Thursday, September 23, 2010

This Is The UAW I Remember

(AP) — Chrysler says it has suspended some plant workers caught by a Detroit television station drinking alcohol and smoking what appeared to be marijuana during breaks.
Chrysler manufacturing chief Scott Garberding told WJBK-TV in a report that aired Wednesday night that the automaker has identified some of the workers.
WJBK said it received a tip from a worker at Chrysler’s Jefferson North plant and followed about a dozen men for 10 days during their lunch breaks. It filmed them going to a convenience store to buy alcohol and taking it to a nearby park to drink and smoke.
Garberding says the workers’ “behavior is totally unacceptable.” The United Auto Workers said it strongly opposes the use of alcohol or controlled substances on the job.
Information from: WJBK-TV,
This has become what the unions are all about. The best part is these union members will not get fired. They will get saved by the union and we the tax payers will bail them out again. It's time that the unions throw workers like this out the door instead of getting them payed leaves.  


  1. When It Comes To Union And Bad Employees It Seems That Is Unions Purpose, Save The Workers Jobs And Damn Everything Else. I Would Image Large Magority Of UAW Workers Never Come Into Contact With Union Over Work Related Issues That Could Lead To Lost Time Or Jobs Themselves. However I Bet The Employees Who Have Problems With Rules And Management Are The Same Over And Over Again.It Would Also Appear That These Employees Are Protected By Union And How This Helps Out Rest Of Employees,Union Or Company I Dont See.

    Bad Apples Should Be Given Chance To Improve If Not OUR Unemployment Rate Should Get Them Replaced Quickly. Just My Opinion.

  2. I know some of these men. They are hard workers. They will be handled the way the contract says.

  3. I guess it depends on your definition of "hard worker is". This kind of thing has been happening for a long time. I've seen people drunk and stoned on the line. I've seen drunk HI-LO drivers for often then sobber ones on a Friday afternoon. The union must purge theses kind of members from the union or they will taint the whole group. But we all know they wont do that.

  4. For Chrysler Employees Im Sure I Saw A Couple Of Fords Fleeing The Park! Question If Your NOT Doing Any Thing Wrong Why Flee The Park?


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