Friday, May 7, 2010

Tennessee Is Drownding While Obama Does NOTHING

This looks like Katrina but it is Tennessee. On April 30th, Barack Obama issued a Presidential Proclamation declaring today the National Day of Prayer.
In it, he wrote,
"Let us remember in our thoughts and prayers those suffering from natural disasters in Haiti, Chile, and elsewhere, and the people from those countries and from around the world who have worked tirelessly and selflessly to render aid. Let us pray for the families of the West Virginia miners, and the people of Poland who so recently and unexpectedly lost many of their beloved leaders"
The next day, Tennessee began to flood, people began to die, and things changed pretty dramatically.
Barack Obama has still, to my knowledge, not spoken personally of the events in Tennessee or attempted to visit — an act that would have gotten George W. Bush savagely attacked by the press, Democrats, and Congress.
More troubling, Barack Obama neither altered the National Day of Prayer Proclamation nor issued a subsequent one.
Heck, even Bob McDonnell reissued his Confederate History Proclamation to include a line about slavery.


  1. Too many conservative white people in Tennessee. It's ok if they die.

  2. Bush blew up the leves in New Orleans to kill off the blacks and Obama is doing this to kill whites like Silverfiddle said. BWAAAAHAAHAHAHA I forgot those stupid liberal rants after Katrina.

  3. The whole situation is sad!!!

  4. Al, you must have missed the news while you were watching Fox Noise. We had the biggest jobs gain in 8 years in April.

  5. Yeah Al, did you miss the part where they hired about 200,000 census workers, giving Obama that job boost, and unemployment went up to almost 10% (don't worry, YES WE CAN get to 10, 11 and maybe 15 or 20%!!!) LOL

  6. Bruce Unemploymenbt Went Up To 9.7% With The Census Workers, Wonder What Happens In July When Their PART TIME Jobs End.

    If You Watch Fox You Would Have Got It RIGHT But Did Not And Got It Left and Wrong! Bruce You Notice How Left/Wrong Go Together. Hey Lets Make It Left/Wrong/Bruce Now Theres A Trificta Made For Each Other!

    I have to say that FEMA and the White House have both been absolutely supportive. Very quickly FEMA was on the ground here before the raindrops started falling. This is the Administrator’s second visit down here. The President was on the phone to me before the sun came up practically on Monday morning. Slightly after it came up, other people from the White House had called and checked in with us and helped. I've had a couple long conversations with Secretary Napolitano about how she could help

    MAYOR DEAN: I've been very appreciative of the response we've gotten from the state and from the federal government. The Governor has been in constant contact with us and has helped us in any way that he could. And I've been very happy that FEMA has been present and on the ground almost immediately and helping us.

    So lets see the people of Tennesse are happy with the response but not you...Lets look at the timeline...

    Late Monday, May 3, 2010, Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen has asked President Obama to provide federal aid to storm ravaged communities across the state

    FEMA: Tennessee Severe Storms, Flooding, Straight-Line Winds, and Tornadoes, Emergency Declared May 4, 2010

    Hmmm sounds bad...but its not....

    Jesus Christ could you atleast have some facts before you go off. why force me to show you up?

  8. Mark, doesn't it sound fishy that he talked to the head of Homeland Security? lol...

    perhaps some terrorist started the flooding...

    Or it could just be that like with the oil rig, she's the head of DHS which runs FEMA.

  9. Hell Joe, must be nice to live in a world where a death toll of over 30 "sounds bad ... but it's not ... "

    Fact is, if this were Detroit you would be hearing about it constantly, especially from Obama. Many people nationally don't even know about the mess they have on their hands in Nashville. I guess it's just because it happened to the crackers.

  10. Hey Joe I Want to Read That Whole Article Ya Posted Wheres It At? Have Not Heard That Version Any Where.

  11. John, once again taking shit out of context. I was totally being sarcastic about the lengthy delay between asking for a emergency declaration (monday night)and receiving one (tuesday morning).

    the reality is that FEMA has done its job in Tennesse and Chris is full of shit. No did people die which is sad and unfortunate, yes.

    John, your not hearing about Nashville because of the Times city bombing and the oil spill, not because of some conspiracy. And if FEMA IS DOING ITS JOB AND THE LEADERS OF TENNESSE ARE HAPPY what is there to hear about.

  12. Al, i found it off the FEMA site. I'll try to find the link for you.


  14. Joe Thanks Fox News Fair and Balanced! Just Have ot Heard Much From Media Until Last night!

  15. Al, you moron, the reason unemployment went up slightly is because people that had given up hope of finding a job are re-entering the job search because there is now hope they will find a job.

    Watch and learn, my friend.

