Thursday, January 6, 2011

Who In Their Right Mind Would Have A Problem With Reading The Constitution In Congress?

The Democrats that's who! Now lets see who doesn't want to read the Constitution they promised to uphold. It's a good idea to read the Constitution--Law of the Land--every year. If any Congress person isn't there to hear the Constitution being read then they should be held suspect until we know why they didn't show up for the reading.


  1. When they read the Constitution in the HOUSE does the word "GOD" have to be deleted,you know that PC thingy? Just wondering

  2. Would you write a blog is a congress person wasn't at the swearing in because he was fund raising?

    Violating the constitution he later read.

  3. ok Joe is there part of your opinion missing or is it fill in the blank?

  4. It is their job to be there Joe. So yes I would have a problem with it. Just not a big problem with it.

  5. Chris,

    Besides that one is illegal and not being present for the Oath is clearly a huge breach of constitutional and congressional rules you wouldn't have much of a problem with it?

    But not wanting to read out loud something that your not REQUIRED by the constitution or congressional rules to read and has never been read before out loud is something to clearly be upset and blog about?

    I'm starting to wonder about your priorities.

  6. Al, you want my opinion?

    This bullshit. Nothing more than bullshit.

    I've said it before and i will continue to say it, both sides violate the constitution in their own way. They are both big government nanny staters. Just with two different nanny state agendas.

    So reading out loud the constitution isn't about the constitution its about a show for people like Chris, easily deceived by these acts. Nothing more than propaganda.

    Last time republicans were in office they violated the Constitution like it was in a congressional building bathroom. And some of those same people make a show of reading it like they revere it. Bullshit.

    At least Democrats are a little more honest about wiping their ass with it. And i admit that they have done that at times. Not ignored it, or went around it, but wiped their ass on it. Same as the GOP

    And you add in the TEA BAG freaks who want to join the ass-wiping party.

  7. As you say Joe If in fact its all bullshit and parties have been wiping their ass with the Constitution you still managed to pick a horse in a "ASS Wiping" contest!
    Now your either really bored or have given up on OUR Nation. I also beleive Politcans of any Ideaology have at one time or another used Constitution for political gain. But you know all the crap that has been thrown at that piece of paper and its still basiclly to me the Only thing between us and say CUBA.
    I have wondered what would OUR fore fathers think of how We the people have taken care of this piece of paper that has been the hallmark of OUR fabric and I myself think they would say to US what have you done to this piece of paper we have given you.
    Through amendments you have corrected OUR mistakes which is good. Then by either ignoring or Judical opinion have taken this piece of paper and twisted the meaning to where WE the writers cannot reconize it. Some I suspect would use it for shit paper but some would say its lasted 235 years and lets see how long its ride last.
    I would like to bieleve its run has a way to go BUT last couple of decades we may have indeed wiped OUR asses to much with it but if it becomes MOOT so do WE!

  8. Al,

    I'm not bored. I'm just tired of the ACT. I'm tired of being lied to by people and knowing that they can see their lying.

    I'm not a child and i don't need my congressmen reading me little bedtimes stories out loud so i go to sleep and stop paying attention so they can do whatever they want.

    If the founders came back they'd hate all of us. Conservatives and liberals.


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