Friday, May 7, 2010

Hate Crime In Michigan Isn't Equal Justice

Homosexual activists in Michigan have for years tried to force public school districts to adopt "bullying" policies that -- rather than simply prohibit all bullying against all students for all reasons -- segregates students who engage in homosexual behavior or cross-dressing into special "protected class" categories and gives them special protection specifically based on that behavior.
That's why we call homosexual activists' supposed "bullying" legislation a Trojan Horse, because it's more about setting the precedent in Michigan law of giving special rights and protections based on homosexual behavior than it is about student safety.
Now, because our state affiliate -- the American Family Association of Michigan -- has been so effective in exposing their Trojan Horse strategy, homosexual activists and their political allies in Lansing are trying a different scheme, taking a page from their "hate crimes" playbook.
They've introduced House Bill 4850, which -- rather than simply cracking down on all bullying against all students for all reasons -- defines bullying as being "motivated by animus or by a (student's) actual or perceived characteristic."
In other words, they want to make bullying a "thought crime" and punish bullies for what they were allegedly thinking while bullying someone. And once again, they insist on defining bullying as being motivated by a student's "characteristics," including homosexual behavior and cross-dressing.
Thankfully, pro-family champion Rep. Tom McMillin, R-Rochester Hills, has introduced a substitute to HB 4850 that would simply prohibit all bullying against all students for all reasons, without trying to figure out what the bully was thinking or doling out special protection triggered by a student's "characteristics" such as homosexual behavior or cross-dressing.
Take Action TODAY!
Send an email to your legislator today -- right now
-- urging support for Rep. McMillin's substitute bill, which will remove the "thought crimes" language from HB 4850 and simply protect all students from all bullying for all reasons, period. Or if Rep. McMillin's substitute is not adopted, urge your representative to vote against HB 4850.


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  2. Yeah, Joe, you sound just like Ed Schultz and his gay blogger buddy this evening. They were tittering like a couple of school-girls about this guy. Sounds like a creep, but so did they with their schadenfraude. But the guy gets what he deserves if he does/did what they say he did.

  3. I haven't heard any of that. I saw part of a bit by Colbert on youtube today about it. That was funny.

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  4. CORRECTION to the AFA Action Alert reprinted above. The correct bill number is HB 4580, not 4850.


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