Saturday, February 26, 2011

How did your Congressman vote on HR1?

 Most Republicans supported most of the cuts, however, although Heritage does list the “most reluctant” GOP spending cutters. The most reluctant? David Reichert of Washington, with a 19% rating, followed closely by Steve LaTourette of Ohio at 24%.Below is the tool created by Heritage to see the results of Round One in the fight to bring federal spending under control. Which elected officials are in the taxpayers’ corner?

Take a look at who is trying to cut spending and who wants more of your tax dollars. It's no surprise that most Republicans are trying to give you back your money, while most Democrats are trying to take your money.

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  1. Can you believe that ultra liberal Gary Peters has a better record than a number of Republicans? WTF?

    How did that happen?
    16 to be exact and one of the is Latham. its a sign of the coming Apocalypse.


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