Friday, April 16, 2010

Just Look At All The Hate From The Liberal Counter Protesters

Just look at all that anger and hate in her eyes.Liberals Gone Crazy
Just look at all that hate and anger coming from the left wing counter protesters.  I have made it clear what the intentions of the liberals is at these Tea Parties. They are trying to anger the Tea Partiers so they do something stupid. Stupid is what the liberals do. They have made themselves look bad and out of control. Just by taking a close look at these liberals I can see how they end up rioting at so many of their protests. They ain't right in the head. These are some of the people that Bruce Fealk calls his friends. They jump in our faces with a megaphone and when someone gets pissed and pushes them away they video tape it to say the Tea Parties are "scary".  And when someone pushes them out of the way they scream "don't touch me" and call the cops. Are you starting to see why the left want us to do what they do? Well we are nothing like them. They may find the crazy right wing wacko here and there but the left wing protesters all seem to be nuts to most Americans. 


  1. Oh man, that tinfoil hat man still cracks me up. WHO is that LUNATIC?!?! LOL, is that one of Bruce or Dave Sole's buddies? Or maybe that IS David Sole? Although my guess would be that the guy with the bull-horn is David Sole. Whattya say Comrade Bruce, is that David with the tin or David with the din?

    And THEN, first we had the Hypocrat who thought Guam, if overly populated, might tip over; next we have a "journalist" with some interesting volcano insight:

    Could CNN's Bad Ratings Be Because Their Anchors Are Idiots?
    by Gregory of Yardale

    We know Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper suck at Jeopardy. But Rick Sanchez is possibly the biggest moron anchoring cable news today with the possible exception of Joy Behar... who is also on CNN.

    While reporting on the eruption of a volcano in Iceland, Rickie had this to say:

    "When you think of a volcano, you think of Hawaii and long words like that. You don't think of Iceland. You think it's too cold to have a volcano there."

    No, Rick. We don't think that, because we're not stupid. On the other hand, since you were addressing a CNN audience, your assessment of what your audience thinks might well be correct.

    After all, they also believe that Obama gave them a tax cut.

    Somebody get this guy at job at MESSNBC stat! LOL

  2. The tinfoil hat guy is Cletus Fealk. That's what you get when relations breed. It'd Deliverance in Clinton Twp. Mich.

  3. well, if they make under 200,000 single or 250,000 married they did get one. that is if you use conservative tax logic where a tax credit is a cut.

  4. JoeC Im Afraid The Tax Man Will Cometh And Party Or Ideaology Aint Going To Make A Difference! Income Brackett Has NO Bounds When It Comes To National Sales Tax or V.A.T. It Is Coming BUT My Guess After Elections.

    Once Again What Happens When There Are More Whom Dont Earn It and Less Of Those Who Do?

  5. "When you think of a volcano, you think of Hawaii and long words like that. You don't think of Iceland. You think it's too cold to have a volcano there."
    LMFAO. My god, my sides hurt from laughing so much John.
    Too funny!!!

  6. al, i've alwasy preferred a VAT to the current personal income tax, even with it regressive nature.

    I'd prefer a simple progressive tax rate with few deductions. Mortgage interest, dependants, partial tuition and charitable donations.

    Remove churches from charity designation excepting for actual charitable work. No building fund or that stuff.

  7. Joe If We Got To Have Taxes and We Do I Would Prefer Flat Income Tax Paid By All! If You Enjoy The Fruits Of This Country You Should At Least Carry Your Share Of The Burden.

    The VAT Tax To Me Is Hidden and Can Be Manipulated To Easily By Politicans. National Sales Tax Will Start Out Small And Sky Rocket over Time Again Because Of Politicans! Any New Taxes Should Be Implemented With Controls Over Raising Them. How Thats Open To Debate But Giving Politicans Absolute Control MUST Not Occurr.

    With Our Deficit and Wild Spending TAXES are Coming and SHOULD Be Shared By All.


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