Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tell the Truth


Now WE THE PEOPLE know better and the truth is coming out without the help of the MSM. It's about time someone like the MRC tells the truth that the MSM and Washington wont tell us. It's time WE THE PEOPLE take back what Washington has taken from us. It's time we have control to engineer our own lives instead of letting Washington do it for us. It's time we get up off our duff's and fight for what is ours.
And the only way we can do that is with our votes. We need to push all Progressives out. That includes the RINO's in Washington and local politics. I'd like to see the choices be between a libertarian candidate and a conservative candidate instead of the Progressive and Progressive-light candidates we have been getting. We are moving closer to this but it is still the beginning. We need to control who represents us not the (D) or (R) pick who we should vote for. We sent a message to the (R) party the last couple elections and they seem to have gotten the message that WE THE PEOPLE will abandon the (R) if they abandon conservative principles. It's time the old school (D) voters do the same to their party or risk loosing their party for good. I don't understand why the Democrats are so attached to a name when the principles are nothing like the principles of the old Democratic Party. 

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  1. Propaganda Main Stream Media Slants Issues To Benifit Regime And Its Ideaology.

    Progressives Really Do Beleive Citizens Have To Be Led In The Right Direction Because We The People Are To STUPID To Form OUR Own Opinion.

    What The Main Stream Media And Progressives Dont Seem To Understand Is The TRUTH Never Changes And Is Always RIGHT And They Have Really Underrated Citizens Mentallity!


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