Thursday, June 2, 2011

Liberals Love Weiner, Ick!

Rep. Weiner is a hero to the lefties.
All I have to say is, he sure is acting fishy. This is a major blow to the liberal Weiner lovers and the Democratic Party. Watch his body language in his interviews. He's a liar so you can't listen to what he says. That is unless you are a liberal. Liberals love lieing to each other and believing it. LOL. What are your thoughts on the Weiner roast? Do you feel bad that the liberals have lost such a valuable buffoon for their Progressive cause? Are you glade you didn't listen to this buffoon and bought gold last year? I'd like to know what the liberals like about Rep. Weiner?


  1. Answer the question Yes or No! He has spent more time with Smoke. Yes or No,did You, didn't You? If he was Hacked then let a full fledged investigation begin cause that means Security has been Breached and ALL in Congress are at RISK! Just seems so simple Yet he is being a Weiner about it!

  2. He's a dork, a perv, and a liar.... and will soon be the Mayor of NYC!

  3. Anthony Weiner is now offering up this to CNN.

    It certainly doesn’t look familiar to me, but I don’t want to say with certitude to you something that I don’t know to be the certain truth,” Weiner told CNN in an interview.

    If Anthony Weiner cannot “say with certitude” that it was his weiner on twitter, how many other men’s weiners does Anthony Weiner have on his blackberry. After the last 48 hours, it is a bridge too far to say the picture did not come from Anthony Weiner.

    He says he won’t talk further about the case to protect his wife. They’ve only been married about a year.

    It is increasingly clear that Anthony Weiner is a pervert and if he is protecting his wife, it is to protect her from the truth that she is married to a cad.

    When will Anthony Weiner resign out of the shame of showing America his eponymous organ? I won’t hold my breath, considering Barney Frank is still there after the whole brothel thing. Frank and Weiner — they could open some sort of sordid law firm together.

  4. I think this is a New York thing. Didn't the dems just win a seat from a republican who was posting pictures online.

    "Asked for comment, Lee's spokesman provided a denial and claimed that the congressman's email account had been hacked.

    "The Congressman is happily married," the spokesman told Gawker. "The only time he or his wife posted something online was to sell old furniture when they changed the apartment they keep in DC.""

    Turns out he like Transgender people...ickkk.

  5. Joe Getting back to the subject at hand do you not agree if WEINER was Hacked the FBI or some other investigated agency should find out if other Politicans personnel computers are at risk?

    I still think its interesting the answers WEINER gives about the issue. I know Im a simple person but would not his just saying AINT MY JUNK the best approach?

    With something like that on his Resume sounds like a TV show could be in the Future.

  6. This is a non-issue, just meant to be be a distraction from real issues, like extending the debt ceiling and making sure meets its obligations to keep the economy from spiraling into another death spiral that the Republicans sent us into.

    Republicans can't win on the issues, so that bring up this kind of shit.

  7. I find it hilarious that these idiots continue to post crap on the internet that they think will not get out. This pompous little weiner always thought he was better than everyone else. It is poetic justice that he is now in hot water, and his trying to lie his way out is only making it worse. He will soon be gone. And good riddance. Nancy can't help him.

    And fealk gets his panties in a bunch over this. What a flaming hypocrite.

  8. "economy from spiraling into another death spiral that the Republicans sent us into"
    Really, who held the purse strings and regulatory authority in congress during that "death spiral"?
    If Wiener (and you) feel this is a none issue then way wasn't the congressman totally focused on 'extending the debt ceiling and making sure meets its obligations' instead of taking the time to pervert himself?

  9. Bruce You gotta take that paper machet head off and get some freash air.Remember NEVER fart with the Head on!

    The Issues in the NEXT election are quite obvious and I wait with great interest to see Regime defend its record.
    Unsunstainable Debt 5 Trillion dollars spent since 2006
    Securing borders for illeagals(Future Voters)
    Stimulus that did NOT work.
    Gas prices
    Rise in Consumer Cost

    Weiner is indeed a side show but he does show a true hard left Liberal without his camoflouge. Answering Yes or NO just cannot be done.

  10. Al, I'm on topic. New York politicians sharing their bodies on the internet. Weiner did it, the republican did it, they are both from New York and they both said they were hacked.

    Could there be another subject?

  11. Joe Guess you got me on that one!

  12. lol...i'm disgusted by Weiner and his bullshit Al. He's a dirtbag, but damn New York is turning out dirtbag politicians on both sides now.

    The blind Gov...
    Palladino the tea party bigot
    Chris Lee

    The whole state has a problem.

