Thursday, July 22, 2010

Internet Video: ACORN Storms Chase Bank Branch?

Just look at these animals. We will see a lot more of this kind of insurrection from the left wing activist. Who among you think that what these animals are doing is right? This is a business not a public arena. All I hear is "We want" from the left. If you ever see anything like this call the cops and then Fox news. Because the cops might not do anything but Fox News will. I'm just waiting for more riots when Obama and the Democrats inflame the left wing with more blame to business and the "wealthy". What gives the left the right to be prejudice towards the "rich". Do we not all have equal right in this country? This social justice is just another form of bigotry from the left. The "rich" give you jobs stupids. When will you understand? And this new financial control bill will make it impossible to give those idiots loans thanks the the Democratic party ands Obama. Those banks now get punished or sticking their neck out and giving mutts like that loans. Who do you think that will effect most? The slumlords are going to love this. I wonder why they aren't at Freddy and Fanny protesting? Or Chris Dodd's house and Rangle's. The Democratic party put the same people and entities in charge over the same financial system that the helped collapse. If it wasn't for the government making the banks give questionable loans we wouldn't be in this mess. And if you think that this bill fixes anything then ask yourself why isn't Freddy and Fanny written into the bill? If you can't see that this financial control bill is bad for this country and those idiots protesting then you are high or an idiot. And if these lieing POS tell us something about the bill ask where it is in the bill. Because this Congress and President have lied too us way too many time for us to even try and believe them. The will bang the Democratic parties drum without a reasonable thought to what they are doing. But they have so much hate in their heart for us that they can't even see it.

Riots Erupt in Oakland

OAKLAND, Calif. Violent protests erupted in Oakland with stores damaged and dozens arrested after a Los Angeles jury convicted a white former transit officer of involuntary manslaughter in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man.

Prosecutors had wanted Johannes Mehserle convicted of murdering Oscar Grant. So Thursday's lesser verdict raised concerns of a repeat of the rioting that followed the shooting on New Year's Day in 2009 on an Oakland train platform. The trial was moved to Los Angeles following the riots.

Police in riot gear Thursday had maintained a watchful eye over a crowd of protesters as emotions ran high with about 500 people marching in the street. Members of a crowd near City Hall moaned and cursed when they heard the verdict.

Sporadic violence later broke out and police said they made 83 arrests throughout the night for violations that included failure to disperse, vandalism and assaulting a police officer.

At least a dozen businesses were damaged, including a looted Foot Locker store and a ransacked jewelry store, police said. Protesters also smashed the windows of a bank, set fires in several trash bins, and detonated a small incendiary device near a police station that caused no damage.

"This city is not the wild, wild west," said Oakland Police Chief Anthony Batts. "This city will not tolerate this sort of activity."

Though police did not release a damage estimate, the protesting appeared to be much less severe than the rioting that hit Oakland after Grant was shot.

Even though the protests wound down late Thursday, Batts expected the number of arrests to double overnight.

During the trial, prosecutors said the 28-year-old Mehserle became angry at the 22-year-old Grant for resisting arrest. He was shot in the back while he lay face-down. Mehserle claims he mistakenly drew his gun instead of his Taser.
The writing is on the wall. If you aren't preparded for more of this kind of actions then you are taking a big risk. Prepare for the worse and pray for the best. And we have seen what kind of cold hearted bastards these liberals can be.


  1. An NAACP leader in North Carolina who claims a school board's policy will resegregate schools has been arrested at the board's meeting.

    The Rev. William Barber had been banned from this meeting after his trespassing arrest at a board meeting last month. Barber is upset over the Wake County school board's decision to eliminate a busing policy focused on diversity.

    Barber was among about 1,000 people who marched in protest over the board's decision earlier Tuesday. He called on the supporters to come to the meeting to confront the panel.

    Barber and another person were arrested outside the Wake County Schools administration building. Raleigh police set up a mobile command center and had roughly two dozen officers there.

