Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Evidence Mounts Against Tea Party Spitting, Slur Charges


A man was arrested for spitting on a congressman. No, he was let go.

Protesters shouted the "n-word" at black lawmakers. Witnesses say it never happened.

A gay congressman was called a slur. Yet he was accused of swearing at someone in the crowd before that.

These are the conflicting claims that have emerged from the series of tense encounters lawmakers say they endured with Tea Party protesters on Capitol Hill Saturday, in the final raucous hours before Congress approved the health care reform bill.

Claims that the protesters hurled anti-gay and racist epithets at them tore through the blogosphere in the run-up to the vote and were used to decry the protests, but Tea Party supporters are challenging those accounts, saying they didn't hear them, or at least that those responsible were not part of the Tea Party protest.

"Never did I hear any type of racial slur," said William Owens, a black Tea Party activist from Nevada who joined in the D.C. protests Saturday.


  1. That is evidence, one black man? Atleast if your going to tantalize and titillate then come through. Show us the evidence.

    As far as Barney Frank swearing, yeah i understand that "get the fuck outta my way" is wrong when some wack job is in your face as you try to do you job, but we've all been there.

  2. Chris, this report on The Rachel Maddow Show should end the discussion about whether conservatives are dangerous and whether they want to incite violence.


  3. All those videos and no one has any proof that this happened. How convenent for them. There are more videos out there with the protest and not one shows anything the TEA protesters did. It shows Bwaney Fwank telling someone to get the F word out of the way but none of the other things being said. No N words or Fa##et words are cought on tape. Bruce you can show me one video and I can show you a thousand that show me that the left have always been the dangerous ones. On thing to "incite violence" that is in the eyes oif the beholder. You on the left DO violence. Big differeence stupy the clown. You arte just wishing like many on the left that the conservatives would do what you on the left do. In fact to date the left have been trying to frame the conservative protesters many many many times without success. That is even more proof that the left is the dangerous ones. Not only do they do violance ,they insight violence and they try to pretend they are the right wing so they can brand us as violent just like them. We are nothing like you on the left and over the decades we3 have prooven it time and time again. Why don't you go after the left wing for all the vviolkence they have done? Is it because you agree with their brand of violence?

  4. Joe remember when Bruce got in peoples faces and they would just get angry at him but never ever tell them to get the F out of the way. How funny is it when the sho is on the other foot. Crybabies.

  5. I just watched the video. So some vandales did some damage to the DNC campain windows?BWAAAAHAHAHHA. The left already did that to their own window remember. It was done by one of your own not us the last times it happened. What the libs need to do is kill themselves and write on their chests OBAMA SUCKS. Oh crap you did that one too. Well at least you haven't rioted in a long time. Oh Crap the left have been destroying buildings and property as well as attacking the police? If I was a betting man I say it was someone from the left again. But Maddow loves this crap that tries to make us look like you. Well the left isn't happy will killing babies anymore. They have to frame us for what they are doing and have been doiing for decades. But Bruce if I was you I would run and hide in your septic tank because the dangerous conservatives are coming after you. Those grandmas are as dangerous as you can get. You better get SEIU and the NBPP(black panthers) out to protect you and beat up anyone that doesn't think like you. Crap you guys have done everything you say we WILL do. BWAAAAHAHAHHHAHAHAHA

  6. Chris, there is now actual violence at several Congress people's offices, throwing bricks through windows and death threats against a Congresswoman's family. Why? Because she voted for the health care bill.

    Sarah Palin is also "targeting" Democratic representatives.

    The guy in the Rachel Maddow video is inciting an armed revolution. I don't know anyone on the left that has done anything approaching that, Chris.

  7. Chris, the only person i remember doing soemthing to their own party is that McCain supporter who filed a false police report blaming a black Obama supporter for attacking her.


    So you the pot or the kettle today?

    And atleast run the whole Faux News story, the one where Tea Party activists admit someone called Barney Franks a "FAG" but then claim he's a plant.

    Its a plant....lol...Own up to the fact that you have wack jobs in your group.

