Monday, July 19, 2010

Union Bully Assaults Photographer


Don’t expect this to get any attention from the democratic-media complex…Another leftist goon with the California Nurses Association assaulted and repeatedly punched a videographer at a California rally. When will we call a spade a spade? These unions are out of control and need to be put down like a dieing dog. All government unions need to be disbanded as soon as we get a conservative congress. What do you think of these violent unions and the lack of media coverage over real tangible violence? Or are they too busy making up things about the "dangerous" Tea Party?


  1. CBS is letting you Rate the President

    First, I can't believe CBS is actually doing this. Second, that they're brave and honest enough to actually show the ongoing polling results.
    Here is your chance. Everyone should get a shot at this. Takes all of fifteen seconds and that is if you take a look at the results.
    Take the poll yourself and when you submit your grading of how he is handling the top issues, a second page will come up showing you the current
    results of how America is voting. Remember, this ain't Fox doing this. This is mostly people who watch CBS.

    DO THIS! and pass it on. =

    You will not believe how bad CBS viewers grade Obama. Pass it around to your conservative email friends so we can tell the CBS viewers what America thinks. Make it viral.

  2. Cant Wait For The Spin From This By The Liberals. With The Way This Regime Can Manipulate Numbers Like JOBS Saved This Should Be Easy To Spin For Them! My Guess Its " Bushes Fault"!

    On Different Note See Regime May Have Over Stepped Its Authority Closing All Those Auto Dealerships. Oftened Wondered How That Helped Unemployment.

  3. I didn't see any punches...

    Where is the video of the punches????

  4. Joe My Guess Is If Your Taking The Video And Being Punched You Might Have MORE Things To Do Than Stand Up Straight, Be Punched And Take Video.

    If You Look At 1:11 Of Video Might Not Be A Joe Louis Punch But If You Have Camera Up To Your Eye Betcha That Hurts.

  5. Joe he hit the mans hand twice to knock his camera out of his hand.Joe you only see what you want to see just like a typical unionist. That or you are just a liar. Did you also notice the man's camera bouncing around as the men tussled with him? Did you also see the posturing of the union staff you union idiot? You also didn't see any video of tea partiers spitting or calling names to congress but you believed that and there were hundreds of video cameras from every angle. Joe you are full of shit and this is just more proof of that FACT. AL you were right again. Just look at this dumbass spin from Joe.

  6. To Nameless chump, grabbing the camera and pushing it away, is not punching someone.

    At least be honest. did he knock the camera away? Yes he did. Was that right? No it was not.

    Did Chris spin/lie/exaggerate the actions of the guy? yes he did. Was that right? No it was not.

    Chris is a habitual liar on his blog. And despite the fact that he gets caught and shown up he never apologies and his followers like Al never hold him to the truth.

    I'm here doing what Chris asked calling a spade a spade. He's a liar.

  7. Hey Joe Assault Is Assault And My Confused Isimer Thats A Assault! I Guess Joe What You Need Is A Video Of The Videoer Being Punched.

    Oddly You Did Not Need Video Of Alledge Spitting By Tea Party In Washington DC When You Labeled That Racism. There Is STILL A 100,000 Dollar Reward For That Video.It Aint Going To Be Paid For One Reason. With All That Video Being Taken At That Time Wonder Why Reward As Never Been Paid?

    Take The Batterys Back Out Of Your Smoke Detectors.

