Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tom DeLay: You Saw the Constitution Burned By Democrats Tonight

Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay said Sunday that Americans saw the Constitution burned by Democrats as the current Party in power rammed through healthcare reform legislation the citizens clearly said they didn't want.


  1. The Hammer would know all about violating things, he did en mass. Can't you, in your hypocrite message find someone with some credibility?

  2. What are you talking about Joe? Can you elaborate on your guttersniping?

  3. Tom Delay is nothing but a former gun for hire. he broke almost every single ethics rule in congress and was a douche bag to boot.

    Lets see where to begin. Ahhh, why don't we begin with his work to keep the Northern Mariana Islands from following US labor and minimum wage laws at behest of poltical pal Jack Abramoff. Strange that you falsely blogged about Pelosi and doing things like that but a man who did it isn't corrupt.

    like i said, the hammer has no credibility and you show little using his work. He's a disgrace to congress and the American people.

  4. And he sucked on dancing with the stars!!

  5. LOL ... Joe you should watch out commenting on Dancing with the Stars, LOL, do you really watch that crap?!?! LMAO

    Well, it still doesn't mean what he said isn't true. Any back-room deals by anyone should be brought to light and these people should be kicked out of office. So you got anything on the people that are actually IN power right now Joe? How about we start with those people, rather than people that are gone. Christ, we could all go back in time and pick out corruption on both sides. We need to clean our current house, right? Get with the program lad.


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