Friday, April 16, 2010

Bruce Fealk The Hater



  1. So - we finally see Bruce's face. I find it interesting that he is after this congressman in this way, when if a conservative person did the same, he would be yelling about it.

  2. He needs to listen to his constituents????? There is a time & place for that Bruce Fecal-Matter. Going to his, or any elected officials place of residence is harassment. Bruce couldn't go to his Washington or district office??

    Bruce, you're a stalker.

    Show some freaken class.

    As much as I dislike the politics of some of my elected officials, I am NOT STUPID to go knocking on their personal home.

  3. Ive Seen Photo Of Bruce Before and Use It To Keep Varmints Out Of My Garden,Seems To Work!

  4. That no-show Joe head is cool as hell.

    As for a time and place Mark that is part of the problem. Joe Knollenberg has a history of not being there for constiutients. Thats how the "No-Show" Joe nickname got started.

    Everytime the legislative conference for the UAW is in DC they contact the reps and schedule time for union members to see their congressmen and women. Knollenberg never makes the meeting only sends an aide. How can there be a time and place if the union has 15 to 20 of his constituents scheduled to meet with him and he never shows?

    Atleast Candy Miller and Mike Rogers had the balls to meet with the Union. I give them credit for facing their critics.

  5. It's good to see you showing what kind of asshole Bruce is. Now readers can understand why so many people hate this man. I wish he was never born and so does most of his family. Just ask him what family members still talk to him and how many can't stand him.

  6. Joe- That's the time and place, granted. However I hope you are not condoning Bruce's tactics. His approach could very well be the reason why Knollenberg sends aides.

  7. Hey Guys,
    We gave you the inside on Brother against Brother, but PLEASE don't put us in the line of fire on these blogs. There has been a few times now when people are posting, representing themselves as if it is us. All that does is get me an email in my inbox from Bruce, and then I have to hit DELETE.

    Enjoyed the blog this week.

    Thanks much,
    Steve and Susan .

  8. Al, that's interesting, since the chair of the 9th Congressional District did just that recently.

    Maybe you ought to write to him and tell him the same thing.

  9. Im Not Sure What You Mean Bruce. He Did What? If Its What You Did Than He Should Be Admonished For It. Just Dont Remember Seeing Anything On TV Like Your Incident.

  10. I can't help it if Glenn doesn't get PR. He should hire another publicist.

    Thanks for highlighting my best work.

  11. Bruce are you proud of what you did? Not the fame but proud of what you did? How will you ever top that time in history for ya?

  12. Of course I'm proud of what I did, Chris. It was all done in the spirit of good, clean fun and despite your best efforts to make it evil in some way, there was no harassing or stalking involved.

    There were no threats, no violence and nothing illegal. Most people got a kick out of the head, although I'm sure Joe didn't think it was that funny. There were no nasty signs, like the tea party. All I did was point out Joe's votes on legislation that most people didn't agree with, like voting against the expansion of health car for children and the fact that Joe didn't even bother to show up for the vote to raise the minimum wage.

    If anyone really felt threatened, I'm sure they would have taken legal action, but no one did.

    Everything I did focused on Knollenberg's record and highlighted it for what it was. The truth hurts, Chris. Knollenberg lost because he no longer represented the interests of his constituents. Even the conservative Oakland Press endorsed Gary Peters.

  13. Bruce the head is fine and effective. It showed effort and creativity. But the stalking and the camera in your face tactics are way over the top. Not everything you did was over the top. But when you add it all up together you look like a crzy man. In fact you fit right in with your friends at the counter protests.

  14. Chris, there wasn't any "stalking." In fact, I only saw Joe twice in the entire campaign. Once in the drug store and once at Troy Daze, we passed and didn't even speak.

    That hardly qualifies as "stalking."

    You crack me up, Chris. You use all the same tactics as Fox News and just make stuff up.

  15. Bruce If You Watch MSNBC, CCN ,ABC, NBC And CBS Watching FOX Might Give You Never Mind!

    State Run Media Is Losing Its Listening Base For ONE Reason. Fox At Least Gives Both Sides Of Issues And Lets Citizens Make Up Their Mind and NOT The Other Way Around.

    I Will Watch Fox On Sunday and After Assessing The Info Will Make UP My Own Mind on Information Given. So Simple Once You Get Use To It!

  16. Yes Faux news gives both sides of the issue to Al, the far right and the right. That way he can decide where he stands on it.

