Friday, May 7, 2010

Only In America Is Reverse Descrimination PC

Only in America is it OK for one group to wear their flag but not the American flag. The 5th of May is a big day for Mexicans. They wear their flags to show their pride in their old country. But for some reason the Mexican-American Ass. Principle thought that these boys were disrespecting the Mexicans by wearing an American flag. Are the Mexicans animals in this country? Are they a culture of disdain for the country they are currently living in? By watching all the riots in AZ you would think so. We need to stop with the politically correct lie and stop tip toeing around the angry illegals because they are a little darker then us and a "minority". We all have EQUAL RIGHTS under the law not special rights or "social justice". What would have happened if a blond haired blue eyed ass. principle suspended all the Mexican kids for wearing the Mexican flag to school while doing NOTHING to the white kids in American flag clothing??? It's time to have equal punishment and equal justice in this country instead of the "social justice" the left want to give us.


  1. Did anyone hear about the black only field trip? Things are getting racey not post-racial. On the cover of Globe Magazine there is a picture of Obama and his "girlfiend". I guess they are saying he is cheating on michelle with the women in the picture and they have video of them coming out of a hotle room together. Sounds like an Edwards affair all over again. I hope it isn't so.

  2. Political Correctness and Diversity Two Words That Have Done What For OUR Great Nation!

    We Use To Be ALL Americans and The Melting Pot For All Countries Around The World. Immigrants From All Over Would Go Through Long Procedures To Come Here. They Would Of Coarse Bring Their Customs And Traditions BUT Would Assimilate Into OUR Culture But Not Forgetting Their Own Cultures With Family and Friends.

    Now With Diversity Citizens Must Assimulate To Other Cultures Because It Is Politically Correct. Number ONE Anything With The Word Political In It Says Exactly What We Are Having Issues With Now. Politics Plain And Simple From Both Parties For VOTES. Not The Good Of The Poor Immigrants Or God Forbid The Good Of Nation As A Hole.

    Heard Something Today I Wish I Had Thought Of To Help With Illegal Immigration Which Liberals Will Probablly Go NUTS Over But In The End WHOM Cares.
    #1 Any CEO Of ANY Business That Hires Illegals Gets 90 Days In Jail No FINE Just Jail!

    #2 Any Baby Born In This Country Must Have ONE Of The Parents Being a Citizen Of This Country Or Baby Does Not Automaticlly Become Citizen.

    This Country Cannot Afford To Be The Melting Pot To All Any Longer. We Can Not Afford Anything Other Than Legal Immigration With Rules/Laws That Must Be Obeyed.

  3. I just can't believe what this country is coming to. Look at these liberals dividing this country down racial lines. We should be celebrating our unity, not our differences. God help us all if the liberals get their way; the way of dividing people into classes and sects and then setting about their social justice ways of giving everyone equal parts of other's earnings, no matter how hard they work or what they choose to do with their lives.

    If I were these parents I would pull my kids out of these racist schools, demand my share of the funds going to the schools and put my kids in a private or charter school where racism is not allowed, let alone encouraged like it is in the public schools.

  4. Chris, I wanted to share a hilarious set of emails that I got from Comrade Bruce's commie buddy David Sole. Remember David Sole, the guy whose email Bruce Fealk copied and sent along, in which he disparaged a whole sector of the population? I was laughing so hard I was crying at this second email; here is the first:
    May 6th:
    The Toledo Foreclosure Defense League is sponsoring a Potluck Cookout and Speak-out rally Friday, May 7 starting at 6 p.m. at Keith Sadler's home in Stony Ridge, Ohio. Sadler barricaded himself in his foreclosed
    home on May 2 with five supporters. They are engaging in this home defense to protest foreclosing on Sadler and also demanding
    an indefinite moratorium on foreclosures and evictions.

    Supporters are encouraged to stay the night and/or the weekend, for the duration or to visit anytime. If staying overnight, supporters are encouraged to bring their tents and sleeping bags for themselves or a donation for others if they are not staying.

    For those that cannot attend the May 7 action, you may also demonstrate your opposition to the bank's foreclosure by calling the bank and the sheriff. Sheriff's personal email:

    Call and email often! Background info:

    On May 2, Sadler, along with five supporters barricaded themselves inside Sadler's home to protest his bank's foreclosing on his home of 20 years. "It's been home for me, my daughter and nephews for periods of time, my nine cats and this was my grandson's first home after he was born," Sadler told Moratorium NOW! members who traveled to a media conference and rally at his home today... despite, having his power cut by what is thought to be police officials on May 5, supporters quickly helped restore power to his home and assisted in providing alternative sources of energy.

