Sunday, July 18, 2010

Open Debate On Liberation Theology

If you are or have a lot of knowledge of Liberation Theology please post your thoughts on this debate. I live in the Detroit area and know 2 Black Liberation Theologians preachers personally. Knowing only two liberation preachers doesn't make me a know it all on the subject. But I was amazed at how little they know of the Bible. The held the Bible when they preached but they never gave quotes with context. They were also both car salesmen in Detroit as well as preachers. A better representative of Liberation Theology is Obama's pastor for over 20 years Rev. J.Wright. I've spent a lot of time before Obama became president listening to Rev.Wrights sermons. I wanted to see who the man is that Obama said had such a great influence over our President. Glenn Beck did a good job of teaching the history and fundamental theological differences between Liberation Theology and Biblical Theology. YouTube has all the Glenn Beck and Wright videos on this subject. I know my Lutheran M.S. Christian faith has played a major role in who I am and what I believe. Being a Lutheran M.S. we use the Bible as reference for everything. We also use the writings of Martin Luther small and large Catechism for better understanding of the Bible. I believe the the Bible is Holy and the inspired word of God. This is so you know where I'm coming from in the debate. The Debate is on what you know or feel about Liberation Theology and it's impact on our country and our First Family.


  1. Theology / religion of any kind is man-made.

    Faith is on whole other level, I ask the two not be confused.

    This IS what humans must come to realize

  2. Liberation theology is BS. If it were truly Christian, Christ would have taught it. He did not.

  3. The Mormon perspective is that it is a satanic doctrine. We believe that Christ's sacrifice made possible the agency of man and salvation to co-exist. Satan would enslave mankind and force them follow after him as a collective group.

  4. God made religion,man distorts it. Most people believe God gave us the old and new testement.If we could just follow the Bible and not add to it or take away from it then we would be better off. Jesus was a Jew and that is a religion. But He did have to teach the prest what they were doing wrong. And that is when the New Testement came into our lives. But Jesus did say He wanted us to go to Church even if it's just a few people big. But it's all free will in the Bible. Nowhere in the Bible does it say to make someone worship,tith or serve their neighbor. That is the distrotion of man. We do have to be careful to not throw out the baby with the bathwater by saying "religion of anykind is man-made".

  5. Not an expert on "BLack Liberation" theology in any way, but i've studied latin American versions of it, and i find it to met the expectations of Christ to the T.

    Men who spent years in Service to God and whose depth and knowledge of the bible far exceeds ours (yours too) believed in the affirmations of Christ towards the poor and how they needed to change the world.

    You could take Oscar Romero who died because he spoke against the US-friendly regime in El Salvador to Dom Helder in Brazil to Desmond Tutu in Africa and see that they are doing Christs work.

  6. Did you give up all your money and treasures to hispanics like liberation theology says? Or are you just all talk and no action? Put your money where your mouth is!

  7. wow another nameless poster...yippie. More irelevence and stupidity.

    No i kept my "TREASURE" that i inherited as a noble and i didn't share the "BOOTY" I found when i was a pirate either.

    You know nothing about the subject and just want to be an ass clown.

  8. Joe Liberation Theology is at it's core means you have to give "what the white man took back to minorities to be saved". I thought you studied it Joe? Anon is right. Did you give away you money to be "saved"? And where in the
    Bible or other documents is Liberation theology? Where is the theological backing behind Liberation theology? Marxism was mixed with Christianity and that is what you get. Just like the mix between Voodoo and Christianity produced Santaria. Those are the "man-made religions" Christopher was talking about. It is the hybridizing of two separate beliefs. Jesus was not a politisian nor a theif. He took nothing forom anyone but asked us all to give freely of what He gave us. Nice try making fun of what Anon was saying but you know very well what treasures are. So why don't you act like you know what you say you know and have an open debate about a subject you proclame to know so much about? You should also know that Latin and Black Liberation Theology are exactly the same thing.

  9. Yes, you are right. Liberation theology tries to destroy true Christianity.

    Jesus warns us that more and more false teachers will arise (Matthew 24:4 and elsewhere).

    Ask one question of whoever tries to tell you about Jesus: "Who is Jesus?" Their answer will reveal who they are.

    Mormons: "Jesus is Satan's brother."
    Jehovah's Witnesses: "Jesus is not God."
    Islam: "Jesus is not God, and He did not die for our sins. He was a prophet. His purpose was to point us to Mohammed."
    Buddhism: Jesus was a great teacher, perhaps a buddha."
    Hindu: "Jesus was one of many gods."
    Liberation theology: "Jesus came to liberate the poor from their oppressors. Today, he would carry a gun and give guns and ammo to the poor."
    Liberal theology: "Jesus was God's messenger. He was not born of a virgin. He was not punished for our sins and he may not have risen from the grave, but it doesn't really matter."

    Biblical Theology: "What does God's Word say about Jesus? He is our Creator, Lord and Savior; He was crucified for our sins and is risen from the grave. He will come again to take believers to be with Him forever. God said it. That settles it."


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