Friday, February 25, 2011

Get A Refund From Your Union It's Your Right

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A new way to help American workers keep their working wages free.
Under the 1988 Supreme Court decision Communications Workers of America v. Beck every member of a union is entitled to a full refund of their dues that are not directly used for representing them. Until now though, it’s been almost impossible for any member to find out exactly how much their refund should be.
The process is simple. Choose your labor state from the list below. Fill out some basic information and UnionRefund will automatically generate a letter that you can print and mail to your union representative to claim your individual refund. UnionRefund will also send a courtesy notification letter to your union to ensure a quick resolution for your request. It’s that easy!
Get your refund today!

Step One - Select Your State
This is a great thing. Has your union not represented you and your ideology? Do you feel like your union dues are going to promote Progressivism rather then promoting the union members? Well get your money back. I just put in for my money back. Hey, even if you are totally for the unions and just need cash now. Please take the time to send this to everyone you know on your email list. . Times are hard and people are in need of cash. You know, "spread the wealth" and "social justice". This is real justice and it is the law. It is that easy and it is you right. We the people are getting sick and tired of going into our pockets to keep the government unions happy. It's we the peoples time to be happy for a change.


  1. This post should help fix the public union problem. Please post it on every blog you know. In every newspaper. Email it and tell people. It's free money and greed will set in when they see how much money they get back in their refund. Have fun with your new found money.

  2. Wow, and the Walker, Christie and others attacking unions isn't about breaking the unions or a ideological attack by the Conservatives?


    I see Saul got a new job. I'm not sure he's right about a refund though. Never heard about that one in any of the law review info on beck rights. Have a feeling this is just a snake oil, get the rightwing riled up tactic. Just my general feel. I'd have to know what the legality of refunds is before i was for sure.

    Good for you. I didn't know that your in a union right now, or soon will be leaving one. Anyways how much did you get or are going to get?

  3. It must suck to have your tactics used on you. He who lives by the sword, will die by the sword. I don't know how much I'll be getting. I'll let you know when I get the check. The nice thing is that all it will take is union greed and a need and ex-uniuonist will be getting what they are owed. All you have to do is apply for it and they will send a letter and you send a letter they make for you. It's that easy. You should be able to get back at least half your dues back. $30 X how many months you paid= ?/2. It turns out to be a lot of money. If you feel bad about it then just use it to buy a

  4. You have the right to a refund of any dues taken over and above those used to collectively bargain. It appears limited to states that are not "right to work"?

    This is similar to what the WI unions are in a big huff about. The state will no longer be taking the union dues directly from the workers' paychecks. Instead it will be up to the unions to collect. The unions know that once people really notice how much of their dues go towards racists and communists that do not have their best interests at heart, those people will not want to pay. Then there are those pesky once-a-year votes where the workers decide whether they want to keep the union or not.

    Funny how allowing people to have a say in whether they want to be represented by a union is called "union-busting". If I am not getting what I consider a fair return for my money, why should I be forced to pay for that product? Gosh, that sounds like the DemocRAT'S whole platform: You'll buy what we tell you to, because we know better than you what you need.

    Freedom and choice is anathema to the unions.

  5. Chris, i know the Beck formula for the UAW so when you get the check call me and we can run over to Starbucks get two Grande Lattes, two scones and you'll have some change left over.

    I'm not quitting the union. First because i want a vote in the contract negotiations, second because i believe that the union increases my ability to bargain.

    And i can't find anything stating that Beck rights are retroactive. I'm thinking its a set up. Get people to ask for the backpay, the Unions denies it, charges get filed with NLRB and lawsuits get filed. Overworks the Unions.

    The brilliance of the scheme might be how he uses you guys knowing you won't get anything.

  6. Steve, you don't think people know what is missing from their checks. Like people wouldn't notice two hours of pay marked Unions dues in the deductions column under the taxes.

    Personally i prefer that non-members have a complete say in it. Complete as in don't pay dues or fees don't get the wages and benefits. Ford Motor would screw over individual workers so badly. Why not, there's hundreds of thousands out there that would work for less.

    But i see that the anti-entitlement crowd seems to like the thought of non-members not paying for the benefits of collective bargaining but getting the rewards. Funny how that works. We're all hypocrites when it comes to our political opponents.

  7. FMJ, what I think is similar to what Chris suggested earlier, and that is that when people have a choice between extra $$ in their paycheck vs. supporting a corrupt racist communist organization whose sole purpose seems to now be to shake down their employer and advance their idiotic DemocRAT communist agenda they will choose the little extra $$.

    I like how you know what I think though, especially that last little bit. You create a false narrative, accuse me of supporting it and then accuse me of being a hypocrite, when I said absolutely nothing of the sort. Doesn't that make you a total liar? At least an idiot.

    That's fine by me, what you propose. Let the companies have a separate agreement with non-union. This is not some kind of unknown, it is done even now. If people, especially all you HIGHLY SKILLED union workers who choose not to be in a union, get such a raw deal, take your skills to somewhere that treats you better. The company will suffer with all your high skillset (nap nook building, work-avoidance, work slow-downs) missing, and you will find a much better place to work that will thrive with all your brilliant skills. It's a win win.

  8. Steve,
    Please don't flatter yourself, i never claimed to know what YOU think. Your nothing to me, i don't even ponder what goes on in your head. Your less than nothing. Your mental incapacity is not my concern and never will be. Don't ever believe for a second that i would waste my time doing that. I should remind you that i care as much about what you might think as i would a hair on my coat. I brush it off and never think of it again.

    Now so we're clear. (your still nothing) I was referring to comments i have seen here and on Redstate, Free Republic and other places. Never in my worst nightmares did what you thought come up.

    As much as a wish that could happen, it won't. Its against labor laws.


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