Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Alan Grayson For President! Or Something Like That

The left-wing love him. And the main stream media can't get enough of him. The left-wing are pushing for him to run for President of the USA against President Obama. I know I'm going to send him an at-a-boy. Nothing would be more fun then to watch Grayson vs Obama in 2012. It's only been one day and I already miss that dumb look on his full face.
Health Care Overhaul Grayson


  1. Cool. I didn't know all of lefties wanted him to run. I am so far behind in my talking points.

    But that day will never come.

    Conservative Christians predict the world will end

    Quick get your Glenn Beck survival kits...

    You know i didn't put two and two together. Herbal pagan and you discussing food storage in another post. Your nothing but a wholly owned subsidiary of Glenn Beck.

  2. The only comment I have about grayson is the same thing id have about frankin. What are those voters thinking about?

  3. Joe are you really that ignorant,"I didn't know all of lefties wanted him to run."? All? Who said ALL the lefties? You debate like my 10 year old.


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