Thursday, July 22, 2010


 How do you explain the fact the unemployment keeps rising? The conservatives and Republican party the stimulus bill wouldn't work. Where is the proof that it did work? The new Democratic party have made things much worse then ever and they were forewarned buy conservatives. But Obama said that unemployment wouldn't go past 8% with the passing of the stimulus bill. When will you on the left admit to the fact the stimulus bill was nothing more then a big business and big labor payoff? when will you admin that it didn't work at all? Unless working mean growing government. And the stupid sheeple keep on believing everything the main stream media and the Democratic party tell them. There is proof that the main stream media has worked to withhold stories and to start stories that aren't true. But they keep on pushing their progressive ideology. The Democratic Party haven't done one thing to make our economy better. They have only used the economy to gain power for themselves and their friends and voters. They are pushing for more unemployment while putting more and more Americans out of work. We don't want unemployment or handouts. We want jobs. And as long as the Democratic party keeps on this path we will keep getting more and more people unemployed. I'd just like to know what kind of spin the Democrats will give on this new unemployment numbers. The true unemployment numbers are so high now that we are entering a depression not leaving one. And wasn't it just last week that Obama and the Democratic Party said we are coming out of this recession? How can any party be so wrong so often and still have idiots backing them up?


  1. This Regime Apparently Has No Intention Of Creating Jobs. They Have Had 18 Months,Full Power Of Congress And Have Done What?

    Pelosi Is So Stupid She Contends Unemployment Benifits ARE Job Creation. What She Meant Was Another Entitlemnt Program Period. Hey Citizens Shes Number Three In Line To The Throne Oops I Mean Presidentsy.

    A Strong Economy And Job Creation Makes This Regimes Ideaology UNNEEDED And I Really Am Starting To Beleive With All The Brainacts They Have In Czars and Advisers They Are NOT Making Job Cretaion Job #1 If They Are I Dont See It.

    The Only Ism Left For Them To Use Is The Time Proven Ism "CAPITOLISM" But They Wont Try It Cause If It Works They DONT!

    Still Beleive They Will Release More Stimulus Before Election Cycle. It Aint Going To Work, Has NOT Yet And This Would Be Just Another Move To Fool Citizens. Regime You Fooled Voters Once Aint Going To Happen Again.

    Any Lib Out There Know How To Lower Defict By Spending More. Europe Laughed. Just Wondering!

    Liberals Out There Should Start Drinking TEA It Will Calm Down Those Nervous Tummys!

  2. I just heard Bobby Jindal talking today. He said he spoke with our Wannabe Dictator about the lost jobs in LA. Barry said, "They can file a claim with BP." Jindal said, "What if BP doesn't pay?" Barry replied, "Then they can get unemployment." Jindal said something along the lines of, "We don't want checks from the government, we want to go to work."

    I can draw no conclusion other than what the regime is doing to this country is intentional. I'm just sick about it. With this latest financial reform crap, I feel that all I can do anymore is get on my knees and pray.

  3. And then after you are done praying, Kristin, get on the beaten path and help purge the government of the radical socialist come November. Thats the first step. It can (and will) be done. :)


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