Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Chris Christie Video

This is a great video. If Chris Christie can do it in New Jersey then all states can do it.  


  1. And more of this to come in the next 365 days from across the nation.
    Nice job, Gov. Christie!!

  2. So Thats That HOPE And CHANGE THINGY? Wondered Where It Went!

  3. This Is Not Hope and Change.

    Socialized Insurance Fines And Or Pentalties Will Now Be Called A "TAX" And Avoid The Argument In Court Regarding "Commerce Clause" Which Regime Would Lose. I Guess When Your The Regime You Can Change Your Pony During The Race And Hope For What? Gotta Love This Transparentsy Thingy That Seems To Be Hard To See Through All The Smoke!

    I Thought NO New Taxes What Happened?

  4. I pray Mark is right! Great job NJ in electing Christie!

  5. If you like Christie, then you don't live in New Jersey or at least pay taxes here. Just because his campaign operation puts out a video doesn't mean everything in it is true. If you are a resident of any suburban or rural town in the state, your property taxes are up 15-25%, which is $1000-$2000 for most homeowners. But if you live in a Democratic City, Christie's cutting your taxes. He makes Whitman look like Ronald Reagan.


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