    Said Sadler on May 5:"Having supporters at the house is a big deal. We can use all the support we can get. We keep getting energized more each day with all the support. Our spirits are high."

    Second Email
    May 7th
    Keith Stadler's home was invaded this morning by cops from the Wood County SWAT Team. There were actually 7 people in the home and they've
    all been arrested but not charged yet. Supporters are now at the Sheriff's office demanding the immediate release of all 7. The
    other immediate demand is that all 7 be fed their vegan diet. (ROFLMAO!!!!) Lance, the
    media spokesperson for the 7, told us via phone just now that he will be putting out a media release and we'll get this out asap when we get it.

    UPDATED--Sadler taken from foreclosed home to Wood County Jail

    Some Cleveland supporters who were already going to Keith's home to visit and support them today are now instead enroute to the Sheriff's jail where we'll assist in mounting a protest to demand the immediate release of those arrested and also to demand: arrest the
    bankers not the workers, moratorium NOW! etc.

    We are awaiting word as to what is going to happen with the pot-luck cookout and rally speak-out that was scheduled for this evening.

    We'll send more information as we get it.
    BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Buncha asshole law-breakers!! Arrest the bankers?!!? WTF?!?!? LOL

  5. Three Presidents Deported MILLIONS of Illegals. Hoover, Truman and Ike and It all Had To Do With Protecting American Jobs. What a Radical Idea Thinking About Citizens First!

  6. John Thanks For The Laugh!

  7. Only in America could people in blind patriotism support the American Flag being desecrated and the people doing it. All of those shirts should be burned and never worn again.

    Those who support those children should be forced to write the flag code 1,000 times on the chalkboard until they learn what real patriotism is.

    Perhaps Micheal the paratrooper could HCC bomb and add something to this discussion.

  8. Hey Joe You Missed That Little Thingy From The Supreme Court! You Know Flag Burning Is O.K. Basicly You Cannot Desecrate The Flag!

    Im A Wee Bit Surprized By Your Thought Proccess Wearing Flag Bad Entering Country Illegally O.K.

    The Last Part Of Your Blog Is Being Analyzed By Code Breakers Way Over My Head!

    Just Out Of Curiosity What Is Real Patriotism To You?

  9. Al, it is totally legal to desecrate the flag. The supreme court did not rule that their is no such thing as Flag desecration just that its not a crime. It is still considered desecration to burn a flag, but its protected Free speech.

    If the Supreme court had ruled that flag descration like burning (which is also the only proper way to get rid of a flag) then the act of the children would also be illegal.

    you see Al, under Flag Code of the United States of America the wearing of the flag as clothing is a desecration of the Flag. Its legal, but its not patriotic at all.

    d. The flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery

    I. The flag should never be used for advertising purposes in any manner whatsoever. It should not be embroidered on such articles as cushions or handkerchiefs and the like, printed or otherwise impressed on paper napkins or boxes or anything that is designed for temporary use and discard.

  10. Joe All Im Getting At Is Court Basicly Made Flag Desecration A Non Issue! I Sure In The Hell DONT Agree With It And Think Any Other Use Except Flying The The Flag Should Be Controlled! That Being Said Kids Did Nothing Improper Under Law and School Superintendent Has Stepped Up And Said So!

    This Is One Of Your Oxy Moroons: Displaying Flag Bad But Legal! Illegal Immigrants Break Law And Thats OK!

  11. al, this is your oxymoron. Descrating the flag under false patriotism good, doing whatever you have to to provide for your family bad.

  12. Providing For Their Family! Hey Joe You Kind Of Forget About The CITIZENS Trying To Provide For Their Families! If Choosing Legal Natural Born Citizens Over Illegals Offends Ya Tuff!

    Told You My Feelings About Flag Joe But Your Feelings About Jobs Being Taken Away From Legal Citizens Is Puzzeling Like It Makes You Feel Good. When Citizens Worry About Jobs You Can Explain Why Their Not Important To YOU!

    If Your Going To Tell Me There Are 12 Million Illegals Picking DONT! Michigan Spends 400 Million a Year On Illegals JoeC But You Dont Seem To Care It Could Have Been Spent on Legal Citizens Joe and To Me Thats Just TUPID!


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