Friday, July 9, 2010

Justice Is No Longer Blind. What Do You Think About This?


Just one month after three members of the New Black Panther Party were cleared of any wrongdoing in a 2008 voter intimidation case, the organization’s chairman announced that the New Black Panthers aren’t done harassing people for no apparent reason.

In a videotaped interview with Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher, NBPP Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz said, “[Beck] can bring his Tea Party, and we’ll bring our party, and we’ll see Glenn Beck.”

Shabazz is referring to a rally that Beck will lead on August 28 at the Lincoln Memorial—the same day and place of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous “I have a dream” speech.

“Glenn Beck should not be allowed to have this rally,” Shabazz told Christopher. “Glenn Beck is a sneaky little devil, and he does sneaky things, and tries to portray that he’s really not the neo-racist that he really is. And for him to go and to secure the Lincoln Memorial on Dr. King’s birthday will meet not only opposition from civil rights leaders, but it’s going to meet direct opposition from the New Black Panther Party.”

In other words: Standing on the shoulders of giants is a privilege, not a right; the keepers of said privilege are separatist thugs, not visionaries.


  1. It's all talk, they are just trying to scare people into not attending.

  2. Justice May Still Be Blind But Ideaology Is Not And This Is A Example Of It.

    Race Should Never Be A Element Of A Crime Or Any Issue In Our Nation,NEVER!

    DOJ Goes After Arizona Who Is Trying To Protect And Control Illegal Immigration But NOT Against "Sanctuary Cities". This Is Example Of Regime NOT Doing Its JOB In Both Examples. Nobama Will Become Known In History As The "Great Divider". LINCOLN He Aint.

  3. You might be right Trestin. But living in the Detroit area I can say they are here and they are for real. This group is very military and they are about action not words. Most of the members are Nation of Islam right out of prison. In our local paper,the Macomb Daily, the New Black Panther Party has a voice in many of the posts. They are still a fringe of the black community but just look at how many blacks sympathize with the Black Panthers and Malcom X. I'm sure that this threat will bring out the Skin Head/Neo-Nazi racist. We do not need this in our country right now. I do remember Obama saying we will be post racial now. He can't get anything right.

  4. As Chris said, Trestin, you maybe right. But if they are that bold enough to stand in front of a polling place with a night stick and be intimidating to those coming and going, in clear violation of the law, they could very well want to (as they put it) "Rumble" with Beck, the Tea Party and anyone right of center, or anyone who stands for their constitutional rights.
    If I have said it once, I've said it a thousand times, always be prepared to defend yourself.

  5. They are real. Why aren't the left wingers denouncing these radicals?

  6. I'd like to see them do some real damage to beck and the teabaggers.


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