Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Republic Congress Coming In Like A Lion

It looks like the new Republican Congress is ready to do some work. They plan on cutting $100 billion in our budget as well as stopping the jobs killing obamacare bill. I'm excited to see what this new Republican Congress bring us. We conservatives need to keep in touch with our representatives in congress and tell them what we want them to do and to give them accolades when they do something we like. What are your thoughts about the 112th Congress?


  1. Looking forward to many things from the House.
    Symbolic passage of Obamacare repeal, even though if it does get by the Senate, Obama will veto it.
    I then see, somewhere down the road in the next 4-6 months, an effort to kill the individual mandate of Obamacare, which I believe will get through the Senate, but none the less veto by Obama.
    This will seal his presidential fate for re-election, as this will show his true colors of being a socialist.
    I'll be pushing my elected Rep and Senators to pass a Enumerated Powers Act. Now that is real open and transparent government.

    There is more, but don't want to hog it all. LOL

  2. You and the Tea Party better get on the phone.

    Your in for a surprise. I love it when a plan comes together. Gave you the rope and now the GOP will hang itself

  3. Hey Joe before the hangin maybe we should wait for the trial to get over.

  4. "Gave you the rope and now the GOP will hang itself"
    You diggin up those old 'The Republican party-RIP' talking points?
    See how that worked out, 4 years later and BOOM, the House flips back.
    Why to show your true color DNC! LOL

  5. Obamacare might pass the Senate but Obama wont sign it. The Republicans are just putting the Democrats individual names on it just one more time to make it stick. Smart. With 60% of Americans wanting obamacare gone it's a give me to the Republican Party. If the Republicans don't try then they can't say anything when the reconing comes. You know higher taxes and worse service from health care.


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