

  11. What about the new and improved presidential assasination program that tagets American Citizens or the lies the the Democrats told about the cost of obamacare and abortions being covered. Jow why haven't you said sorry for your blatant lies? You want to talk local politics when there is all that on the table? Give me a break. Why not talk about the way the media is placing almost all the blame on Fox News, Brietbart,bloggers and the Tea Party rather then the people that fired that poor women?

  12. Joe You Did Forget The Democrats vs Liberal Thingy Where Democrat Canadates Would Rather Have Clinton Stump For Them Rather Than Regimes Leader. Socialist Apparently Turn Off Even Democrats Now.

    Other Than Unemployment Benifits That Now Appear On The Way To Being Entitlement How Has Regime Fared With Economy And Jobs. Slick Willy Will Have His Hands Full Trying To Splain That!

    Regime Has A Full Plate And NO Beverage Like TEA! Aint November Going To Be Grand!

  13. Joe we are not voting for centrist. We are voting for conservatives. You really are a doopidy doo Joe. Try and listen for a change Joe you might learn something in that little closed mind of yours.Don't forget to say sorry Joe for the lies you told.

  14. Mark, not sure what part of Fair and balanced your missing but when you run a story your supposed to contact that other side to get their story. Trusted source or not.

    You'll often read or here a reporter say, "when contacted So and so had no comment" or something like that. Faux didn't do that.

    Journalism 101.

    Now how is BigGovernment a trusted source? Its a clearly partisan website. you, chris, Al, Faux News and I all know that. We can debate whether it is correct on its stories, but its clearly a partisan site. Its like NBC running videos directly off of Daily Kos. Shouldn't happen.

  15. Mark, did i saw i am taking sides on that issue? Where did i mention anything about supporting the platform of the NAACP? No where.

    Cut the deflection out and stick with the argument.

    We had our discussion about the Arizona law. I felt the original writing was too vaque and left to many opportunities for civil rights violations. It was amended within the week to change that very concern ( the lawful contact wording) and i said that change was needed.

    I am concerned that some will use this law to justify their desire to profile and that there is little that can be done about it. But the main issue with the law is its constitutionality which hasn't been decided yet. Can states make laws which have been the primary responisibility of the federal government (foreign policy) or not. I've read about a hundred different law proffessors thingking on this and its seems split.

    Now if you ask me about whether or not Michiagn needs such a law i would say no. Immigrant issues are clearly not the same here as Arizona and that any move to do that has the undercurrent of racial distrust.

  16. Chris, right after you apologise for all the untruths you have put in your blogs.

    Jones act
    White SEIU attacks Black TEA BAGGER...the rest of them.

    But why aren't you covering the fact that a conservative activist alleges a State Senate candidate left nasty and sexual harrassing phone messages. Thats not worthy of your blog, but Shirley Sherrod is. A low level USDA official is big news but a state senate candidate with a history of phone harassment (and a misdemeanor offense) being accused of harassing another conservative isn't. I mean he's a TEA Party candidate. Spoke at BAGGER meetings.

    You'll cover one idiot union guy smakcing a camera in California, but nothing on Jenny Gratz and Jack Brandenburg. Which is bigger news to Tea Party people in Michigan like Mark and Al?

  17. since you wont cover it...i will

    Speaking last week on the "Two Guys Named Joe" podcast, Gratz explained that Brandenburg is claiming in campaign literature that he co-chaired the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative. While technically accurate, Gratz says the former State Representative worked with the group for only three months in 2004 -- before any signatures were collected to put the issue before voters in 2006 -- and quit when he realized how much the position would require.

    "He told us, literally, to F-off" in a conference call, she said, explaining that one of his fellow Republican candidates in Macomb County's 11th district, former State Rep. Leon Drolet, fully chaired the committee after Brandenburg quit.

    Gratz went on to suggest that Brandenburg has a history of duplicitous behavior and vulgar language. Specifically, she said Brandenburg prank called her in January of 2006 and pretended to be a reporter for our very own Booth Newspapers, failing to block his number from her caller ID. After asking several "semi-informed" questions about the MCRI, he allegedly ended the call by asking her, "How do you feel about oral sex?" MLIVE.COM

    Brandenburg's opponent alleges sexual taunting
    Monday, July 19, 2010

    And there in the comments you can see Brian Pannebecker disparge Jennifer, the same one he lauded just days earlier in a piece about Jack. what a two faced liar he is.

    In a piece published today in the Macomb Daily, Brandenburg calls Gratz "a liar" and suggests she had a "crush" on him but he rejected her advances.

    But as the newspaper points out, Brandenburg pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor in a similar case in 1999. He was accused of making threatening, profanity-laced phone calls and destruction of property in Ohio. Additionally, one of the "Two Guys Named Joe" told Gratz he'd previously received a prank call from Brandenburg pretending to be a reporter.

  18. Joe what took so long for a smear like that? Where is the police report Joe? Why are you not giving the context Joe? Are you doing what you blamed Chris and Fox of doing? It sure does look like it. Who is Brian Pennebecker? Why do you believe a smear like that Joe? Could it be that it's a Republican and that's no obsticle to you on the left? You are one sick man Joe for slandering a person just because he's a Republican and for holding Chris to a higher standard then you hold for youself. When will you say sorry Joe? I've been waiting for it for a long time now. Good thing I didn't hold my breath.

  19. Joe State Run Media ONLY Has ONE Sourse Regime And That IS The Problem. Fore Fathers Protect Press Because They Thought Press Would Be The EYES Of The Citizens And Report FACTS And Let Citizens Deside For Themselves.

    State Run Media Has Now Cut Out The Middle Man(Sources) And Give Citizens What? They Give Citizens Slanted Information With NO Critizism Of The Regime.

    The Stae Run Media Hasd Made NO Effort To Conceal There Ideaology And OUR Fore Fathers And Truely Great Newsmen Would Be ASHAMED Of What We The Citizens Are Stuck With. Free Press Was Suppose To Be Citizens Watch Dog And Now This Administration Is WAGGING The Dog!


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