Saturday, February 26, 2011

O'Reilly: The Real Reason Obama Won't Go to Wisconsin


I think the left-wing and unions need to get on Obama's butt about walking the lines with them. I'm sure Obama has nothing better to do since he spends more time working strategies with Trumpka and the other union leaders.


  1. Chris,,, I know you would want Hussein in legal peril which he may, unions aside, in my opinion already is, but in this instance he knows he cannot 'join' them as he knows all re-election prospects would be at that point dead in the water.

    When the Prof. Gates ordeal happened Obama came out saying the cops acted "stupidly", well he was wrong and now he has done it again backing public service unions let alone a single State issue with disregard to actual voters and or taxpayers.

    People (U.S. taxpayers) know instinctively who the protesters are and what they are protesting and they are protesting US THE TAXPAYER, as we are the employer.

    If Hussein were to show-up at one of these protests (hissy-fits) he would clearly and forever for all to see and hear to be shown to be AGAINST the American people and he simply cannot have that if he wishes a chance at a second term.

    Hussein also chose another course that just maybe he did not consider the ramifications and which may prove to be more damaging to him, this being no longer defending the Defense of Marriage Act which is CURRENT U.S. FEDERAL LAW and makes it an OBLIGATION for the Justice Dept. to defend until such time the Supreme Court might knock it down, which they have not to date.

    I am with you in wishing his further ineptness and stepping into it as each time does just infuriates another "group" that the dems so love but lets use the law against him where it most matters as in his abusing the system that has kept this country a super power and above the rest for over two centuries - Checks and Balances.

    If that does not work,,well,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  2. The law will take care of itself. If the left don't see their leader keeping his promise then the left will be divided. Bottom up and inside out. Justice will take care of the law. That is why the MSM is going after judge Thomas.

  3. Good point Christopher. Maybe we need to point out all sides of this issue. I hope that law does prevail. And since most Americans believe that the laws must be upheld and see marriage as being between a man and a women he can only lose that one if it's pointed out in the media.

    At this point the MSM is still talking about the "peaceful union proters" and the "violent hate filled Tea Partiers". MSNBC has been showing the same 3 Tea Party protest signs that fit their narative that we are dangerous. They have even gone so far as to say that if there is any more left-wing violence it's because conservatives insighted it. You have to love the Progressive lie machine.

  4. Anon. they aren't just going after Thomas. They are going after Scalia as well. They want them both to not come near any of their cases(obamacare). It will never hold up because the liberal judges have done exactly the same thing. These are just liberals trying to use frivalist lawsuets to change the focus of the American people.

    Have you ever noticed that liberals rarely ever win their lawsuets?

  5. Chris, i don't follow lawsuits that much so help me out. Your the facts guy right? thats what you said in the comment. So what Lawsuits we talking about? SC, District Court, Appeals Court, which one?

    and some numbers would be great? like winning or losing percentage, overall suits attempted and suits won. Like baseball cards for the legal system.

  6. The left are trying to get Thomas removed from making judgment on health care because his wife is a Tea Partier. I like your idea about winners and losers. When will you start that?

  7. Chris, i don't have time to track court battles but it would be interesting. I love reading the opinions because it shows how they think, but its really time consuming.


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