Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Presidents Assassination Program No Joke.

 KILL any American on anyone's word that he or she may be a terrorist no battle field needed so Obama can MURDER them with NO due process. PRESIDENTIAL MURDER is NOW LEGAL! MSNBC was the first network to cover this new presidential order. This is so far past partisan bickering. This is not even close to being constitutional. All you patiotic Americans need to tell all your friends about this order. The president can not have the right to murder Americans like this. We must be the ones telling Americans the dangers President Obama has put us in. I know this blog has many readers more articulate then I am that can give us more information on the new Presidential murder program. I believe any man that is for the killing of a baby born alive from a botched abortion is capable of doing anything to anyone. And Obama is that kind of person.



  1. I hate to say this, but Bush started it. Go look it up.

    This is what happens when we allow our government to grow unchecked way beyond its original charter.

  2. We have always has presidential/CIA assasination programes but nothing like this new one by Obama. Assasination of Americans outside the battlefield without due cause is new. Obama expanded the Bush program just like he expanded the Patroit act that Bush put into place. They are very different beasts then the assasination programes of the past presidents.

  3. Terrorist From 911 Get Criminal Trials. Citizens Can Be Murdered By Government Without Due Process. This Does Make Water Boarding Look Like A Day At The Beach! How Can You Argue With The ACLU or msnbc!

    Now This Is Hope And Change.

  4. I did post about this at my old URL a few months back. I would not want George Washington to have this kind of power. We can not, we must not compromise constitution principles in the name of security.


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