Friday, February 25, 2011

Union Activist Force Sexually Degrading On Female Legislators: This Is Why We Must End This

By Tim Carpenter
Kansas Republicans accused organized labor activists Thursday of forcing female legislators to endure sexually explicit and degrading comments while passing into the House chamber before a vote to end automatic deductions from paychecks for union political causes.
Democrats and a representative of the Kansas AFL-CIO disputed the GOP claims, and both sides pointed to video evidence to support their interpretation of events.

 I can't believe what these unionist are like. It's as if they are animals. I'm sure the lefties will make up excuses or just brush it off. But when a man sprayed it instead of saying it the left turned it into the end of days. I'm still waiting for a video of someone spitting and calling names. I'm affraid this isn't going to be the end of this kind of thing. Just remember to turn the other cheek,duck and counter.


  1. Remind you of a certain Egyptian story, Chris.
    Pretty similar if you ask me!!!

  2. Union Liberals stand with their rapist Egyptian muslim brothers and try their degradation here in America.

    In the past 2 weeks unions have shown America what they are and what they are all about. Bloodsuckers.

    And this is what Obama a-lines himself with? He's more of the President of the Unions, not President of the United States.

  3. I'll reserve judgment till the video comes out. Funny that people who won't take John Lewis's word for what he was forced to deal with, read an article and instantly start calling names and making stupid assertions.

    Yes, Adams i am referring to you. what you posted was about the dumbest thing you've ever put on these blogs. Not one single Union member thinks what happened to Logan was okay. Sometimes you guys are so wacked out its hard to believe that your functioning members of our society.

    Try not to let your hatred for others blind you.

  4. Why do you need the video Joe? You didn't and still don't need it to say that conservatives spit and called the Democrats racist names. Where is that video Joe? If you ask me those people that slandered the Tea Party should pay for it. Oh yah they did. hee hee hee. With their jobs. Joe unlike you and your ilk I give facts and video support of the violence and hate filled rhetoric coming from the left. I have no hate for the people just their deeds. I would have hated it if conservatives had done it as well. Sorry you can't say the same. But we all know now that all you liberals do is project yourselves and your inadiquacies on us. Keep it up. It just makes us winning even easier.

  5. Joe, If what I posted was the most dumbest thing I have ever posted, then it is still way above the dribble that you post all the time.

  6. Chris,
    Hmmm, why do i need a video? Well to me there is a difference in reading a story that says, Congressman John Lewis says he was called "N$GGER" by some tea Party activists than

    "Kansas Republicans accused organized labor activists Thursday of forcing female legislators to endure sexually explicit...."

    Who are Kansas republicans? I know who John Lewis is, so at least i judge him by his past to some degree. I have no clue as to who these "Republicans" are so their potential honesty can't be judged.

    I also have the words of the Tea Party express founder informing people how to be plants in Wisconsin and the audio that Gov. Walker considered using plants to hinder the protests.

    Then i have the whole wheres the video defense you offered. I consider it precedence. Once you use it to defend yourself you should offer that level of proof everytime. If not then you are judged by your own standard.

  7. Chris, funny you talk about my ilk and what we do without evidence.

    Didn't you boy Glenn get smacked around again by the ADL? Oh yah he did. hee hee hee.

    But lets go back to evidence.

    You claim to have evidence that two SEIU men beat a third man in a racial dispute. What do you have? A fight that breaks out between Two African Americans that a third person steps into trying to come to his union brothers aid. You have a African American asking another, "what kind of Negro are you?" Which you called something other than that.

    So that taints your whole evidence theory.

    And what about your price thread. you know the one i smoked you on. You never came back to it? Guess you didn't have any proof there.

  8. Adams, always the sore loser. Buck up and admit that blast was bullshit. You know, i know, the rest of the world knows it.

    Union liberals don't think what happened to Lara Logan was right. The Islamic Arabs i work with don't agree either. So what are you talking bout?

    Its really fucking dumb.

    And you've gotten real reactionary lately. Whats up?

  9. Joe said..."Hmmm, why do i need a video? Well to me there is a difference in reading a story that says, Congressman John Lewis says he was called "N$GGER" by some tea Party activists than

    "Kansas Republicans accused organized labor activists Thursday of forcing female legislators to endure sexually explicit...."

    Why do you take their word without proof when there were video's every 2 feet, but you wont believe the word of the female legislators? Is it because they are women,white,Republican or just a lesser form of human? I'm just trying to see why you would take one persons word over anothers under the same sircomstances? It sounds like prejudice to me. Are you really that prejudice?

  10. Joe the evidence it that the police arrested both men. Didn't you watch the video where they said that the men got arrested? You need to pull your head out you butt Joe.

    Joe talk about reactionary. You have been acting just like those union thugs. Your not going to turn into them if the union lose this war they have on the American tax payer, are you?

    I don't know what "price thread" you are talking about Joe. And what is ADL that smoked Beck?

