Friday, July 16, 2010

Video: Carville Lashes Out At Administration Again


James Carville with Billy Nungesser on CNN says "the Federal Government is about to kill us" and the Interior Dept. (Ken Salazar) "don't have the foggiest idea what's going on". 2 days after Katrina is all it took the Democrats to attack the Bush admin. 2 flipping days. But in the end the Bush admin made the changes needed to fix what was broken. Within a few days after Katrina, Bush pulled the Jones act that allowed other governments to help us in our time of need.  Obama on the other hand took over 70 days to drop the Jones act. He did finally drop it but it took him forever. He let the EPA quiz them self on the world largest oil skimmer while oil keep coming. If you have a passenger in you car having a heart attack you drive fast and run lights to save them. You don't take you time,kick them out of your car to wait for an ambulance to come because you are not qualified to drive a heart attack victim. But that is what Obama did here. He held up everyone and everything. And so he had someone to blame he put BP in total charge of the hole thing? This is the same guy that took over GM and now that we are in a disaster he does nothing. It isn't the governments job to take over companies but it is their job to take over disasters caused by companies.  And I'm wondering where PETA,the Human Society,ACLU,NAACP and all the other shill organizations are when Obama refused to let the ships clean up the mess? Oh, they'll be there when a Republican is in charge. Just like clockwork. I'm also wondering what kind of role the unions played in holding up the spill clean up and if any of the liberal organizations will go after those unions for their part in the Jones act hold up? Now when Palin says something they will be on it like white on rice. They are so predictable in their partisan leanings. This is criminal what the Obama admin has done to the Gulf coast.No one expected Obama to "suck it up with a straw". But we never expected him to hold up the clean up so more of the Gulf can die. And there are still some dummies around that think we need bigger government? Those people are dumber then dirt if they can see that fact. Take your time you special little liberals. I'm sure at some point in time you will see that the Obama admin acted stupidly. Does anyone out there think the Obama admin did a good job with this disaster?


  1. I saw in a recent poll that 12% of Republicans approve of BO. Who are these 12%? I mean really? Have they been in a cave since January last year?

  2. 23% of Democrats approved of GWB.

  3. 23% Approve Of GWB! Hell Thats Pretty Close To How Many Approve Of BHO!

  4. still lying to the people huh???? Passing off bullshit as truth.

    We all know the jones act didn't need to be pulled and that foreign ships were working in the gulf when you said they weren't.


    Obama Slows Foreign Cleanup Aid by Not Waiving Jones Act

    Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Rep. Charles Djou, both Republicans, have said that the 1920 Jones Act is standing in the way of foreign ships that could otherwise assist in the cleanup – and that Obama could waive its requirements but hasn’t.

    But that’s false. No waiver has been needed. The Jones Act requires goods carried between U.S. ports to be shipped aboard U.S.-flagged vessels built in the U.S. and owned by American citizens. The law doesn’t apply to ships operating far from the U.S. coastline, skimming oil or performing other such chores and not hauling cargo from one American port to another.

    In the case of the BP oil spill, the Jones Act hasn’t prevented several foreign-flagged ships from delivering resources and skimming oil. And the administration says it’s prepared to expedite requests for waivers, should any be needed.


  5. Carville is a turncoat. It's all BP's fault.

  6. Wrong again Joe. Check your facts instead of looking on or It took the president over 60 days to wave the Jones Act for this disaster.

  7. Within days of the explosion on BP's Deepwater Horizon rig in the Gulf of Mexico, the Dutch, who have worked in Louisiana since Hurricane Katrina, offered the services of their high-tech oil skimming ships. The Dutch government has particular expertise in cleaning up oil spills, and they require oil rigs off their coast to respond to any leakage within 12 hours.
    In addition, the Dutch, who are the most experienced people on earth in building dikes, offered President Obama assistance in building sand barriers to protect the pristine Gulf coastline, sensitive marshlands, and wildlife.
    Why would the President say no? Because it would require him to waive the Jones Act.
    The Jones Act is a 1920s-era law that protects the U.S. domestic merchant marine industry -- and its unions -- from competition by mandating that all cargo and passengers shipped between U.S. seaports be carried on U.S.-flag vessels using U.S. crews. Even without the spill, this protectionist measure costs our economy an estimated $3.1 billion per year.
    If President Obama would waive the Jones Act, as President Bush did in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, millions of gallons of oil and sludge could be swept from the sea and miles of beaches and marshlands and their wildlife could be protected, ultimately helping preserve commerce and American jobs along the Gulf Coast.
    Instead, the disaster has been exploited, once again, to push for the job-killing cap-and-trade bill and protect big labor unions. Obama just waved the Jones act. Why would be so wrong. Almost every newspaper and media is talking about the waving of the Jones act this month to aid in the cleanup of the Gulf. Why is that Joe?