    It's just a matter of time before the left lose it totally. Things are getting bad and you better get ready for more of it. Never forget to film it when you see it.

  2. Guess how many Tea Partiers have been arrested over the years? NONE, because we a civilized.

  3. I'm tell ya, Chris thats all they have left. Attack, attack, attack. They're upset that Americans don't want a socialist society, as they do. And are frustrated to the point of going in to an attack mode.
    You're right, never forget to film it when you see it. But also, make sure you carry pepper spray with you, as they will turn on those taping their shenanigans, also.

  4. A Jury Of Peers Came To Verdict After Hearing Testomony. Appears Mob Came To Cause Damage And Loot With The Excuse Being The Verdict.

    One Thing For Sure , It Was Not Tea Party Demonstration.

    Demonstration And Protest Is a Right Using Them To Commit Crimes AINT!

    The Bank Thingy Other Than Confusion Im Working On What The Protest Was About? This Also Can Be Distinguished Between Angry Mob And Tea Party!

  5. You are right Mark. I've seen this all before in the early 90's when I lived in Japan.

  6. Wow, that was horrible. Those in a bank. Evil Heathens.

    as for the riots, there can be no acceptance of rioting anywhere.

    I'm thinking this wasn't a liberal or leftist demonstration but a large group of angry people. I didn't see any signage suggesting a political group or organization on the rito did you??

  7. Joe They Were Not There For Bank Business, Just Cannot Figure What Their Issue Was, Can You?

    Joe When You Discribe Large Group Of Angry People That Is The "Left".

    Anger Over Not Getting Their Piece Of The Pie,Bite Of The Apple! You Know Those Things War On Poverty And Education Were Suppose To Help. My Guess Is They Are Angry Cause Politicans Have More Than Anything Else Put Them Where They Are With No Hope Of Getting Out Of Their Situation. This Is What To Me Politicans Seem To Be OK With!

    One Day And Hopefully Soon The Poor Will See Liberalism Is NOT Their Salvation But Whats Holding Them Back!

  8. Joe are you saying that there were conservatives rioting with liberals? HAAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHA. I just craped my pants laughing at the thought of that. The conservative group Tea Party hasn't had one arrest and you want to inclued them in the Oakland riots? If it walks,talks and acts like a liberal it's most likely a liberal Joe. Joe what do you think of the Rangle thing? What about the racial bias of the Obama admin in closing the GM and Chrysler dealers? I see you go right past those posts but you want me to cover all the subject you want. Joe why were you up in arms when the town hall meetings got roudy without even one arrest? And when these ACORN Progressives try and shut down a BUSINESS you have no problem with it? Why are you such a HYPOCRIT joe?

  9. did you see the the violence in arizona? it's all liberals there. why can't idiots like joe see that? maybe you are right about the hate blinding him.

  10. Chris, you know i'm saddened that your world is filled with such partisan predjudice. As much as conservatives like you think your living King's dream, the reality is you've replaced the color of one's skin with their politics.

    you can't seem to look at people indivudally without seeing their politics. Thats too bad.

    Of course you'll tell me next that you have a liberal friend(S)

  11. Joe My Close Associates Are Pretty Much Conservative In Nature With Different Views About Alot Of The Issues. One Thing We Do Agree On, Regime Is Not The Answer But The Problem. No You Did Not Ask Me But What The Hell.

    Governemnt Control Is Not The Answer To Private Sector And It Does Appear Legislation Passed By This Regime Benifits Private Sector The Least. With Out Strong Private Sector And JOBS All The Entitlements Are Meaning Less.

    When Private Sector Makes Mistakes They Go Out Of Business.

    When Government Makes Mistake They Do What Start Another Program. Sorta Like Different Game, Same Rules And Hows That Working Out?