    Joe I know why your coming unhinged. It's because you are embarraced by what the unions and liberals are doing. It screws up the liberal talking points of the "Tea Party is dangerous,violent..." See you don't want to admint that the unions and liberal are doing what you hated about us. And they are doing to a factor of 10. You have to hand it to those liberals. They know how to put some stink on their rhetoric and signs. They smack women, Joe doesn't mind that violence and lawlessness. They tell a cameraman that they will "f@@k his @ss and his mother". They have signs that made the liberal go nuts when some Tea Partiers had them. But now that ever other unionist has one it's all good. You know the liberal two wrongs theory? Joe you people have been breaking the law left and right. That is one thing a Tea Partier has not done. Not one arrest of a Tea Partier. We have a dead liberal that flew his plan into the IRS building, teachers walking off the job,Democrat stopping the democratic proses this country need to go forward,hit women with signs,smaked video camers from a women,threatening abuses to women legislators...You've lost this one Joe and you know it. That is why you are coming unhinged. You can call all these people plants all day long. It doesn't make it true. But you don't mind jumping to conclutions on the things that you say about conservatives.

    Joe we have a plan to turn the public union inside out. We will put unions and the Democratic Party in their places. Watch how we divide the unions. Watch how we take the Democratic Party next. And the best part is the unions are going to do most of the work, just like they have been doing. And it will be the unions and Progressives that will be the ancor around the Democratic Party.
    The unhinging of the unions will be their demise. We are counting on it. And if the private unions know what is bets for them they better distance themselves from the actions and the causes of the public unions or they will be held in contempt by the American people. The private sector unions don't want to get blammed for what the public unions do. But if their standing with them then it might be their albatrose as well. I know you want to back you union brothers and sisters but tell the union bosses to send pizza. Don't show up at a protest with your UAW shirts. This isn't the private sectors unions fight. You know the unions will get more and more heated. You know that their will most likely be union violence and vandalism. You know that when violence does occure you've lost. You can't win when you're with these types of people. Is the risk really worth it Joe? You guys are coming up on some good contract times. You're getting bonuses that you earned. You've given up money and benefits so you can make the company profitable and make yourselves more stew as well. Give guidence to those in power at your local. I know you guys want to jump into this fight. But it ain't your fight unless you make it yours.

  11. Chris, your not being logical or even thoughtful. I won't take the word of unnamed sources and that is wrong.

    But i went to the Wichita Eagle to check it out, and i did find that the speaker came out and offered up the statements. So here's where i am at. I won't deny that it could have happened, but i am not going to say it did either.

    My reasoning is this. With John Lewis there is a level of respect i feel someone in his position has earned and that he most likely wouldn't falsify the accusations because of what he went through as a leader of the Civil rights movement. I don't believe that he would play with that word loosely.

    It is only my belief but i feel their is some reasoning behind it.

  12. Chris, Why is it that you consistently use these fallacies? Can't you debate with some manner of decorum?

    Yes, i am prejudiced. Okay.

    Exactly because i am not taking the word of "Kansas Republicans" who aren't named. There's nothing saying a woman is even claiming it. In fact the story from the Wichita Eagle points to a man making the claim for someone else.

    But lets go with your story you posted. Its vague as to who is speaking, and what actually happened. As opposed to John Lewis's accusation which was by him or his staff about him and a very precise accusation. He even acknowledged the word he was called.

    If your story said, "reps for legislator Jane Doe accused Union protesters of calling her a dumb bitch and other sexual tauntings and that they are checking video evidence to see if it was recorded than i would be worried.

    But since the information is fleeting i will wait for the video's.

  13. Joe,
    The 'reactionary' person is the one that post constantly over and over again on other blogs and can't quite seem to make his point.

    The 'proactive' person is one who makes his point and moves on!

    I'm moving on!

  14. Joe, just can't let the post on APDP go, can you?
    If you can't handle what is posted their and here, DON'T come over and read it.

    It'll keep your blood pressure down. :)

  15. Mark, i didn't bring it here. I just responded. If you would care to be accurate it was Adams that couldn't let it go.

    AdamsPatriot said...
    Union Liberals stand with their rapist Egyptian muslim brothers and try their degradation here in America.

    Before i even posted here. So please if you would at least have the decency to not accuse me of thing which i am not doing.

  16. Please, spare me the spin. AP didn't mention "Logan". YOU did.
    So let it go for christ sakes.

  17. Mark, you little POS you. Calling that spin.

    What rape was he referring to? We've only discussed one recently. Please do tell?

  18. Mark, could you explain to me what story you were referencing in your first comment here? I don't want to spin it to say that you are comparing alleged sexual harassment to the rape of Lara Logan, but i'm not sure what else you might be referring to when you said this,

    Mark Adams said...
    "Remind you of a certain Egyptian story, Chris.
    Pretty similar if you ask me!!!"

    What else happened that could be pretty similar to the accusations in Chris's blog?


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