  8. You first Joe, why don't YOU own up. This has been established long ago, there are whack-jobs in both sides. There will always be extremists. Are you denying that Joe and Bruce?

    And a false police report, while obviously wrong and hopefully prosecuted, is not smashing shit and overturning cars and torching places of business. That's all left-wing bs. You radicals wrote the book on being destructive. Like the Black Panther party that gave MLK's peaceful protests a black (pun not intended) eye. Are you suggesting the Black Panther Party, and the Weather Underground are conservative groups? LOL

    If something is proven or documented that's one thing, but now Joe you are defending Oldbuttman and MadCow who you have said time and again are hacks. Making these stories up or sensationalizing them are NOT above these people.

    Here's the class that the left exhibits, even in Canada:

    Ann Coulter Ottawa speech shut down... 2000 protesters surrounding building with rocks and sticks -- pulled fire alarm in building. Cops shut it down! Blogs calling for Coulter to be hurt. MPs were banned from going, Coulter denounced by an MP in the Parliament. Fears of violence...


    And Bruce FAILk is the biggest nut of them all. Harassing private citizens just because their husband is in politics. To the point where even the other left-wingers have to tell Bruce FAILk to lay off mentally damaged people. That's the kind of thing that is PROVEN. That is FACT. That is LEFT-WING RADICAL BRUCE FEALK. So Joe, THAT is the pot calling the kettle black. Get it right.

  9. By the way, where was this mock outrage when the left-wingers were harassing Bart Stupak and his wife? I posted that story right here on this blog and said how badly I felt for Mr. Stupak, and I never heard a word from Bruce or Joey. LOL ... what a bunch of Hypocrite Hypocrats. You libtards are out of your minds bat-shit crazy.

  10. Correction, I did hear from Joe, he defended the people that were harassing Stupak and his wife. Or at least he said it was fine because Limbaugh had suggested his listeners call their Representatives and that jammed up the phone lines. Or some kind of logic like that.

  11. John, I've owned up before that the left has had a history of youth led indiscretions, such as riots and that stuff. But a history of rioting and getting their heads knocked in by the cops doesn't make for the same type of violence that the right has exhibitted in the 90's, with predominantly angry white males who act on conspiracy theories like the ones the Tea Party has going through it now. there is a connection between the 90's militia and the current Tea party that reminds me of the violence of those days.

    As for Ann coulter, it was 200 students and they were plants, not real liberals.

  12. John, i am not defending any talking head. You take thing so out of context. I believe John Lewis over people who have butts to cover.

  13. So now it is all about white males? It's exceptable when young liberals do it to the extreem. Joe one guy blowing up a building isn't the 90's militia. I think you are lost in your little liberal world Joe. You went down the rabbit hole a long time ago didn't you Joe?

  14. Joe, where did I say talking head? I don't know what you are talking about there. My point was, I complained about the harassing calls that the LIBERALS made to Stupak, when it appeared he was going to block the health tax bill. Those weren't youthful indiscretions, those were threatening calls made to Stupak's house. Your response was essentially: well what about Rush telling people to call their Reps, etc". So Joe, here is your chance to either denounce the harassing calls made to Stupak and his wife, or to give the same tired old strain of "two wrongs make a right".

    And Joe, it isn't just the youth of the left. Let's be real, let's be honest Joe. It's the left, and we have plenty of proof. You want to deny that there are radical elements in the left, fine. But you aren't being honest. And you know it. And Bruce FAILk is exhibit A of one of those radical liberals! The guy went up on private property and harassed Joe Knollenberg's wife. The woman was scared to death, and your wife would be too! There's no call for that sort of behavior. But you don't want to acknowledge that. Keep your head in the sand Joe. Hypocrite.

  15. Hey Joe and Bruce did you guys go to the Socialist Democratic Party meeting? I did a post on it and was just wondering what you guys thought about the Democrats and the Socialist coming together and taking off their mask? It looks like the Democratic party is now the Socialist party according to the Socialists.

  16. Why do you guys keep bring up that right winger Bill Ayers.... Oh wait, he's not from the right, is he?

  17. Just look at how many radicals are on the obama admin.


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