Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sherrod: WH Made Me Quit 'Because I Was Going to Be on Glenn Beck'


Shirley Sherrod defended herself today from charges of racism stemming from the video  released on Big Government yesterday.The video showed Ms Sherrod, USDA Georgia Director of Rural Development, speaking at an NAACP Freedom Fund dinner in Georgia. Ms Sherrod, who is a  federally appointed bureaucrat lays out in shockingly lays out that how race played a part in executing her duties.Sherrod was forced to resign almost immediately after the video was posted. Incredibly, it  seems however that her firing was less about what she said in the speech,  and more about the story being broadcast on Fox News.In interviews today, Ms Sherrod describes what was behind her speech and how, after the video cuts off,  she explains that moment was a turning point in her life where she learned to beyond race.It still doesn't change the way the NAACP crowd acted when she said those racist remarks.I'd like to know where is the proof that she is right? The mainstream media is just buying what she is selling without any proof. I'm not saying she's lieing but she is trying to save her job. Are they even sure that that farmer and his wife are the ones she is talking about? Even so she said she help them but just not as much as she could have. And don't forget the part where she says that blacks need to get jobs at the USDA because they don't fire anyone.


  1. She's a piece of shit. I don't believe a word out of her mouth.

    She got fired cause she was stupid and a bigot.

  2. The Only Thing So Far Shes Right About, Those Government Jobs Unless Of Coarse You Open Mouth And Insert Foot!

    Understand Theres More To The Video And NAACP Is Reviewing The Whole Tape. Wonder Why No Body Else Is? Hate To Find Out Later That Shirley Got Thron Under That Bus! . Not Saying Its So But Without Entire Speech Whom Knows?

  3. Al, Andrew Breitbart destroyed her and he was so wrong. He's nothing more than slime.. I watched the first 25 minutes of her speech and everything i said about her i have to take back.

    she didn't tell blacks to work at the USDA because they won't get fired, she told young blacks that aren't interested in agriculture and staying in the rural life, that she struggled with at their age, that with all these layoffs you never heard of government workers being out of work. Its a pretty common theme from the smaller farms that the kids can't wait to leave and not come back.

  4. Hey Batman,
    How can you say that Breitbart destroyed her life? Aren't people responsible for what comes out of the their mouths? All Breitbart did was feature the video of hundreds of NAACP members laughing at how she denied "whitey" help on his foreclosure. Why didn't the Georgia's chapter of the NAACP correct her on the spot? At least the Tea Party has the "strength of character" (remember Dr.King?) to police its own. The white house and president did the Right thing on this issue. Racism in all forms is unacceptable.

  5. Breitbart and Fox News did a hatchet job on this woman just like they did on ACORN. None of the allegations were true in either case after a real investigation.

    Fox and Breitbart have no shame. This woman needs to be reinstated immediately.

    This report, which is REAL journalism, should help straighten you out on this story.

    Rachel Maddow looks at the full context of Shirley Sherrod's comments and points out the spinelessness of the White House in buying into yet another Fox News/Breitbart smear job and how, like feeding a dog from the table, handing heads to the right wing only encourages the use of dishonest tactics.


  6. Hey its the drive by asshole Mike,

    Your not going to stick around to read the reply, but all he did was edit a video to show that instead of what she actually said.

    Go to the NAACP site and wtach the 45 minute tape.

  7. Sorry boys she didn't get fired by Fox News or Breitbart. They covered what they had of the video. It was the Obama admin and the USDA that fired her without her perspective. She was also ask to give her side of the even and she refused. Joe she did say that blacks need to go into the USDA and "have you ever heard of a government employee losing their job?" And did you see the reaction in the NAACP crowd when she was telling of her racist past? Brietbart said he was given the edited tape in the mail and he was waiting to get the rest of the tape yesterday and to get it cleared. I wonder why the NAACP or the USDA or the Obama admin look art the whole tape before acting stupidly?

  8. Bruce ACORN is a criminal organization and they diserved what they got.Where is the context of the TEA Party bashing? Where asre the videos and police reports of the violence from the Tea Party? What proof does the NAACP have to call the Tea Party racist? You have some congressmen that say rthey heard something that the police behind them didn't hear nor one video to back up the racism claims.

