Thursday, July 22, 2010

Congress and Obama Pass Financial Reform Bill To "Stop Government Bailouts"

So yesterday Obama signed the 2,000 page financial reform bill to "stop the government bailouts of Wall Street" according to Obama. Are you flipping serious? Does Obama and his uber rich left wing think that Americans are that stupid? We didn't need a 2,000 pg bill to stop the government bailouts the Democrats love to hand out to their big business and big labor. They just need to stop giving handouts to those big companies they love to hate. I can't wait to see what is in this monstrous bill. Just look at all the things Obama and the Democrats lied about in the health care bill. I haven't yet read the bill but I'm judging them on their past lies. Lies which the left haven't yet apologized for on this blog. No they rather point their fingers at something else other then ask for forgiveness for their lies of omission and commission. But the left see nothing wrong with their lies. They are too busy talking about "Faux News" when it has been the main stream media caught in faking news stories and hiding stories of Rev.J Wright. This is the game of the left. When they do something racist call the right racist. When they have been caught in repeated lies just call us liars. It's what I call the I Know You Are But What Am I tactic. But this is all a cover-up. We need to take a close look at this bill because when the left point in one direction we need to see what the real story is in their other hand. What is in this financial reform bill that they don't want us to see? And how will it effect our 401K's in the future? The Democrats talk about the little guy but help only the big business,big labor and big government. They talk about Pay-Go but refuse to use it. They talk about cutting the budget but they only have grown it. If you trust the Democratic Party maybe you need to put more money in the stock market. If you don't then you need to pull back and change your 401K arround to better represent your beliefs. I feel that this will harm business in America and help overseas companies . I have changed over my 401K to represent where I think the profits will go. We are spreading the wealth and my money is on those companies that will have an unfair advantage over the American companies. Look at where George Soros put his money. He put it in foreign oil companies(Petrobras)and foreign banks. If you find out anything or have an opinion of this new 2,000 pg bill please let us know. We need to be vigilant with this anti-business admin. We need to let everyone know what they are doing to our financial future and we need to show how it will effect us. The left will point us away from this story because the Democratic and the uber rich say too. But we need to know how this admin and the Democratic machine does things and counter it with the truth.
We conservatives work together to put a light on the lies of the left. We need to pay attention to what they are doing and not what they are saying.


  1. 2000 Page Bill Where Have We Seen A Large Bill Like That Before! Wonder How Many If Any Of OUR Representitves Read The Bill And KNOW What For Sure WILL Bite Us In The ASS Down The Road. Regime Should Be Getting Out Of Private Sectors Way But They Remind Me Of 696 At 94 Barriers/Barrels And If Auto Was Private Sector Hows That Working Out?

    Financial Reform Bill:

    This Is More Government Control Over Private Sector. Are Regulations Needed Certainly. Is Government Control Of Private Sector Going To Improve Economy. Look At Post Office! Look At Medicare! If Government Control Of Private Sector Is Answer To This Regime We Are In Big Trouble.

    What Has Regime Done For Economy In 18 Months?

    What Has Regime Done For Job Creation?

    The New Financial Bill How Many NEW Agencies Does It Create?

    All Private Sector Will Have Is MORE Red Tape To Get Through To Create Or Save Jobs They Already Have?

    Ideaology Is One Thing But Putting It Before Citizens And Their Welfare Will Help Whom? Ideaology!

  2. Please let all your readers know that this bill is going to make doing business in the US very hard. Pull out of the markets here in the US ASAP. And you must become self sufficent just in case things go sideways. I'm not saying they will but they very well could. The middle and lower classes need to prepare for the harder times ahead.

  3. See There Is New Legislation To Cut Down Government Over Payments To The Dead And Other Ineligible Citizens That Total 100 Billion Dollars. Regimes Hopes To Cut Abuse To 50 Billion In A Year Or So. Why Not Target 0 Billion Going To The Dead And Other Ineligible Citizens. This Regime AIMS Low And Still Misses.

    How Those Lazered Jobs Going?

    They Have That Lazering On Unemployment Benifits Down Pat.


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