Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wisconsin GOP Senator Describes Fleeing ‘Angry Mob’ at Capitol

Wednesday evening that Republican lawmakers had been instructed to leave the state capital because “it was not safe.”
“We left the capitol about 15 minutes after the vote under police protection because there was an angry mob,” Grothman said. “We were told to get out of Madison as quickly as possible.”
In the meantime, members of the State Assembly plan to convene at the capitol Thursday to “finish the job,” Grothman added. According to Grothman, the GOP chose to act Wednesday after being “led on” by Democrats that there would be an eventual compromise. “If no one is going to do it, then we had to go on without them,” he said.

Did the Democrats think that government would just stop without them? Guess what? In Novemeber Americans voted to kick Democrat out in mass. It looks like the Democrats are still against the people.

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