Thursday, September 23, 2010

Democrats Pledge To America

SPEND SPEND SPEND, your money like there is no tomorrow. They will promise things they can't deliver. They will obligate your children to a life of servitude to pay off our debts. They will bow to our enemies and the unions. They will go after the businesses that create jobs like they are an enemy of the state. They will treat our friendly nations as a 'red headed step child'. They will print money faster then ever in our history and they will hide our full debts. They will raise taxes while growing government. They will screw you over in order to give more to the uber-wealth Soros' and unions. If you like class warfare then vote for the Democratic Party. And if you make over $45,000 a year then you are too rich to vote for this party of "spread the wealth".
The DemRapidResponse team calls their’s “Same Old Agenda:”

The House Majority Whip James Clyburn was even more blunt:


  1. I've noticed that the liberal commenters have given up defending the Democratic party. I take that as a great sign. I remember when the libs out numbered conservatives on these blogs.

  2. Demonstrations continue in Europe as the continent’s leaders turn to unpopular reforms to fix its problems. The sharp dissension resulting from those reforms could be seen today in France, as French unions lead a charge against the government’s recent pension-reform announcement.

    According to the Wall Street Journal, French unions took to the streets on Thursday to protest a plan that will raise the retirement age to 62 from the current 60. The unions also spearheaded a massive strike.

    France’s National Assembly adopted the bill last week that it says will bring EUR20 billion of savings by 2020 and will balance the books of the failing pension system by 2018. France’s projected public debt this year is 7.8 percent of GDP.

    That doesn’t seem to matter to union leaders. The WSJ reports that Bernard Thibault, leader of the Communist-leaning union Confederation generale du travail (CGT) threatened that the government could face a new phase of conflict if it doesn’t budge on the pension overhaul.

    The protests and strikes, the second massive demonstration this month, are affecting the country’s transportation network. Only 50 percent of high-speed trains and regional trains were running Thursday, and national air carrier Air France-KLM said it had to cancel half of it short and medium-haul flights out of Paris.

    The French demonstrations could be yet another example of reform unrest in Europe. Demonstrators — most notably in Greece — have been opposing such efforts ever since it became clear that an over-dependence on government aid would be unsustainable.

    According to the French Interior Ministry, there were about 410,000 demonstrators at 110 rallies across the country. Still, the French government does not show signs of budging on the new proposal.

  3. What Exactly Are The Demoncrats Running On. If Their Record Is So Great One Would Think They Would Run On It And Own Up To It.

    Demoncrats Have Controlled Congress Since 2006 And What Have They Done To Make Economy Strong And Job Creation A Reality?

    This Regime Has By Its Own Hand With The Help Of Demoncratic Leaders Put This Great Nation Near The Brink Of Bankruptsy And Their Plan SPEND More.

    Citizens Are The Reason These Politicans Were Elected And We Must Be The Ones To END Their Terrible Mismanagement Of Our Economy.If WE Fail This Nation Will Become Member Of World Community Which Is The Ultimate Goal Of This Regime. We Will Indeed Become France, Greece Italy And Spain Rolled Into One And That Should Be Unexceptable To All Citizens.

    Instead Of World Community Coming Up To OUR Level This Regime Wants To Lower Are Standards To Meet Their Standards.

    The Whole Redistribution Of Wealth Thingy Is To Take From OUR Countrys Wealth And To Spread It Around To The World Community.

  4. The democrats are doing a fine job. Just give them a chance.

  5. 2006-2010 Demoncrat Party Followed Blindly A Ideaology Most Citizens Disagreed With. Now Citizens Will Vote Against Politicans They Disagree With. What Goes Around Comes Around. RIP!

  6. Ted, we liberals haven't given up by any stretch of the imagination.

    This blog has just attracted too many ideologues and crazy people that cannot be reasoned with, just like the Republican Tea Party candidates.

    The group of Republican Tea Party candidates are a group of radicals that need to be kept out of government at all costs.

    You all might find this article of interest, only 20% of Americans want health care reformed and most think it didn't go far enough, contrary to the propaganda on this and other conservative blogs.

  7. Bruce We Will Let The November Elections See Whom Is Radical And Whom Is Out.

    Having A Hard Time Finding Any Liberal Running On Their Record Bruce Other Than Those Saying They Did Not Support Regimes Radical Attempt To Take Control Of Citizens.

    Its Kind Of Difficult To Run On Your Record When Demoncrats Are Running From Regime,But It Is Quite Interesting To See How Most Demoncrats Sound Now Like RINO Republicans.

    First Bruce You Say Only 20% Want Health Care Reformed Which Sounds About Right. Liberals Make Up ONLY 20% Of Voters. You Are Also Correct Saying It Did Not Go Far Enough It Did Not Lower Cost Which By Most Estimates Was A TOTAL Failure. The Second Thing Socialized Insurance Did Was Almost By Itself KILL Job Creation By Private Sector. Regime Does NOT Want Job Creation And This Bill That Had To Be Passed To See Whats In It Will Not Only Not Create Jobs But Take Economy Down With It.

    Bruce Tea Party Radicals Are Patriots!

    Liberal Radicals Are Socialist And Bruce The Regimes Legacy Once Again Will Show They Woke Up The Voters, Wonder If That Will Be On This One Termers Library!Baaaaaaaaaaaaa


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