  9. Nothing like the kneejerk reaction from the Obama Admin....

  10. Words Have Consequences And Regime Acted Without "Due Process" Which Is Not The First Time. Who Can Forget The " The Police Acted Stupidly" Beer Vest.

    Using The Race Card Has Become So Widely Used That Now Its The "Firing Squad" For The Accussed And Then "Due Process".

    ACORN Was In Fact Caught Dirty Using Tax Payers Money Period.

    The Lady Should And Will Get Her Chances To Tell Her Side And Then Lets Make Judgement But Words Are Words And Have To Be Chosen Carefully As Several Politicans Have Learned.

  11. yes, Tom vilsack was wrong to ask for her resignation and Andy Breitbart was wrong to show the edited footage, and Chris, yes Chris was wrong to post his thread titled "NAACP Caught On Tape Cheering Racist Remarks Of Obama Official"

    But once again the right isn't blaming their guys at all. Only the democrats.

    I notice that Chris hasn't mentioned anything about being duped, feeling bad about it, thinking Breitbart was wrong to play the race card, or to use a story about one womens faith in God (the same God he worships) to make her out to be what she wasn't.

    Is it too hard to reveal those things Chris?

  12. Joe did you look at the crowd? They were all happy about the racist remarks. I do feel bad for the women but I didn't fire her. So take a look at my new post before you say any more stupid things Joe. I see you also jumped on the "racist bitch" bandwaggon. My title was spot on Joe just look at the NAACP members when she was saying all those racist things in context. Joe did you also see 16:40 min. into the video when she said,"I made that comment to black people only"? And isn't telling blacks to get jobs at the USDA because they wont get fired racist in nature? Nice try Joe but look at all the new post I have posted. It shows that the NAACP is just an arm of the Democratic Party doing their bidding to the T.

  13. MS Sherrods While Your Under The Regimes Bus At Least You Wont Be Lonely! If You See Any Jobs Or Are Economy Say Hi We Miss Them!

  14. Joe, Andy Breitbart posted what he discoved.
    It was another blog that actually post the edited footage.
    So go find the blog that did and harp on them for awhile.

  15. Chris, i did jump on the bandwagon and i retracted it. Did you????

    JoeC said...
    I watched the first 25 minutes of her speech and everything i said about her i have to take back.
    20 July, 2010 21:26

    that was yesterday.

  16. Mark, you harp on the MSM and all you righties attack places like Huffpo and New republic for their coverage, yet when a rightwing news pseudo news source like Drudge, Breitbart or even the non-news Faux news don't get both sides of the story or display a partisan bias in their coverage like the Shirley Sherrod case you make excuses for them.

  17. Joe we hear both sides of the story unlike the way you just jump in like a crazy man. Why don't you see what the facts are first Joe? We need to see who edited it,who fired her, ask why the NAACP jumped all over her when they had the full tape and why the Obama admin didn't think through before making up their minds. But you haven't learned anything Joe. You just keep attacking the right without knowing all the facts. It's OK for Joe and his left wingers but not for us. Shame on you Joe for your part in all this. It still doesn't excuse those NAACP members from their reaction to the racist remarks before she finished. And shame on you Joe for not watching the whole thing and commenting on it still. Isn't that what you blamed us for???????????? Why do you think you should be held at a differnet standard then us.

  18. Joe I posted her full speech and Andrew Brietbarts responce. I also posted an appology for my part in a full post not just a comment. That is much more then anyone on the left has done. Now you need to say sorry for your calling the Tea Party racist without proof and for perposly taking Williams blog post out of context. You are doing it on perpose and you know it. So why is it OK for you to do it Ok for you to do that Joe?

  19. Joe, thats because humpingthepost skews the truth more often then not and what part of "It was another blog that actually posted the edited footage" do you not get?
    I make excuses for what? That they get something wrong on occasion. I'd rather get 99% accurate news from both Fox and Breitbart than NO news THAT MATTERS from the likes of NBC/MSNBC/CNN and all the rest, so we are kept FULLY informed of the shenanigans from the left and this Admin.
    You just can't handle that the left are being exposed for the radicals socialist they truly are.


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