  17. JoeC Once Again You As A Free Citizen Can Watch and Get Your Facts From Any Source You Want. I Just Happen To Believe FOX Is RIGHT For Me and Its Simple as That. Next your Going To Tell Me The Press Media is Fair and Balanced. One Other Thing JoeC I Was Brought Up With Certain Values Which Included Limited Government and Self Reliance. Those Two Things Alone Put Us On Different Sides of The Road!

  18. Fox News is a joke. They don't give either side. Fox just makes stuff up. They live in the post-fact era of politics.

    Fox has zero credibility.

  19. The head was priceless. Especially the part with you slinking away, afraid to answer any questions, with your little buddy trying to run interference for you. You ought to be real proud of yourself, fealk.

    Do you also have a video of your confrontation with the police and subsequent arrest for assualting an officer?

    Good clean fun? Your record would suggest otherwise.

  20. Even David Frumm, a former Bush speechwriter has said the Republican party works for Fox.

    Anyone with a brain knows that Fox is not real news. Watch Outfoxed by Robert Greenwald and you'll learn how Fox operates.

  21. Chetly was being an ass. All he wanted to know was who paid for the head.

    The charges were completely trumped up and the judge recognized they were politically motivated and that's why the case was thrown out and expunged from my record.

  22. Bruce why didn't you talk with that guy with the camera. Craven is right you did slink away like a cowerd. Bruce you know your MO is to push the limits of the law in order to make the right look bad on your edited videos. The freak counter protesters used the same Saul Lalinski tactics as you. And many of those mentaly deranged counter protesters are on your email friends list.

  23. I didn't talk with him because he of exactly what happens on this blog. Words are taken out of context, lies are told and no good comes from it.

    Why don't you ask the same questions of the people that support the tea party. A memo came to light last week that the tea party was started merely as a profit making venture for some right wing corporatists.

    If I were you I'd focus on them instead of me.

    This article will blow your tiny little mind.

  24. Bruce do you think we care if some corporatists make a profit? Do you care that unions,Soros,GE and big pharma back your left wing orgainizations? The TEA Party is a multi faceted organization. FYI we Tea Partiers have been controling the Republicans and the "Blue Dogs" not the other way around. The Tea Partiers have backed both Democrats and Republicans so we are not as myopic as the left is with the Democratic party.

  25. fealk, aren't you supposed to be on good behavior or some charges will be refiled? And how do you call assault on a police officer politically motivated? The rule of law is that you cannot TOUCH one, and you shoving them away is more than touching. Anybody with a brain would know that.

  26. Bruce did you shove a police officer? Was it a woman officer? We know how you are with women.

  27. When Did Lies Have Any Context To Take Out Of Them. Just Wondering!

    Profit Now Theres A Word That Drives Some Into A Frenzy! As Chris Pointed Out Whats Good For The Progressive Should Also Be Good For The Right and Chris You Are RIGHT!

  28. Chris, name one Democrat that the Tea Party has supported.

    I never shoved a police officer. The charges were completely bogus and the judge recognized the entire incident was politically motivated.

    No, the charges have been expunged from my record and my behavior has nothing to do with the charges being refiled. Your lies are disturbing. You are operating in a post fact era where truth and facts have no bearing on what you say or do.

  29. Bruce Alot Of Politicans Are Going To Wake Up After Election In November As Future Lobbiest and Thats Both Parties!

    Bruce What Republican Canadates Are You Backing In Next Election?

    See Clinton Over The Weekend Tried To Say Tea Party Should Be Feared Because Of Demonstrations They Sponser and That Tea Party May Encourage VIOLENCE!

    Free Citizens Demonstrating Against Big Government Spending and Poliicies. The Constitution Really Does Get In Progressives Way.

    Lets See First Trade Towers Was Under Clintons Watch. Waco and Oklahoma City Were Under His Watch So Although There Is Plenty Of Blame To Go Around During His Leadership DO NOT Remember Tea Party Involved in Any Of These Tragedies!

    Do Remember Military Being Used On Civilans at Waco and Howd That Work Out Under Clintons Leadership.

  30. Al, I never claimed I was supporting any Republicans. You did, so name one Democrat you're supporting in November.

    I have a feeling I'll be waiting a loooooooong time for that answer.

    The Tea Party isn't going to be nearly as successful as they think they are in their fantasy world.

    Real Americans like real solutions to real problems.


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