  8. Joe you are so full of crap just like all liars from the left. If you can't see that union idiot hiting that mans hand twice and then hearing him hit him and seeing him hit his camer you are just full of crap. Why Joe do you lie and then call me the liar? Is that Saul Alynski Rules For Radicals at work? You aere so pothetic with you lies Joe. Why don't you let everyone know why you are lieing for the unions?????? So Joe if you want to play stupid samantics and call hitting his hand not punching his hand then have at it. Do you think the Tea Party spit and called names to the Congressmen even though not one person has anything even close to that "truth" of the left? These union thugs were doing what they were doing and that is intimidating citizens. Did you hear the one union guy say the lie that the cameraman was looking up the womens dresses? This is pure and simple thuggery and you know it and that is whym youm are playing smantics on the word "punched". Obviously you are just clouding up everything with you lies and spins like usual Joe. And yet I am one of the few bloggers that never erras or block the opposition. That is because the truth always makes it's way through. Just like all the lies you told about abortion not being in obamacare or that it would save us money. Joe you lied and where are those appologies? Joe have you ever done this to people at your union event? Are you that kind of guy? It sure does sound like it. I've heard abussive men say the same things as you just did. "I didn't hit her ,I just pushed her into that wall" or "she gave herself that black eye". Thanks for the insight into your mind Joe;-) Keep up the abussive work my union friend.

  9. AL I just read you post. BWAAAAHAHAHAHHA thanks brother for the laugh.

  10. Joe, watch the 0:53 segment of the video. Blatant attack on the videographer.
    Wonder if this punk would enjoy a Black Panther nightstick upside his head. :)

  11. Always be prepared to defend yourselves, America.
    These punks have gone on to long solving their dissatisfactions in life by using violence offensively against others.

  12. Chris, you never blocked the opposing view points i'll give you that, but not one of your readers beside the few liberals has enough of an open mind to call you on your lies, let alone the balls.

    I said the man pushed the camera and he was wrong. what more needs to be said?

    You said he punched the camera person. He did not. Your obviously spinning things to make it sound worse than it is. Typical sematical framing.

    Chris, i call you a liar because you are.

    He did not "repeatedly punch" the camera person. Nothing semantical there. Pushing and grabbing the camera is not punching a person. Thats obvious.

    And i'm not doing anything for unions. i could care less what a union activistist in California does except that his actions were wrong and i've already said that in this post and my previous one. They look bad on all unions. His union brothers should look into charges of conduct unbecoming.

    And no Chris, i don't hit people. And its bullshit of you to suggest that.

  13. Joe You Must Have Powers That You Can See What Happens After Camera Started Doing The CHA CHA CHA! Hard To Call Somebody A Liar When All We See For Sure Is A Assault Taking Place And At The 1:11 Mark Still Looks Like Girly Punch. Just My Opinion!

  14. Punch,hit what is the difference Joe? Why are you defending these thugs Joe? It is obvious these union members are hitting the man and his camera so why are you trying to make light of it? Joe to say the man is wrong and then to give excuses for the union members is back handed at best. It's like me saying you are a smart man Joe, we just can't tell by your comments. AL gave the best and most accurate discription as a "Girly Punch". Are you protecting the union member or the abuser? Both sound accurate to me.

  15. Joe this isn't the first time a union member beat the shit out of someone they disagreed with. It is a patern that is alarming to most Americans. I have also noticed that you have bent over backwards to back talk these abuses in the past. Why is that Joe?

  16. hey did you hear another anti-government anti-liberal conservative shot up a bunch of police.

    and that Rightwingers are offering money to congressmen who punch other congressmen?

  17. So while your worried about union activists knocking your camera around when you record them, anti-liberal conservatives load up with weapons and when caught shoot up the cops who find them.


    typical righties....

  18. Lets See Joe

    Every Crime Committed We Will Now File And Store By Ideaology. That May Be The Closest To Job Creation Liberals Have Come To So Far.

    Liberal, Conservative, Union, Non Union Violence Is Violence!

    BUT Putting Citizens To Work(Probablly Union) Is A Great Idea!

  19. Al, you and Chris seem to file and store violence by ideology right now but only one side, so whats the difference with my post.

    I do notice that Chris isn't responding to another Violent conservative who was on his way to kill liberals, but is dedicating a whole post to a union liberal who smacked a camera repeatedly.

    And you think your the correct ones in this situation? what jackasses you are.

  20. This is crazy! I don't think anyone should be assualting a photographer, which goes for celebs. But I also agree that photographers need to get a life and leave these people alone as well.


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