Tuesday, January 4, 2011

National Debt Increased 60% Under Democrat Speaker Pelosi

In the just 4 years that Pelosi was Speaker the national debt increased an unbelievable 60%.
When the Pelosi Democrats took control of Congress on January 4, 2007, the national debt stood at $8,670,596,242,973.04 — that’s $8.67 trillion. Today, the last day of the 111th Congress and Pelosi’s Speakership, the national debt is $13,871,130,353,817.40 — that’s $13.87 trillion. A $5.2 trillion in just four years. The Pelosi debt works out to $44,662 for every man, woman and child who make up the 310,574,015 U.S. populace. But we all know that this generation of Democrats don't want to pay their bills let alone their debts. They will just pass their debt,plus some more if they can, onto the born children. Now if we include the debts of the state and local government it's much more then this. See the Democratic Party as well as some Republicans want to add to our deficit. Yep, I said add not pay down or deficit. To the Democrats our deficit isn't a problem. It was a problem when we had a Republican president but now that it is 60% higher in just 4 short years the Democrats want more money. We have a reckoning coming and the Democrats aren't going to like it. But at this point I don't care what the Democrats want. They took enough in t6his generational theft already. It's time to pay up. And that means you Boomers as well. We are not your slaves and the next generation aren't our slaves either. This will be the first time in our history that one generation took from all the other generations like pirates, instead of leaving the next generation in a better place then they had. Shame on us all.


  1. Chris,
    Undoubtedly the national debt has increased in a way that is gross and harmful to our future generations. No one can dent that.

    But lets be real. The post is filled with half-truths, deceptions and partisan attacks that hide the real story. Amazing for a post as short as it is. I am going to assume your interested in knowing what i find wrong with your post.

    1. While the actual debt number is correct for the date of her arrival, we can not be sure of how much of that years debt is actually under her leadership in your post. The FISCAL CALENDER and Budget for the first 9 months of 2007 were PASSED under THE PREVIOUS CONGRESS (republican). We'd have to know any short term spending not submitted by then president Bush prior to 9/2007. So it would be better if in a post devoid of any attempt at #2 to go with the debt at 9/2007.

    2. To then determine what level of debt she and the Democratic congress was responsible for you'd have to take the spending above and beyond the budget submitted by the Republican president for those years he was in office. Charging him as a Rino doesn't put the blame for his budgets on the speaker.

    #3. i think its fair to criticize the speaker for following the presidents budget and plans so those numbers should count against her.

    So if you or the fine people at Redstate want to make legitimate accusations then you'd have to use legitimate numbers. I for one would love to see what the actual numbers would be, but i doubt you or your red voting brethren would take the time to do the math.

    It would be fascinating to see what the spending of congress was by speaker actually is. Not the budgets or emergency spending asked for by the WH, but what they added solely as congress.

    And if i was wrong and you'd didn't want me to explain too bad. :)

  2. #3 i meant current president Obama

  3. For the most part whom has controlled spending and legislation regarding spending? Pelosi lets just say for arguements sake its A LOT.

    To find out the actual amount we might have to wait to see what it is, but it will be a doozy I bet.

    I also beleive to get Economy/Jobs back government will have to get out of the way BUT it has not happened yet. Economy may be to Fractured, to much to repair as it is, and with out Job Creation all else is MOOT!

  4. Al, for arguments sake lets find out the truth.

    You can't find fault in her for passing a requested budget or spending measure unless she and the congress went over and above.

    And what if the spending bill was proposed or passed with a majority of the opposition party. Is that her fault too.

    Thats the problem, too many people just want to believe things for arguments sake. Give credit were credit is due and blame where blame is due, but be correct.

    Our politics is filled with half-notions and ideas that don't bear out. Time for all of us to get smarter and eliminate the BS.

    Start looking up the real numbers instead of trusting posters at Red State with a partisan agenda, or the wild and illegitimate theories of Glenn Beck.

  5. Joe never said this was one sided just that Peolsi had her finger in the pie. Just because Budget is presented does not mean it must be rubber stamped and that is the problem. Any debate over any issue was non-exsitent. At least since 2008 Demoncrats have held hammer on spending no matter what opposition does and this Congress along with other TWO branches held the hammer and used it. That is a fact Majority party alone could pass any spending bill they wanted. As example Socialized Insurance was going to pass Period and to me that is one of the reasons Private Sector is NOT hiring. Passing the Bill to see whats in it was a very stupid thing for such a person of authority to say. 2000+ Bill with plenty of ear marks and hidden issues that had nothing to do with BILL I say is the party in powers fault. Have all politicans for decadse screwed up CERTAINLY and if WE as Nation dont through elections fix this Whom does? It certainly will not be Politics or ideaology. Thats what got us here! I do agree we are at a very dangerous place NOW and what happens this year will be a make or break time for OUR country. 2012 is the election BUT much must be over come before that or a Banana republic we could become very easily! Just my opinion.

  6. A requested budget pluss a shitload of pork that didn't belong there. Bush never should have signed those budgets. But it was Polosi and Congress run by the Democratic Party that put the whole bill together. If Bush didn't pace the bill then government would have shut down and the Democrats were more then willing to make that happen for their pork. This Congress is going to make a budget that is passed by the Republican majority with some help from some Democrats. If Obama doesn't pass the budget cuts bill then Obama will be blamed for shuting down the government. Obama is in for a ride. The sme kind of ride our other presidents had. Let's see what he does now that he has to listen to the Republican Party and the Tea Partiers as well. The left will rise up when their voice isn't heard any more. Now the left will see what the Tea Partiers power can do.

  7. Pelosi says that now as minority leader the Demoncrats will focus on Creating Jobs,Improving the Economy and Shrinking the Federal Budget Defict.

    Question Where in the hell has she been or does she think the American people are so stupid they will beleive her. Since she has been speaker she has NEVER addressed any of these problems and actually assisted in the problem through legislation that did what to Improve any of her now Targeted issues?

    Her words We must pass legislation to see whats in it! Hows that working?

    Unemployment benifits are Job Creation. Anybody care to explain?

    Citizens spoke in November because of political rhetoric from both sides and this type of Representation will NOT fly anymore. Citizens will not allow it ,the winds of change have begun ,and will continue until we the Citizens once again Control OUR Lifes and OUR Representive learn they WORK for US!


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