Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oh Crap I Didn't Think Of That Till I Heard Dick Morris On O'Rielly


It's a fact that Shirley Sherrod was fired before this story was run at 8pm. And yet the main stream media is tell their viewers a different story,also known as a lie. Why aren't the left wing on this blog pointing out this little old FACT? Why aren't they talking about the lies they are still perpetuating on the main stream media smear campaign? I'm also wondering where the left are and the NAACP with their sorry for calling us Tea Partiers racist without one drop of proof? Why is it OK for the left wing and the NAACP to call us racist without proof? Why can they take things out of context and outright lie about the Fox coverage of the story without remorse? Is their a double standard for those with a conscience and moral fortitude over those without values like the left? I've learn the left wing hold us to a standard they refuse to hold to their own. They call the Tea Party racist when the NAACP has racist,UAW,SEIU and any other group you can think of has racist within it. They want us to do what they are unwilling to do. And that is root out the racist when they are their. And that is why they can't produce a video of what they have accused us of. The left are lieing in order to get their way. They always have done this as they are as unscrupulous as they get. Even good old JoeC took the satirical writings of Mr.Williams blog out of context to prove the Tea Party is racist right in the same post that he blamed us for doing that. Williams writings were tasteless but not racist and JoeC knew it. But guess what we still pushed him out of the Tea Party Express because of his racial insensitivity. The left take thing out of context all the time and never ever say sorry for their actions. They bring up God,with a capital letter G, when they are trying to shame us. The left wing media and blogger talk about the racism and violence from the Tea Party and town hall meeting when it has been the unions SEIU and the left that have done ALL the violence since their accusations. There are videos up the kazoo of violence and hate speech as well as racism of the left. But they write that off and keep pointing the finger at us. I've been called a racist and a liar at every turn by these left wing radicals. It's time we hold these liberals to the same standard as we hold ourselves and as they hold us. The media and the left are lieing about the Fox coverage so that their beloved buffoon in chef doesn't have to take the blame. Sorry folk but once again the Obama admin screwed up big time. Today is the 1 year anniversary of the "Cambridge police acting stupidly" incident. Obama jumps to conclusions of race as fast as anyone I've ever seen. He needs to seek help for that since he has as much white in him as black. He has said things like his grandmother was a typical white person when it came to racism. That offended me that he thinks he can bundle us white people like that. But the left and right largely ignored his racial insensitivity. Should we hold our president to the same standard as the NAACP holds the Tea Party? Because if we do then all the left wing would out on their butts right now. And we mustn't forget the fact that Mrs.Sherrod was talking about her far left ideologue to the NAACP. That is still forbidden for a government employee that represents the state of Georgia USDA. But I'm sure the left wing media wont notice that point of her speech. And I wonder why none of those great questions asked by the media of Gibbs never got answered or played on the main stream media news?Could it be that it didn't fit the news casters ideology?


  1. Chris, his writings were racist not tasteless.

    Tofu is tatseless, Williams is racist.

    There's your proof. Once again there's your proof, the racist blogging of Mark Williams.

    Hey where's your blog on the Anti-liberal gunmen who intended on shooting up the ACLU but settled for the CHP? That sounds like violence to me.

  2. So you and Dick Morris is saying that there is no news coverage till 8:00 o'clock on Faux?

    What are all the other shows that run all day?

  3. Joe do you not understand satire? Are you that dumb? Did you see the Tea Party Expess fired Mark Williams? That's more then your union has done with it's racist. Chris had a great idea about putting up a reward for any video of racism within the NAACP. So far no proof of the Tea Party calling the black caucus names and yet you believe it. Joe you sound like the racist to me since all you see are racist things that aren't there. You also sound like a wife beater to me. I don't have any proof but I know what a wife beater sounds like and you are it. Isn't that what you do to Chris and the Tea Party? Everyone is right about you Joe.

  4. Well This Aint Going Away For Some Time And If The Rugs Pulled Back Far Enough Who Knows What Kind Of Dirt You Will Find.

    All This Issue Has Shown Me So Far Is Leadership Seems To Be Lacking On This Matter. Kinda Makes You Wonder Whos Hand Is On The Red Phone If Crisis Breaks Out And Most Importantky Their Reaction.

  5. Hey Al,

    Let alone at "3 o'clock in the morning".

  6. Chris, they call us (unjustifiably) racist because... thats ALLLL they have left. They can't defend their actions and words with the American people anymore. Once the campaign switch was turned off and all radical lefties are seated at the Whitehouse and have been exposed as a socialist, (56% of American feel thats a fair label for Obama) the American people woke up.
    The Democrat party is in the toilet and the American people are prepared to flush it.

    Like I said yesterday, Sherrod was canned before Fox came on the air.
    kneejerk (or better yet, Obamajerk) reaction by the Admin.

  7. Is part of Faux news?

  8. M-ost

  9. Joe Never Mind Gotta Watch Fox News!


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