Friday, April 16, 2010

They Try To Make It About Color But We Are Color Blind Just Like This Man

Reporter: “There aren’t a lot of African-American men at these events, have you ever felt uncomfortable?”

“These are my people. Americans.”
What a shame Democrats continue to try and divide the country by race and class. This man understands what is truly important. We are one nation, UNDER GOD! Too bad the reporter, NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell doesn’t understand that.The liberals want to make everything about color. Why do you think that is?


  1. And I'd stand shoulder to shoulder with him and any one, there, who know what the country is and should be.
    Good for him!
    Thanks Chris!

  2. That guy is awesome. I wish I could be so succinct as that.

    This reporter reminds me of the hypocrite Hollywood liberals, who still have yet to give a black director an Oscar, and just this year gave one to a woman for the first time. As well as, I believe a black man got screenwriter or adapted screenplay for the first time. The liberals still pat themselves on the back whenever a minority gets nominated for anything! Why do they congratulate themselves, do they think they are finally becoming less racist or something? Sheesh, what a bunch of hypocrites.

  3. you know your one of the first people I've ever heard that thinks the Oscars are a liberal group. Actors, yes. Directors yes, the Oscar committee not so much. Fairly conservative bunch of elitists there brother. Not so liberal.

    the Golden globes a much more liberal group. SAG guild much much more liberal. Again Oscars not so much.


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