Friday, February 25, 2011

Union Agitators Say Christie Is a 'Terrorist' Who Would 'Shoot' Workers

At today's pro-union rally in Trenton, N.J., pro-union demonstrators had some choice words for N.J. Governor Chris Christie.
Isn't it great when someone ask these protesters questions? We find things out like, teachers wont teach the children as well as they do now if they don't get what they want. I can't believe the sick things coming out of these union protests. These people are unhinged to the Nth degree. And it only just started. The more we see the less we like of them. I feel sorry for the people that are entrusting their kids to those teachers. It's a scary world out their and these people just make it even scarier. At least they are keeping the violent rhetoric down after Rep.Gifford. They are so respectful.


  1. Its beginning to look like GREECE arrived earlier than expected. Very serious time,very serious issues and a very dangerous time for OUR Republic. OUR very exsistance is now in Danger of collapes. Public Unions are Not the Problem their Power hungry Leaders are along with Politicans. States have been pushed to brink of Bankruptcy by BOTH and until that is brought under control OUR nation is in serious trouble. Just my Opinion but Common sense seems to be dying fast on this issue!

  2. Their mentality is the reason they need the unions, without it they are nothing but panhandlers!

  3. Yeah, Chris i know.

    Why its like they've become conservative Assistant Attorney Generals or something they've gotten so unhinged.

    Next they'll be showing up at 1 in the morning at the UM Student presidents home or harassing his friends while downtown.

    At least they aren't yet tweeting about using live ammunition yet. God forbid they complete the changed from riled up union officials mad about paychecks to political extremists who hate others for their politics.

    But enough We need a break from all this talk of violence. Here's an old story i hadn't saeen till today and one that is going to get really really big.

    And then there's Chris Lee R-NY

    atleast these will be enjoyable. Have fun

  4. No Joe but they do talk about and tell people it's time the unions and liberals get "bloody". I wonder what he meant by that? Could he have meant that he wanted them to cause us to bleed some how? Or was he asking the protesters to start cutting themselves. In less then 2 weeks these left-wing have done more violent rhetoric and violence then the4 Tea Party conservatives have done over the past 2 and a half years.

  5. I see that Obmama is the Boss of one of the largest right to work areas in the nation Washington DC. He is the overseer of almost 2 million employees that cannot bargin on wages or benifits. His employees consist of among others Post Office and Military. Seems ole Jimmy Carter enacted this during his ONE Term.
    If that system has worked for Presidents for over thirty years and was enacted by Demoncrats you would think this regime would be at the for front of this Public Union issue we are now involved in.

  6. Quite hilarious, all these (previously) staunch believers in democracy and the power of the vote, reduced to violent rhetoric and accusations of dictatorship when a vote by a huge democratically-elected majority doesn't go their way.

    Meanwhile, it's just crickets chirping from the DemocRATS when the President of the United States decides for himself that a law is unconstitutional, and that he will not be enforcing the law in the courts (DOMA). Where is the outrage about a true dictator-in-the-making?

    I would like to hear the mental gymnastics that you DemocRATS have to go through to justify going from the Rule of Law to the Rule of Obama. Sickening.

    Regardless of whether he believes in a law or not, the President's main responsibility is enforcing the laws of the country. Where is the uproar from the same who threw hissy-fits over President Bush's use of signing statements?

    Sounds like Websters can change the definition of hypocrite to one word in all future editions of their dictionary: DemocRAT.

  7. From The Mouth Of Babes26 February, 2011 09:41

    "Suck my f@cking c@ck you b!tch!" and "I'm going to f@ck your @ss, f@ggot!". These are all time fovorites of the union thugs. Classy group. You must be proud my union buddies? Maybe by next week they will bring bloodshed to their cause.

  8. Has anyone heard that Obama and the Dems are causing the worldwide food crisis by design? I think it was in the Washington Journal.

  9. Steve said...
    Quite hilarious, all these (previously) staunch believers in democracy and the power of the vote, reduced to violent rhetoric and accusations of dictatorship when a vote by a huge democratically-elected majority doesn't go their way

    I know. I'd never imagine that Conservatives would do that.

    And the best part is that now the right is castigating the left for imitating them.

  10. Joe just Google Bush violent rhetoric or union violence and you will get over 822 pictures and videos. If you do a search on Bonsai you will find more then 10. I just wonder why you and Bruce aren't upset over the violence and rhetoric from the left? Injust 14 days the unions and liberals have done worse then the tea party. Don't forget that it was a liberal that flew into that IRS building in TX. I don't remember if any tea party people did that or threaten rape. Maybe you can look into that for me Joe?

  11. Like I said, crickets chirping over Hussein; apparently he now writes, interprets and enforces the laws. Might as well do away with the legislature and the courts.

    Oooohhh ... that last one is sccaaarrrryyy ... kill the bill .... oooohhhh, so viiiiooooleeennnt! LOL

    As anonymous says, Hitler comparisons started with Bush, I guess some of those Obama protesters didn't think it was that big of a deal since nobody said anything back then. Why is it such a big deal now hypocrite?

  12. Good point Steve and Anon. People are not happy about Obama userping the law of the land for his personal feelings and need for power. Most Americans think a marriage is between a man and a women only. Obama nor the Democratic Party can win this social issue. Most Americans are getting sick of Obama doing everything he can for politics and social issues and forgetting to do anything that helps the economy and JOBS.

    This house of card the Democratic Party and the union monopoly is coming down. As it starts to fall and those inside feel hope is lost for their progressive agenda that is when the left and unions will come unhinged.

    Violence is coming and it ain't going to come from the Tea Partiers. Have you ever tried to take $1 from a greedy unionist? Now when I say unionist I mean the sheeple that buy what the union learders are selling.

    Ask a unionist why union membership has been going down. They will blame Bush rather then blame themselves for closing most manufacturing plants and going where unions are a problem for production. It's a shame most of those private sector union jobs wont go to the next generation because they have priced the labor way too high. The unions have to become global and they are.

  13. Chris Since Politicans wont help OUR manufacturing base, having Unions organize Foreign companies workers may LEVEL the PLAYING FIELD for Our Citizens! Just might work!

  14. Anonymous, you know you got me. No conservative has ever done anything violent in their life, like blow up a Federal building in Oklahoma City, shoot a Doctor in a Lutheran Church, threaten to paint the Mackinac Bridge with Stupeks blood, attack cops on the way to the Tides foundation. But that doesn't make violence on either side correct.

    Violence is without a doubt wrong. Threats of violence are wrong. I don't condone them, never have.

    And there were Hitler comparisons during Clintons time too, so bush wasn't the first.


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