  13. Joe, there are scumbags in Congress, but Weiner is NOT one of them.

    Weiner is a good Democrat that has stood up for the middle class and fought the good fight against lying Republicans at every turn.

  14. Bruce "Weiner is a good Democrat that as STOOD up for the middle class"!Bruce but should he have twittered it? Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  15. And now another woman has come forward claiming an online picture-swapping relationship with the little feller. What a lying douchebag - fealk's favorite kind of human excrement.

  16. Bretibart is a serial liar and has no credibility with most of America, especially after the Shirley Sherrod incident.

    Breitbart only has credibility with teabaggers.

  17. Bruce My Goodness its ALL true! oops. See the Truth does WIN out. Take heart though Bruce your SCUMBAG politican aint going to Resign. I guess Lying to ALL will be His Campaign Slogan "Oops I got Caught Im SORRY Now"!

    Lets see how MSM make the Weiner the Victim!

    How about that Going ONLINE with Women He DOES NOT Know and sending them Sexy PICTURES to Boot! He does show a great LACK of use Common Sense. So sleep well tonight Bruce your Weiner is SAFE!


  18. Who gives a rat ass if he e-mailed a picture?

    Does it matter to how well he represents the people of his district? No!

    End of story. I refuse to participate in this bullshit stuff.

    Let's avert a world wide economic collapse and extend the debt limit without any other bullshit conditions like we did during the Bush administration.

    Let's get the hell out of Iraq and Afghanistan and use that money to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. He didn't run as a holier than though teabagger conservative.

    Republicans show a lack of common sense from the time they wake up till the time they go to sleep. Big f'ing deal.

  19. Bruce You only participate in the bullshit if its a Republican. You are indeed a HYPOCRITE and on this issue its just a HOOT to see your reaction. Thanks

    Understand The Regime has decided that the Private Sector must bring Our Economy back. Did not see that one coming!

    Wish this Regime would get us out of Iraq and Afganistan. Why Haven't they?

    Democrats should have learned that a few weeks ago from Lee. They did not but the RIGHT out come occurred the Republican Resigned.

    Demoncrats show a lack of common sense from the time they wake up till the time they go to sleep.

    It will be interesting to see if Weiner makes it to Election Day. Hes not there yet so we shall see on that one. Voters get what they deserve and if its a Weiner they want so be it!

    Bruce You also FORGOT to Blame the wayward "WEINER" on Bush! Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    I know I've gone to far on this subject but if I dont make fun of it,I have to come to the realization that Politicans like Weiner are on OUR side!

  20. Al, I only think it appropriate when the people that are caught doing this crap are hypocritical holier than thou teabaggers that claim to have high moral values and are above the rest of the people.

    The story is the hypocrisy, not the actual act.

    Don't rail against gay people, then go in a bathroom stall and start to tap your foot for a blow job from a guy and on and on.

    Weiner will get re-elected easily, Al. Not to worry.

  21. Al, you are indeed right. fealkie boy is and always has been a hypocrite of the highest level. Moral equivalence prevails when one of his own gets caught with his hand on his stuff, or someone else's stuff.

    brucie boy is so predictable it is not even funny. Weiner will ultimately be forced to resign, but Pelosi and company don't have the courage to tell him to. Instead they will let the ethics committee do their dirty work. Thats what good liberals do...let someone else clean up their messes.

    By the way fealk, when do you get called to testify in your election fraud case?

  22. Sorry, fealkie, when do you get called to testify in your buddies' election fraud case?

  23. Bruce You had to have relative on the Titanic asking for more ICE! What a HYPOCRIT!

  24. Al,
    The reality of Rep. Weiner is that he lied which is the biggest failure on his part and the only reason i want him gone. If he chooses to sext a woman other than his wife i don't care. Its not that big of deal to me. I wouldn't have asked Rep Lee to resign either for his various sexual proclivities either, but i can understand how trying to find trans-gender, transsexual and transvestite lovers through Craigslist would be an issue for the republican party and its voters. I could care less who he cheats on his wife with, but i don't think most conservatives agree with me.

    Its the lying of both of them that causes me to ask that they leave, but its a bit disengenous for the right to go after Weiner for what its own elected officials did. Just like All the cheaters going after Clinton.

  25. Joe The lying burns my ass just like any elected offical given Public trust! Politicans that put themselves in these crazy situations are to me a threat to Our system of Govenoring! Just on if come what if Politican has MORE crap out there than public actually knows about and enemeys of this country get the politicans POWER through black mail. Thats the part that I am concerned about from ANY politicans!

  26. He is the typical Democrat. This guy should leave now and the Democrats should make him leave.


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