  16. Hay dumbass Bruce our unemployment numbers went up to 9.9% from 9.7%. That is a lose of jobs. You need to pay attention and stop watching the left wing lie fest media.

  17. Showing up and doing next to nothing isn't enough for Bush nor Obama. Why are people in Tennessee rescuing themselves? Where was FEMA in the beginning Joe? Doing next to nothing. And you don't think FEMA web sit is covering their butts do ya Joe? Why do you libs have two different rules? One for cons and one for libs. Great job Joe you found the FEMA sit where the director says they are doing a great job. BWAAAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

  18. Bruce those 200,000 new unemployed are just that. The real unemployment numbers are much higher because people have stopped collecting the unemployment benifites and are no longer counted.First you said unemployment went down but now you see that it went up. I thought the STIMULUS bill was supposed to make unemployment not go over 8%. Talk about a big fat lie. It didn't do anything for unemployment and that is a fact. All our money did was make big greedy companies with unions too big to fail. Thanks to the Democrats our debt is through the roof and the don't give a crap.

  19. Bruce My First Post Did Not Seem To Go Through. So Heres The Short Version "Your A IDIOT! I Think I Covered It All. What A Moron

  20. Chris, prove they are doing nothing! Don't just say it, prove it.

    And the link i provided was from FAUX NEWS, not FEMA. Guess you didn't take the time to look at it. And it was the governor and the Mayor of Nashville, not the FEMA rep.

  21. Joe prove they are did something. It should be easy to prove they did something as it is imposable to prove they did nothing because nothing is hard to prove. Get the silliness in your debate? What did FEMA do? What did Obama do? Where is your proof that they did anything other then make a disaster call? Take a good look at all the news saying that the ball was dropped but Nashville isn't run by retards like New Orleans was. Joe are all those poictures of bass boats saving all those thousands of people part of FEMA? Just look at how much lnger it took Obama vs Bush. You people were bitching at Bush when the levy broke and most lefties thought Bush blew it up to kill those people. Get back to reality man.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Chris, lets just take a hedgeclipper to the semantical bush your beating around at.

    You said nothing, in fact your thread title says "OBAMA DOES NOTHING". Now you want to do some little dance around it. If you say it, be prepared to back it up with some evidence, not some bullshit chatter about not redoing the prayer. So prove it! You wrote it, you prove it.

    if you can't then the obvious conclusion is your full of shit.

    Please link the sites saying he dropped the ball.

  24. wow, i tried google news and got nothing about Obama dropping the ball even from TN papers, but then i typed obama flood and out popped the conservative blogsites; redstate, limbaugh, the free republic all with news of how Obama did nothing.

    And then the best of all of them, i found your thread written by Erik Ericson.....on Redstate. So you can't prove it because you didn't even write it, you just plagiarized it.

    lets give Chris a BIG HAND OF WHAT HE DESERVES.....


  25. Joe how can someone prove nothing is happening? I'm trying to find out what he has done up until now and I don't come up with much other then executive decicions that are made for a tornado in Oshkosh. Where is the support? They will get there for the clean up and housing. Why can't you tell me what he has done,other then a phone call of support? What has he done Joe? You must have found something that Obama has done in all your research?

  26. You don't know if they are doing nothing or anything, so that means he's doing nothing like the title to the piece Erik Ericson wrote.

    Just to be clear you have no proof either way so the default is he's doing little.

    Now that i know how your illogic works.

  27. Joe Logic Is NOT Your Strong Suit! On Immigration You Worry About Illegals Plight On Feeding Family BUT Oops You Forgot About Legal or Natural Born Citizens And Their Concerns On Putting Food On Their Table!

    Arizona Immigration Law Mirrors Federal Law But You Beleive Picking And Choosing Laws To Enforce Is OK. Where Do You Stop Picking And Choosing Laws To Enforce.

    Logic Says We Should Mirror Mexican Immigration Laws How Say You!

    Logic Says Secure Borders SHOULD Be Number One Priority But Politicans Will Not Allow This To Occurr Which I Thin Violates ALL Of Their Oaths Of Office! One Of Those Constitutional Things "SECURITY" That Federal Government Is Mandated To Do. Whats Your Logic on That?

    12/15 Million Illegals Here and I Am Aware That They Are Not Going Any Where Because Of Politicans. How Many Jobs Have They Taken From Citizens And Dont Bring Up Picking Crops Cause We All Know That Aint All They Are Picking in the Way Of Jobs.

    Nobama Government Health Insurence is Logical To You But In The Long Run Where Does The Money Come From To Substain Your "Feel Good Government Controlled Entitlement Program"?

    Logic And Politics Have Never Been A Good Fit! All Of The Above Is Just My Opinion. Hey I Did Not Bring Race or Sexual Preference Into The Opinion Try That To Joe Its Only Logical!


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