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    It's not a crime YET.... But getting very close!

    Guess what Democrat said this?

  9. It looks like Joe tried to pass his brand of lies about the Jones Act. Nice try Joe. Just because you and a few web sites say youre right doesn't make it true Joe. Every news organization has covered it and Carville is ranting about it and he's a Democrat. Why do you lie for the Democratic Party Joe? What do you think Carville was talking about?

  10. I give up A Democrat, what Democrat said it?

  11. Was it grandma obama?

  12. Anon, Grow a pair of balls and use your name. also check the fucking source its in the post dumbass.

    but Chris since your not lying and its all over the TV lets look at what i've found.

    Experts agree: Jones Act has no effect on Gulf oil response

    Q&A: Did U.S. reject foreign help on gulf oil spill cleanup?

    The administration and Allen said the Jones Act had not prevented the response team from accepting the offers. In a June 11 news briefing, Allen, the national incident commander, said, "We are more than willing to consider Jones Act waivers," and noted that foreign vessels were being used. A statement issued June 18 said that 15 foreign-flagged vessels were involved in the cleanup, and none required Jones Act waivers.

    That's in part because of a specific exemption in the act that can allow for the use of foreign "oil spill response vessels," said H. Clayton Cook, a Washington attorney and expert on the Jones Act.

    Cook, a Republican, said there had been longstanding opposition to the act, which many see as protectionist and a bow to unions, but there was no evidence that the Jones Act was standing in the way of the cleanup. "This is being used for political purposes. It's a classic red herring

    MCTF: Jones Act critics distract from clean-up efforts

    Chris, its in a martime industry magazine that the Jones Act is not hindering the cleanup and your still going to stick to your lies and spin.


  13. Monday, June 28, 2010
    Straw men and oil
    Joseph Bonney | 9:59AM GMT

    If they aren’t using straw to soak up oil in the Gulf of Mexico, it’s probably because the available supply has been exhausted by politicians building straw men to knock down.

    In the two months since BP’s Deepwater Horizon blew out, politicians from every point in the spectrum have looked for a villain to blame. It’s been quite a show.

    Meanwhile in Louisiana, Gov. Bobby Jindal criticized the feds for delaying approval of plans to spend several hundred million dollars on sand berms that will take months to build and are likely to do more environmental harm than good.

    On Capitol Hill, straw men have been ubiquitous – no surprise there.....

    The latest straw man is the Jones Act, which Arizona Sen. John McCain claims is impeding the use of non-U.S. marine equipment to clean up the spill. McCain is a longtime critic of the Jones Act, which restricts domestic commerce to U.S.-flag, U.S.-built vessels. Last week he introduced a bill to repeal the act. In addition to the oil spill, McCain renewed his assertion that the Jones Act penalizes consumers to reward domestic operators, shipbuilders and unions. Reasonable people can disagree on whether the Jones Act should remain on the books, but it’s clear from available evidence that the Jones Act is not impeding the Gulf oil cleanup.

    Foreign vessels can operate freely in international waters and are part of the armada trying to skim spilled oil from around the blown-out well 50 miles off the Louisiana coast. To operate within three miles of shore, foreign equipment would need a waiver from the Jones Act – something U.S. operators say they won’t oppose if no U.S. equipment is available.

    If we want to have a debate on the Jones Act, fine. But using the Gulf oil spill to advance a repeal agenda appears to be a little more than a publicity ploy.

    There’s got to be a better use for straw.
    Journal of Commerce

    so 50 miles out requires a jones act waiver huh Chris? everything i've found said it doesn't, but your not going to accept the truth are ya???


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