  12. Joe I not only have liberal friends but my two best friends are both hard core Democrats as well. Just because this blog is polotics doesn't mean that is all I am. Only your predjudice has blinded you to the realities of life outside the computer. Now Joe you have called me a racist for months now and all of the sudden you are saying I put that away for another kind of predjudice? Joe unlike you I have friends from many countries,races,economic,theological and idealogical backrounds. I see past all those things if the core of the person is good. But I debate with my friends on said issues and still love them when the debate is done. I don't harbor hate in me like you obviously do. I'm just trying to logicaly figure out how you can think that conservatives would riot for that when they haven't for all the other right wing conservative protests and rallies. That just isn't logical and sometime logic is good Joe. Since EVERY riot has been for left wing causes and none have been for right wing causes the odds are there wasn't any conservatives in the bunch let alone equal amounts. It's the left wing MO and you guys are stuck with it. Sorry brother but you have said we are racist and violent without proof and yet when you liberals have an MO that we don't you bitch and moan when it's pinned on you. Get used too it brother because there is a reconing and you on the left are going to be called what you are.

  13. Joe do you have any conservative friends or do you hate them with every fiber of your being like you portray so well in your writings? Did you talk politics with thosae friends and still remaind friends with them? By your judgment of me I would guess not. In fact Joe I had a party at my house the other week of Ford shutdown with all my UAW friends. Guess what color many of them were Joe? And we did talk a lot about the racism within the UAW with both black and white members. It sounds like a boiling pot of racism and hate. No mwonder why you are the way you are. My one buddy gets abused all the time because he is white and one of my black friends told me he's heard more racist jokes and remarks at Ford then anywhere he's ever worked. We say,"It's the UAW way". See they both feel like they can't do or say anything about that kind of action because it's handled withing the union. Joe how do the UAW members treat the temporary or new employees at your plant? I've heard that the $28 employees treat the $14 employees like second class citizens. Is there that kind of classism within the plant Joe? Now don't lie because I know it does because I've seen it.

  14. "you can't seem to look at people indivudally without seeing their politics"
    And those like you, Joe, seem to look at people who believe in individual and personal liberty, those who seek prosperity, as evil capitalist.
    Your kind shuns and ridicule success and most of you, on your side of the fence, want what others have, not by applying yourself to achieve it, but by taking it.
    Thats what those in that bank wanted. Pure, plain and simple.

  15. Chris, your probably a decent guy and have lots of friends, but can you really step out of the hatred you put out there on here daily? the constant attacks on people. You call me hateful but you've read my blog right. Nothing there thats anywhere near as angry as your stuff. In fact i don't write that much because i don't find that much to write about. I've stopped worrying daily about the pendelum swing.

    In fact i've taken a very capitalist attitude towards it. It swings one way too high it will swing equally as high the other way. Nothing i can do. Other than a quick glance through Huffpo your the only political blog/news i see.

    Aboutthe riots, i'm not saying they are cons or libs, i'm saying they are angry people. I don't see people as anything but people. Your the one classifying them.

    Chris, i have plenty of friends and they come from all walks. right left, black white. I'm just like any other guy, friends are friends. Everything else is not that important.

    I come here to be as over the top and outlandish as the rest of the clowns do.

  16. Chris, first off, there is alot of racism in Ford Motor. Both Salary and hourly. I've known black supervisors who taunted white college educated line workers about being their boss. I've seen White supers treat black hourly badly.

    Its the nature of a rough violent factory culture, not the UAW. Its a shame too. I've worked in more than my share of job shop little factories and the open racism exsisted there too. Its something that i wish could be eliminated but i'm not sure how that is going to happen.

    Second, the issue of 15 dollar Ford employees is just hitting my plant like this week. We haven't had any till now. We have had contractors come in and take over jobs that used to be UAW and that created some problems. People got laid off and there are non-union low wage people working. Caused alot of problems. Wasn't right but it happens. But at plants where the 2 tier wage system exsists there are class problems from both sides. As low senority basically new hires they get the hard nasty jobs and they make less money. Things have been said and arguments have happened because of both sides.


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